Earthlog: A Totally Perfect Day in "Mu"....The New Earth Frequency

Saturday was a good day for me. I felt completely at Peace, relaxed, happy and filled with Love. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was no wind. It was warm and clear and soft. I noticed too, that the colors seemed so intense and vivid. The sky seemed a deep Indigo blue, and the grass and the trees in the garden were a deep vibrant green. I had to work outside that day, as I was trying to fix my pool filter which involved lots of turning it on and off and cleaning out pipes. Anyway, I remember looking up at once stage and seeing a white egret flying across the Indigo sky above the emerald trees, and just thinking how beautiful everything was. I remember also wondering, in passing, why everything seemed so intense and clear, but I was busy and happy, so I didnt give too much time to thinking about it. I just felt good. Until Sunday....when I got out of bed and it was all gone. then I began to think about it, why had the energy been so different? Why had everything been so harmonious and beautiful and the next day it was not. The garden was still beautiful, but the sky was several shades lighter and the trees were just, well, green like they always are?

Now, before you think I was high on something, let me say that I have never taken recreational drugs and I haven't taken any form of pharmaceutical medication since 2001, when my Higher Self told me that in order to be a clear channel I would need to not go near any of that stuff. But I was definitely on a "high" that day, and Archangel Michael explained to me what happened, and it all made sense to me. He calls that wonderful, intense and beautiful world the "frequency of "Mu"...the original "mother" continent"....where the New Earth is destined to exist. And know too, that all the frequencies of the New Earth or "Mu" are now in place. With the coming of the Lunar energies on the Lunar Eclips on the 21st, the full spectrum of frequencies for the New Earth are in place, and we as a human collective can begin experiencing this frequency.

Now, I know some people are still expecting that the New Earth will just happen, it will be something outside of them that they will walk into. Well, as Archangel Michael keeps saying, it is something that we will Co-create together. It takes creative effort on your are Lightworkers and Co-creators of the New Reality.

So, here is how Michael explained the process to me. The Lower Chakras in our energetic bodies are the means whereby we experience Physical Reality on the Planet. When the Heart is closed, then that experience is purely physical, it is a "half" experience in which things are fairly "drab" because you are not experiencing with your whole soul and heart. When the heart is opened, the lower chakras become "ensouled" and served as conduits for the soul's experiences of physical reality. This is the experience of the "whole" or "multi-dimensional" being.

So, the experience of the Open Heart is the first step in creating the New Reality. It provides the foundation for the next step. So, in the past few years, we as Lightworkers have worked to clear the Lower Chakras of all old energies and to allow them to accept the light of our souls, through the Heart. This has required that we activate the "Light Body" and accept a new "wiring" systen that allows soul light and energy to flow through the Physical vehicle. This is whay so many people feel symptoms and discomfort as old energies are "blown out" and new, higher frequency soul energies come in.

And, as this process takes place, those in the Higher realms have assisted in the process of "re-wiring" the Planet, so that ALL the frequencies of the New Earth are there. The last "piece" will fall into place at the Lunar Eclipse.

Now, once the Lower Chakras provide that firm support for the soul's energy, through the heart, then the Higher Chakras are enabled to get on with their work which is to Create and Receive holographic images of Reality through the transmission and reception of Light and Sound energies. Yes, that is right, we are designed to create and receive, or, in other words, what we see is what we create. We receive light and sound frequencies through our Crown Chakras....these activate the Pineal Gland which in turn activates the Pituitary and Thyroid, which then creates a physical reality according to the frequencies that are received. Now, if the Lower Chakras are not fully ensouled, then this light cannot be transmitted fully into the Physical realm. But, if the soul's light is being transmitted through the Heart and the Lower Chakras, then indeed, what is created and perceived will be the perfection and love of the Source light transmitted through the passion and love of the soul and lived through the human body. In other words, Heaven on Earth!

This was my experience on Saturday. Now, how I got there was interesting. I had been working with the Whale and Dolphin Soulmate and Twinflame meditation, playing the music and looking at the images, and experiencing the joy of the Cetaceans. Now, the Whales and Dolphins are the keepers of the "Mu" frequency on the Planet, and they transmitted this frequency to me through the meditation. So, while I was working with their energies, and experiencing the vivid pristine colors of Jean-Luc's images together with the sound frequencies of Twin Flame love that are contained in the music of Armand and Angelina, I was spontaneously lifted into this frequency.

Yes, the New Earth is definitely is just a matter of us being able to accept the process of "re-wiring" our bodies and opening our Hearts to receive the passions and love of the Soul. For you cannot perceive the world as a place of Beauty and Joy and Passion, unless you are receiving those energies from your Soul and are transmitting them into your own personal Reality Creation, both as an Individual and as a Group.

Does it sound complex and difficult? Well, the good news is that you don't really have to "do" anything except be open and willing to receive what is being offered to you by your Beloved I AM presence through the energy of your soul. Accept and Trust. My own journey to the "Mu Frequency" was quite spontaneous, and was just a happy result of accepting the loving frequencies of the Cetacean energy as it was offered to me through the Whale and Dolphin meditation.

My Heart still overflows with love and Joy. I feel like jumping up and down and saying "I have been there and it is Real!". Of course, I have been there, because I co-created "there" with the Whales and Dolphins. What a gift! And now, the work for us is to assist the Collective to move into this New Frequency so that we can experience this as our daily reality!

While I was doing this entry, I kept hearing Louis Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World" , so I thought I would share this with you on this Wonderful Day. Scarica il video

And, for those of you who would like to spend some time with the "Mu" frequency, here is the link to the Whale and Dolphin Meditation.


AngelicaB 19th February 2008 10:59 am

What a load of crap. Yes you had a good day as we all have from time to time. We don't co-'create' them. They are just wonderful spots we move through like a desert traveler encountering an oasis. It's just there, like many more will be there. As we surrender more of our fear based selves leaving our love based selves, we will have these days with more frequency. The effort of creating is not required and we can't do it anyway. Otherwise would you not co create such a marvelous day every day? No? are still a glutton for punishment then! We all are to move through fear, and fear still abounds. Luckily the collective mind has formed images of powerful ArchAngels we can 'channel'...or in other words, pretend to bring forth so our ego fear based selves can have a moment of glory that we are being contacted by such lofty beings. In truth, it all just comes from within our own selves, YOU are Arch Angel Michael, YOU have all this wisdom and YOU will one day take full credit for all YOU are. As wew all will, this is the glory we seek.

lrm 19th February 2008 10:03 pm

Oh I am so glad you wrote that!!!! I hope more people will begin to post this type of reply. I have once,but it seemed that I would need to do it for so many posts,that what is the point.
Thankyou! Absolutely Awesome post!!!
btw: for matrix/holograph/sovereign based articles,info,etc. not fluff and fantasy channelled business.IMHO

Mariù 20th February 2008 3:30 am

Why would you reply like that to so many messages? Only because you don't like them? Simply don't read them.

You don't need to push against what you don't like or make anyone feels like you do.

Read and take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Everything is appropriate and people need different things at different stages of their spiritual journey, no point in putting labels 'good' or 'bad' or 'fluffy' on things.

Mariu' :smitten:

Fellow Human 20th February 2008 4:07 am


AngelicaB, did The Judgement Day arrive???! So soon? Just when all the fun is just about to start.
Maybe it did for you, maybe all of your days are Judgement Days...


Good luck with that aggressive Ego of yours... it got a bit carried away here, don't you think? You can't possibly think that it was your Higher Self who can take credit for the words you so kindly offered to your fellow human who definitely did not deserve to be treated like that. You kind of did judge her for.. being happy.

Happy people are so bloody annoying, aren't they?

AngelicaB 21st February 2008 9:43 am

Well thanks lrm for the cool website. Am checking it out; interesting new approaches always welcome!

To Mariu and Fellow Human, y'all do seem to be just as judgmental and ego framed as I was. It's a never ending road isn't it....just read the report in this site for today, it's more of the same.

Fellow Human 21st February 2008 3:23 pm

It will be never-ending road as long as spiritual people keep on acting like good old religious bigots thinking that they have the one and only rightful and true knowledge of this world and it gives them the "right" to insult and hurt the rest of the fellow humans.

Things are not always as they seem to be.

What is BS to one person, can be a nugget of gold to another person.

Lea 22nd February 2008 1:24 am

The energy of Mu, Lemuria, was amazing during the whole Lunar Eclipse. I have felt this energy before, but now the intensity of it was quite overwhelming. It's like a warm water or a flickering flame running through the lower chakras, especially the first one, a pure bliss. My heart chakra is not so steady yet, sometimes it is way too open - or way too something - and it can't hold this energy yet, only a bit by bit, but it feels sooo very gentle and loving.

My eye sight has been changing for the better during the last few weeks and the colors are more vibrant than ever before. We are surely vibrating higher, the more sensitive you are the more clearer that is... Also my light body is getting very interesting; it's glowing like a firework when I lie in the dark room.

The higher vibrating energies are right here. The rest is up to you. You can get on this train of love, this blast from "the past", if you choose it. There is no need to eat healthy, fancy foods to feel it, or to meditate, or to do drugs or to pay for it.. or to do nothing at all what other people suggest that you do.


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