Earthlog: Ascending Together...No One gets left behind

Well the energy continues to accelerate as we move towards the Full Moon. It is indeed intense, and many people feel like the energy is just moving too fast. We are in a huge shift, and the energies are swirling and chaotic as the old pattern breaks down and the new pattern starts to form. I feel that this will continue from now until the beginning of next year. At this time, the "New Earth" patterns will emerge and be clearly seen.

What will that be like? Well, I have no idea, and I don't think anyone else has either. Those who hold expectations about what will happen now are likely to be disappointed. Even Spirit is guiding us towards our new Golden destiny, by emphasizing the outcome of Peace and Joy, but letting us know that we are creating that outcome in co-operation with Spirit. And we are at that moment of great trust just before the manifestation of what we have intended and worked for. We hold our breath in anticipation as the Cosmic energies whirl and then fall into place revealing the beauty of our manifestation.

So, in this period, be patient, be grounded and keep your Heart open.

Patience is required, for things will manifest according to Divine Timing. Being grounded is important, otherwise we might get caught up in the chaos "out there" as things shift and change rapidly. Keeping your Heart open is also important. As people and things change rapidly, and as all illusions are brought to the surface to be released, many people are falling into judgment, either of themselves ot others. At this time, release all judgments and know that everyone is doing the best that they can at this time.

One of the fears that seems to surface is that of being "left behind", and not being good enough to make the shift. Just know that this is an "old energy" from fundamentalist belief systems where God "judges" people. It is not true about this NOW moment.

As Archangel Michael keeps saying, ALL are ascending into the Fifth Dimension. All who are here now have made that choice and all will ascend TOGETHER. It is a Group Project, and no one will be left behind!

Just know that Lightworkers have worked tirelessly for many thousands of years so that this moment could occur, and the entire planet and her population could ascend into the Fifth Dimension together. Indeed we are here, it is only the manifestation that still needs to occur! So, keep holding the Light knowing that the moment is here, at last!


Corinne David 27th August 2007 9:51 am

In complete gratitude I thank you for the message of Archangel Michael!!! It's a GREAT blessing to know we are FINALLY so close to reaching our goal for humanity!!! Even though others don't understand my change of heart to religion I truly do believe they are feeling that "something" is going on! Your words help me to open my heart and shine my light! I wanted you to know that I'm so thankful for you!

Bunches of Love and Light,


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