Earthlog: High in the Andes and the energy of Change and Transformation on the Planet

This is certainly a powerful time of transformation and change on our beloved planet Earth. There have been many powerful shifts in this part of our planetary journey of change and transformation, both on the individual and the planetary levels. Individually we are letting go of attachments and old patterns of behavior that no longer serve who we are now, and this can sometimes be painful and difficult. Similarly, the Earth herself is expressing the energy of change through powerful natural events such as Earthquakes and Storms and Volcanos.

I have just spent a great week in Buenos Aires in Argentina, working with family of Light, doing two wonderful workshops. But, I was also able to experience some of the energy of the current earth changes. The Chaiten volcano in Chile erupted while I was in Buenos Aires, and on Thursday morning the cloud of ash had moved north over the city. It was a fairly light cloud, but I certainly felt the effects. I had strange dreams that night, and in the morning my eyes and nose were burning and I could detect a slight sulphur smell. But the wind cleared the ash away very quickly and it was clear the next day.

After the week-end workshops, I flew to Salta, in Northern Argentina, with Paloma, and then Maria joined us and we then traveled on to the Humahuaca area in the Andes. It was quite an experience to be so high in the Andes mountains, experiencing the sacred energy of these wonderful mountains in South America. The Humahuaca region has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is the home of one of the oldest civilizations on the Earth, and the site in Tilcara that we visited has artifacts that date back to 10,000 BC.

We stayed in Purmamarca, and then traveled north to Tilcara. I was so impressed by the ancient beauty of this land, and the energy of Peace and Tranquility that was so different after the busy energy of Buenos Aires. Archangel Michael told me that the energy in this area ranges between the sixth and ninth dimensions, and you can really feel this. You feel as if you are in another world, where time has stood still.

Here is an image of the mountains in Humahuaca :


Argentina is an impressive country that stands on the brink of powerful transformations. There is a very active Spiritual Community here, and there are many Lightworkers visiting from all over the world. Lee Carroll was in Buenos Aires with Kryon in February, and Neale Donald Walsch will be holding a conference on Global Change into Unity, in which I have been invited to participate just before I leave Argentina.

But, Argentina has many problems that are common in Latin America, and which include widespread poverty, economic stress, and a difficult relationship between the Indigenous people and the “settler” peoples who make up the Argentine population.

Since I am here with Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene with the purpose of supporting the Higher Consciousness of Peace and Oneness, I was made aware by them of the way in which the current energies of Change and Transformation are also affecting society in this area. The energies of Forgiveness and Release are also at work here.

The Earth has Activated her new crystalline Earth grids, and we are working at the level of the heart energy to create a New Earth in our communities. We have to let go of the old energies of the past from the Old Earth. The Clash between the Indigenous peoples of the “New World” of the Americas and the Colonial Settlers from the “Old World” of Europe certainly caused much trauma and pain in this region. The repression of the Indian peoples, and the conflicts between the authorities and the Jesuits in this region are part of history. But it is a history that is held in the DNA records of Humans, and not of the land itself. The land has healed and shifted, and the energies of trauma are no longer there. The land itself remains sacred and beautiful and deeply peaceful, especially here in the high Andes.



Images of the restored ruins of Pucara, at Tilcara.





But, we as humans are still recycling the emotions and feelings of this past trauma and we have struggled to let go. On the one hand, the Indigenous peoples live with a sense of anger and loss, and the settler peoples carry guilt that is often suppressed and not acknowledged, but that comes out in individual and collective stress and anxiety.

It is time, Archangel Michaels says, for both parties to “let go” of their attachments to this “story” of their collective past and to find a new story that can embrace the reality that they have created today.

And so, here is the story that Archangel Michael tells me about the story of the Earth as it is seen from Spirit. The evolution of the Earth has a purpose, to create a unified Global society that can be a model for future planetary societies in the material dimensions within our Galaxy. In order to do this, the original One continent, called Mu, was divided into several continents and seeded with various races and groups of peoples that were given various genetic codes to explore. Then, in our recent past, in the 16th and 17th centuries, there was an acceleration of our evolution as a planet, as Spirit saw that we had reached a “make or break” point. Either we would destroy ourselves, or we would come together to create a powerful Global collective society.

And so, the years of colonization and expansion were part of the “plan” of Spirit to allow for the population of the entire planet so that a Global Society could be created. At this time, the human being was still in the Third Dimensional form, and largely “unconscious” of the nature of these changes and their purpose, and so the encounters between the different peoples and races was difficult and traumatic, and was conducted largely in the areas of shadow energy through power and greed. But the purpose of seeding a new society was achieved, and Spirit had already begun to plan for the Great Transformation that we are experiencing now, to create a Fifth Dimensional “Human Angel” who would be able to continue and complete this phase of Earth’s evolution in a Conscious and Awakened way, and to consciously participate in the creation of a New Earth that would be populated by Fifth Dimensional beings with advanced skills and abilities, including the ability to connect with each other globally.

And so it is, that at this time, as we awaken and learn how to release old patterns of thought and behavior so that we can live our reality as Human Angels in a conscious way, we are also needing to release our Collective patterns of Guilt and Anger around this process of expansion and colonization. The example set by Australia recently, of expressing an apology to the Indigenous population is a good start. It allows for an acknowledgement of past behaviors, and sets the pattern for a new phase of mutual co-operation and development on the basis of a common interest and culture.

In our workshop in Buenos Aires, Archangel Michael suggested that the best way for us as Lightworkers to work with the Indigenous peoples, is to first approach them in the “Dreamtime” or on the level of the Higher Dimensions, and ask for permission to work with them in this process of creating the New Earth. Once permission has been given by the Spirit Elders, then a process of connection and co-operation on the Physical level can be undertaken. This will create a whole new energy for us to work with them in a sacred way, and to learn to be with them on the Planet with respect and love, and to gain their respect and love for who we are in the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.

So, here is an image of me doing some shopping high in the Andes, in the village of Purmamarca, with some "friends":




ava414 16th May 2008 8:47 am

Dear Starchild

I was finding your article/post about our planet's change very interesting until I got to the point where you told us that in the 16th 17th centuary, God saw we were either going to destroy ourselves or who knows what?

Maybe that was so, but I have a much more positive attitude than giving the human race the blame for all that is to be and had to be. I believe there has been a Divine Plan altogether and that it will stay that way until God set the reset button for ALL to ceize to exist. Until no soul is left and all that is left is us not being anything or anybody anymore.

That seems to coincide with the old traditional thing that the heaven will run out of souls - as we will all be ONE in the NO-thingness, not anybody being anybody anymore, just ceizing to exist anymore. And I can say this as I have experienced that place already - the place where there are no souls anymore, where just nothing exist.
Maybe I am just my times way ahead? I do not know?



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