Earthlog: Through the Solar Diamond Doorway....into the Radiance

So, here we all are on this day, the 11th of September. A powerful moment as the Planet pauses to integrate and align. In this month, in this moment, we, as the human collective, are given the opportunity to pass through a doorway of light into a new cycle of consciousness and love. It is a doorway into a new awareness, the New Earth...a place where we can live and express our dreams in integrity and alignment with our Highest Essence, our I AM energy. Even as we experience the turbulence of the time, we can see also the "threads" of light emerging as the new dream of love is being woven.

I have included this beautiful image that I call the "Solar Diamond Doorway". It was sent to me by Alena Starovoitova, who runs the Russian Starchild website. It was sent in to her by one of the Russian Starchild readers. This image of the sun has captured the Diamond shape very clearly:



So, on this day of the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon, may be be grateful for the increased Light and Radiance that enters the planet as we pass through this Solar Diamond doorway of Consciousness.

Archangel Michael has been sharing with me some ideas about what it means to enter into this new cycle, and how we can best cope with the transitional phase, from now until the end of the year. One of the things that was shared, was that we need to begin to think very differently about ourselves and where we are now. In the old Earth third-dimensional consciousness, we defined ourselves through questions like "Where, When, Who, and How?", and we were focussed on "success" and avoiding "failure". Now, in the New Earth Consciousness, and after the activation of the "Infinity Codes" within our DNA, we have become aware that we are Infinite and that we are Interconnected...we are the Eternal One in physical form. And our focus is on sharing and working together as a group or collective.

This means that instead of seeing life as a "mission" with things that we have to do, we are more inclined to see it as a grand adventure that unfolds in wonder and grace as we express more of the Light and Radiance within us. The more we can align with the flow of Divine Love and Radiance, the more we will be able to express our joy and passion in the unfolding of our soul into its full potential of radiant light, which is the "purpose" of all souls in the New Earth. For all souls are "One", and the purpose of that One is to be Light and to Reflect Light and to Shine Light - the Light of Divine Cosmic Radiance.

Michael offers these simple guidelines to assist you to align with this energy as an individual. First, seek to live in Simplicity and Grace. Life can be very complex and complicated in these times, but it can also be very simple. When you can find the simplicity and grace of love and gratitude in your life, then you will find the "pattern" of your own "solar pulse" and you will be able to create more with that template.

Be Who you Are. Know that you Are a Radiant Light, and that you are Wonderful and Complete without having to "do" anything. A tree or a mountain or a flower serve their purpose by just being what they are. You too, are a being of beauty, and you serve your purpose by just being here and holding your Light. You are in a process of continually "becoming" and "unfolding", and your work is first to bear witness to the unfolding of Spirit within you.

Follow your passions - for you can be sure that if your soul has a need to "do" anything, it will become evident in your passions and how they are expressed through love. For your passions are your soul following and expressing its purpose on the Earth. And, if you are still seeking your passions, know that if you allow yourself quiet time, then they will emerge, for every soul that is here is drawn here to express some passionate energy or desire. It may be simply the desire to be here and to experience the wonder of this miracle called "Earth"!

Allow the Joy. Don't choose to suffer. There will be times when you will need to deal with sadness and loss. Don't repress these feelings, allow them to flow and be felt and experienced as they must be for a healthy flow of energy without repression. But also, remember to choose Joy. It is always there, in everything that you experience on Earth, the Joy is always there just below the surface. For the Cosmos is created from the fabric of Love and Joy, and these energies are a part of All That Is. The suffering is an illusion that is projected by us, and we can release that projection when we acknowledge it for the illusion that it is. Try to do something Joyous each day, play music, dance to the music, move your body in grace and joy.....and if you can't, well tap your fingers and your feet and sway to the music, just allow the joy to move through you in some way. It will lift your vibration and make your heart sing!

Then, Live in Compassion and Gratitude. If you can remember to love and care for yourself, and then care for others from a loving heart, you find that love will come back to you in wonderful ways. If you can find something for which you can express gratitude from your heart every day, then that gratitude will also multiply and come back to you in wonderful ways.

You are now learning the "skills" of living in a multi-dimensional reality where you are Infinite and Inter-connected. You need only ask, and it will be given. But you need to be aware and awake in order to see how Spirit and the Divine Essence are answering your prayers in every moment and in wonderful ways full of Grace and Light.

And now, here are some orb images sent to me by Lorian Smoak of the USA. They were taken at the "Burning Man" festival in California last year. The first is an image of diamond orbs:



This one is interesting because the orbs are so obviously connected to the audience energy. It seems like the orbs are enjoying the creative flow being generated by these people. ("Burning Man" is an alternative cultural festival).



These images , of course, bring up the question of what exactly orbs are? Well, the explanations range from "dust" to angelic, elemental and spirit beings that are becoming visible as we "see" beyond the veils. When I did a channel for someone about a year ago, they asked what orbs were, and Michael's reply was that they were a part of the creative and manifestation process. Which to my mind, seems to indicate that they are indeed elemental or spirit energies, and that they show up wherever we focus creative energy. In this case, they are enjoying the human creativity and sharing in the flow of light, sound and energy.


Brigid 13th September 2007 4:22 am

:smile: These orbs have started appearing a lot since April this year in my photos. I do believe they are solar diamond doorways. Please mail me should you wish to see my orbs.

love light prana

Mariù 13th September 2007 4:32 am

I loved it and it felt so appropriate when Celia said to allow and choose joy instead of suffering. I think this is so important with the current intense energies we are living.

star woodward 14th September 2007 2:29 pm

i would love to see some of your orbs!

Betty 14th September 2007 3:18 pm


I really love pictures of orbs of any shape. I will be able to see them without a camera yet, until then please send me pictures you have and I will keep them in my orb file. Sometimes I am feeling less than great when I go to my orb file and look at the pictures they always cheer me up by reminding me orbs are right next to me. Thanks so much these were fantastic pictures.

I love the Starchild website and Michael's info through Celia Fenn.

With Love, Betty

Chris 14th September 2007 4:59 pm

I would love to see your orb pictures. Can you send some to me?


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