Earthlog: Heartweaving and the Frequency of Love

This is going to be a challenging one to write, and after I have done this I am going to take some time off to just be with these processes as we head towards Full Moon on the 24th.

Why is it challenging? Well, each time I sit down to write about these new heart energies, I wonder, will I be able to express what my heart is feeling and what I am experiencing in words. Will people understand, and will my words carry the frequency of the heart to them? Well, I am going to try, and to share with you on this Earth Log, the essence of what I am experiencing right now and what this concept of "awakening" means to me. Then I think I need to go sweep the floor, as the zen masters would say.

I would aso like to say to a lovely lady who has "walked" with me through e-mails for a while, this is for you and for all your Filiz Kicmel in Switzerland. All your mails really get me to thinking, and we have talked a lot about what I am going to write about here. So, here goes..... For the last two weeks, I have just been having more and more experiences of the Tenderness and the Love and the Beauty of the Universe. I think it was motivated by meeting a man who really touched my heart, however briefly. That opening led me to really experience what Love can be, and because I think I was ready, I was able to just keep breaking through to new levels of the experience. I think I found the Frequency of Love. Of course, the Frequency of Love is in everything, I had to open my Heart to be able to hear it clearly. I had to to define to myself first what was love was not and I had to release all expectations about the form that it would take in my life. I had to let go and surrender, and then I began to experience the Love that was being offered to me at every moment. In fact, there was this great flood of Love that just seemed overwhelming. It was everywhere. It was exhausting. I sometimes feel like my body just can't hold all this love.

So, that sounds like just words, so I'll try and explain it to you through my experiences. After the initial opening of my heart through a person and the ability to surrender that love and be open to whatever was given to me, I started to feel incredibly vulnerable and open. It was as though everything hurt me and I needed to just withdraw. I did for a while, so that I could be with the feelings and feel what was happening. Then, a few days ago I was in my garden and I suddenly felt this huge wave of Love moving through me. I realized that we are always exactly where we need to be and we always have exactly what we need in our lives. My garden is my "great love" at this time, and one of my passions, and I could feel the love in every blade of grass and every tree. It's not a spectacular garden, it is small and it is full of trees and shade, but I do my best to make it beautiful. I love it and look after it as best I can, and it rewards me. It is filled with birds and butterflies and squirrels and other small creatures that I love. Recently, I have noticed how they come out when I am there, as if to talk with me. In fact, I do talk to them, I greet them and chat with them. They understand, they connect with me. I love them and they come to show their love to me and their appreciation for my garden.

But, on this day, I just stood there and I remember talking to the garden and the trees and the mountain that I can see through the trees, and just saying "I love you" to each and every thing, and feeling the vibration of love coming back to me. Am I losing my marbles, I thought. And then I remembered a letter that I received from someone in San Francisco, who said she talked to the water that came out of her shower head, and I realized that I was not alone, there are others out there feeling the love that comes to us through the wonder of the Earth and the elements.

I realized at this point that the Universe is always there and is always just waiting to answer our every need and to give us what our hearts desire. Over time, most of us have been conditioned to look for that love only in people and specifically in Romantic relationships. It can be found there, but I think in order to experience great love we must first be able to experience the love that is in every atom of every living thing. We are all Love Made Manifest, as Archangel Michael says, we are all bearers of the frequency of Love.

We can only really be alive to this when we switch on the Heart and start to Weave our Dreams and Desires from the Heart. For the Universe is us and we are the All That is...and the telephone exchange is the Heart, not the mind. If you can get the message out through the Heart, you will immediately get a response, and if you can listen and hear with the Heart, you will understand that response.

That is what I call Heart Weaving.

The Light flows out from your Heart and is woven into a dream of manifestation in which your consciousness experiences its own creations and shares in the creations of others. But it is the Heart that weaves, not the mind. The mind analyzes and computes and organizes the information, but it cannot weave and create, that is done by the Heart.

The Mind doesn't always get it right, unfortunately. The best example I can give is again what has happened to me. After my dog died, I was very lonely and felt much grief, she was my loved companion, but I moved on. Then, when I started this opening to the frequency of love, I started to have dreams about people and animals that were dead coming back to life, even my little dog. I found it disturbing to be with these loved beings and difficult to cope with the intense emotions that came up. My mind just could not compute what was going on. And then I realized that most of the dreams were set in my garden, and it was as though the garden was speaking to me through my dreams as a voice of the All and telling me that things never die, that they just go on. It was like a mother, trying to find ways to comfort me, by sending these messages about the true nature of life, that nothing ever really dies, it just goes to another level or cycle and "lives again". Once I understood this, I stopped being upset and began to feel the great love that was coming to me through these dreams. I felt the tenderness and the caring and the support at the heart of the beautiful Planet, and I thought how stupid we are to destroy forests and plants and rivers, when they are just waiting to "tell" us how much they love us and care for us.

We have forgotten how to weave nature into our Dreams of Love, and so we can no longer even find the Frequency of Love in our lives any more. We have dreamed separation and pain and fear, because we have closed our hearts and turned off the ability to hear the frequency of love.

So, now in this Radiant time of opening and awakening, we are once again learning to weave our dreams and desires from the heart, and to be open to receiving these dreams back as the material manifestation of our dreams and desires. When we learn to truly understand that everything we experience is woven from our Heart, then we will see that pain and suffering and violence are just manifestations of our pain because we have closed ourselves off from the frequency of Love and the ability to Weave Dreams from our Hearts. And so in place of the Tenderness and the Love, we weave dreams of "work" and "doing" and things to accomplish, that prevent us from seeing that we already have all that we will ever need right there within us. Of course it is fun to be out there doing things, but we need to also be fully in the frequency of love for our "doing" to be part of the experience of Divine Tenderness and Grace.

I wrote a poem for the person whom I spoke about at the beginning of this Earth Log, but when I read it later I realized it was not about a person so much as about my relationship with the "Beloved", who is the Essence of All That Is....the God Force and the Frequency of Love. It is the Great Love and Tenderness of the Source that vibrates in everything that we seek to experience as we seek for love and relationship. And,as we awaken to the Heart, it is as though a Great Love returns to us, and we experience the warm embrace of life itself that is expressed to us in so many ways that sometimes our hearts just ache with so much love, if we can only understand what we are feeling and not allow the mind to compute a judgment based on rational thought and habits of the past. So, here is the poem:


I feel your presence everywhere

I hear you
in the silvery notes of piano music
that drifts in from

I feel you in the wind
that blows against my skin

I see you in the light
that plays on the water
at evening time

I see you
with great love
for the being that you are.

I see also
when I look into your eyes
I see

For you are the Mirror
In which I see
The Beloved
Returning to Me.


Yes, it is the Beloved that we seek in every lifetime in some way and in some expression. As we become more awakened, that urge becomes stronger and stronger, until we can see the Beloved in everything and at all times. That is called awakening!

So, the question Filiz asked me was, so what then is the purpose of life if we are always striving and seeking and never seeming to get there. Well, I think we are on a journey of continual becoming and being. We meet with the Beloved in many shapes and forms and in many lifetimes, but it is always the Beloved that we seek. It is always Sacred Union that pulls us towards the idea of Great Love as we seek to experience the Beloved. And know that the Universe does not withhold this experience, but waits until you are ready to experience that Great Love by being open to the Frequency of Love and ready to weave an expression of your Heart's desire that will be your own personal expression of the energy of the Beloved in your life. It is always there waiting to be experienced if you are awakened to its presence.

And so, to complete this Earth Log about Weaving from the Heart and the frequency of Love, and since I love music, here is a beautiful song from Armand and Angelina that I have been playing in my workshops. It is about the journey of Life and about us as Human Angels as we seek the Beloved in our myriad forms of Becoming. Please Click Here to hear "Become, Become.":


You were born with wings to fly
You're eternal you'll never die
Become, Become, All that you can be
Become, Become, it's your destiny. Always Becoming on the Journey of Light and Consciousness, weaving from the Heart, dreams of ever increasing Complexity and Beauty that express the Heart of the Beloved. Here on Planet Earth, weaving and creating Peace and Love and Harmony as our expression and experience of the Beloved in our Collective Life as Humans.

So, that is what Awakening means to me.

I hope that you understand what I am trying to express on the Frequency of Love.


Myster.E 19th November 2007 12:51 pm

clear as a bell to me. thank you so much for all you have shared, especially in this past week.

Twiston 19th November 2007 9:59 pm

:smile: I am feeling the strength of the energies this month. I am sensing that it just keeps getting more intense. This energy is truly tranforming me mentally, physically and spiritually. It's great that there are others sensing this amazing energy. Thanks for your wonderful words. :thumbsup:

shama 20th November 2007 9:14 am

Hi Celia!
Thank you so much for all your beautiful articles everday.. They helped in keeping me grounded during the turbulent times prior to 11/11 and now add clarity to the energies in my own life! My life was evolving into the New World on most levels except love, as I was entangled in a 3rd dimension relationship for many years... 14/11 heralded my twin flame into my life, and the chords to the 3rd Dimension are now well and truly cut off forever! Reading this article of yours moved me to tears as I felt as if you had written this for me!! :-) Thank you so much once again! Love and light and blessings. Shama xx

Stefanie 21st November 2007 1:14 pm

Dear Celia,
I understand you exactly - I am having the same experiences. I have been giving thanks for my food and drink for some time, to 'All That Is'; all the Energies, including the Elements, that brought it to me; Spirit, People and Animals. For each part I sent love and gratitude from my heart. It felt much like sending out healing energy when channelling healing energy to people. Suddenly, a few days ago it changed. I was 'guided' to thank my food and drink for actually 'being' 'All That Is', and being there to nourish my body and help 'Me'. I then sent love to my food and drink as 'All That Is' and I felt love returned. I felt it so strongly that a cup of coffee made me cry! I have felt this Love,, like you and the lady in her shower, from all over the place - the Sun, Moon, the Elements, the Oak tree in our garden, the stones that our house is built from - from anything, in fact, that I have consciously sent love to. Everything seems to talk to me too. It's so nice to know others are having these same experiences. Thankyou so much for this 'Earthlog'.

Mariù 21st November 2007 3:35 pm

Thank you Celia for this earthlog. This month has been so far quite intense and feels so good to walk all together and share what we feel. Thank you for writing so often in these weeks - it's a great help and the love flows. Feels like we know you better and we learn to know each other better realizing we are going through very similar things. So,Thank you!


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