Becoming an Instrument of God's Peace and our Relationship with Animals

Well, guess where I was today!

On behalf of the Starchild Children's Foundation, and as part of our Community work, we donated 300kgs of Animal Food to the local Animal Welfare. It was something that we had planned a while ago, but it seemed like one of those happy synchronicities that it happened now, at the beginning of this month of October.

At the beginning of the month I had something of a struggle to get focussed. I had a very bad bout of Spring Hay Fever, and just seemed unable to get the monthly energy channel"out there" until the 4th of October. In the Channel, Michael spoke about Peace and becoming an Instrument of God's Peace, and I recognized the words from the prayer of St Francis. Then, I discovered that the 4th of October was the day of St Francis, and suddenly it became clear why the channel needed to go out on that day. It was to align with the energy of Francis and Claire, that will be such an important part of the New Earth energy. Just as Jesus and Mary Magdalene were Avatars on the Golden Energy of the Christ Consciousness, Francis and Claire were the Avatars of our relationship with the Earth Mother herself and those who live on her, all our "relations" as the Native Americans say. I am going to work in Assisi in Italy next year, to celebrate the energy of Francis and Claire...but back to today!

One of the things that Michael has shown me very clearly, in the last few months, is that how we live and the choices that we make in our everyday life, determine the vibration that we will carry in our body and our ability to move forward with the ascension process and to fully benefit from the higher vibrational energy. We cannot go on living in the same dense and ignorant ways that we did in the past. And yes, that means making new choices about what we eat and drink and how we relate to the animals that share the planet with us.

This is not a judgement, but an observation. People will make the higher vibrational choices when they are ready and when their soul leads them forward. Those who are the pathfinders are already understanding that the choices that you make in your life determine your level of frequency and the amount of light that you can carry on a daily basis. And here I would distinguish between people who can carry light when they meditate and channel, and those who can carry that same level of light all the time! For indeed, the "master" is the one who carries the light all the time, and who lives the light in their daily choices.

It really amounts to living and speaking your truth at all times.

And so, here I will share some of the ongoing choices that I am making to try to move towards a new paradigm of life. The work that I do with the Starchild Children's Foundation is my way of becoming involved with the wider community in which I live and sharing in a material way from the abundance that is sent to me by those who appreciate the work of Starchild...and thank you for that. We try to use your money wisely. This month, we donated ZAR 10,000 to the "Little Angels" home for Children with Special Needs, that is just a few blocks from where I live. We also bought them a new tumble dryer to help with the load of washing for the kids in the rainy weather. And, we donated 300 kilograms of Dog Food and 30 kgs of Cat Food to the local Animal Welfare or Animal Shelter, which in South Africa is run entirely by public donation with no government support.

Here is a picture of me, today, with the Public Relations officer and some of the Dog Food. It was raining, by the way, and Rocket the Great Dane was heading for cover instead of posing with us.



Is this what it means to be an instrument of God's Peace? I think so. Francis and Claire worked to bring Joy to those who had nothing, and so, in their honor, I try to bring Joy and Hope to those who have none. Is this not what Unconditional Love means. I know that we tend to think it means "giving with no attachments", but I think it goes further than that. It means giving in order to bring Light, to be an instrument of God's Peace and Love, and to give with the purpose of Being the instrument of God's Love and Light, that God's grace may work through us and that those who walk in the "darkness" may feel that Love and Light and Hope.

And, the more of us that walk this path, the more Light and Love there will be on Earth. The more "instruments" of God's Peace and Light that there are, the brighter the Light and the more the awakening that can occur.

I ask of you, can you not also do something like this in your community? Can you also be an Instrument of God's Peace where you live?

I think also, that as we raise our vibrations collectively, our relationship with the animals will change. They will become our friends and our partners on Earth. As we learn to communicate with them, we will understand the great gifts that they give to us on a daily basis. We yearn to connect with extra-terrestrial civilizations, and yet we are still to learn how to communicate and cohabit with the sentient and intelligent beings that share our Earthly home.

And yes, inevitably, this must include the question of whether we eat them as well. I learnt also that this month of October is international Vegetarian month, in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, who was a vegetarian. And yes, I am living at the moment on a mostly raw food and vegetarian diet. I say mostly, becasue I still eat eggs, and fish very occasionally, but I prefer to eat vegetarian. And, it is ok to eat as you choose, but for those of us seeking to anchor higher and finer vibrations of energy in our physical bodies at all times, it makes sense to eat high and light on the food chain, and that means primarily eliminating animal protein in favor of vegetable forms.

So, that beings me to another recent change in my life that I spoke about earlier - the Urban Farm that I am sharing with my neighbours. We are eating greens from our veggie garden, and the Chickens have just produced babies, lots of interesting experience!

Here are three of the newly arrived little ones on the Urban Farm:



No, we are not planning to eat them, but to find good homes for them. Here is my neighbour, Michelle, with one of the hens that she reared from an incubated egg. The chicken goes by the name of "Twinkle Toes" because of the way that it walks, and it thinks that Michelle is its mother.



And here is the "dad", his name is "Chief" and he likes to live up to his name. He also likes to crow at the crack of dawn, but I have got used to it by now!



So, here we are in suburban Cape Town, edging our way towards a new paradigm of living. A way of life that takes into account that we are living on the outskirts of one of the biggest cities in South Africa, but that we can also be a small scale home "farm". This is also about becoming an instrument of God's Peace, and developing a new relationship with animals and plants.

When I first moved into this house I had a wonderful rose garden, and all sorts of annual flowering plants. It was beautiful. Now I have an Urban Farm! Well, I guess there is room for roses on this farm as well, they just don't seem to be getting as much attention as they used to!

In many ways it reminds me of how my grandparents used to live, with a kitchen garden and fruit trees that supplemented the diet in the lean post war years. I can still remember eating the sweet ripe fruit directly from the trees, and eating the fresh veggies that grew in the garden. The coming of agribusiness and cheap mass produced food meant that this kind of lifestyle fell away. But, now is the time to return to an understanding of how nature supports us if we support nature. And, in so doing, Becoming an Instrument of God's Peace!


Luiz 15th October 2009 9:54 pm

Thank you for sharing this beautiful message, Celia. I too feel strongly about being a vegetarian, thus honoring the lives of our less evolved brothers who are here to help us evolve as well as to evolve themselves.

According to the book "A Soul's Journey", before we became humans we evolved in the animal kingdom. First we shared a group soul in the simplest forms of life until reaching the top of the scale as a dog, a horse or a cat, who then share a soul (double). The soul only becomes individualized in the human scale.

Another interesting point is that we used to be vegetarians at the time of Atlantis. After it sank, those who survived resorted to the killing of animals in view of the harsh conditions on the surface of the planet.

Since meat consumption is a habit, those who desire or feel that they are ready to become vegetarians should do it gradually, eliminating first red meat and then the others.

Much peace and success in your farm.


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