Full Moon...Dolphin Energy...and Breathing Love

So, today is the day of the Full Moon in Leo. As the Sun moves into Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer, so the Full Moon falls in the opposite sign, that of Leo. Leo is a Fire Sign, and Fire Moons are often emotionally unstable times, as Fire (Leo) and Air (Aquarius) and Water (the Moon), are a volatile mix, with little to Earth them. Here is a beautiful image that was sent to me, that captures the energy of Full Moon.


moon inhands

I am sure that many of you also felt the intense and deeep emotions that are being stirred at this time. It feels to me like I am being asked to deal with very deeply held emotions that are now surging up to be seen for what they are. Archangel Michael points out very gently, that this is the year that we are working with the element of Water on the planet, allowing for a deep cleansing and purifying process both within our own bodies and within the Oceans and water bodies of the Planet. The Moon has a powerful effect on the movements of water in the Oceans, and it also has a powerful effect on the water in our bodies. At this time we are at "high tide" with our feelings and emotions, and the I AM often uses this moment to show you emotional issues that need to be confronted and resolved in some way. So, if like me, you have suddenly felt old emotions and feelings coming up, try to deal with them in a focussed way. A few people wrote to me about feeling intense sadness, and it would be an idea to see whether that sadness belongs to an old belief system that you are now ready to release and allow to clear from your cells and your body.

This process of emotional clarification goes along with the new emphasis on Water, and what Archangel Michael calls the Lunar Masculine energy, or the Water God energy. For the last cycle, we were focussed very much on the integration of the Solar Feminine energy, as we took into our being that frequency that had been lost to the planet for so lone. This helped us to connect with our Passion, our Creativity and our Sensuality and our Joy. This energy was particularly strong at times when the Sun was active and it streamed out flares of Solar Light that activated the codes for the Solar Feminine within us.

Now, we are activating a new Energy, and we are once again integrating another "lost" frequency that will activate the Codes or DNA sequences for the Lunar Masculine energy. This is one that has been so long fogotten that most people have little connection with the idea of the Lunar Masculine, the energy of the Water Gods and the Moon Gods, Osiris, Poseidon and Neptune. When I asked Archangel Michael to define the Lunar Masculine energy, this what what I was shown. The Lunar Masculine is a strong Male energy, but it is characterised by Gentleness. It is represents an "ordering" of the Flow of energy, just as this energy orders the flow of the Tides within the Oceans. This energy offers Clarity, Support, and Joy and Fun. It is Powerful but Light and Playful. Michael says that the Dolphin energy is the best example of Lunar Masculine energy, and I though that was a good example. I can think of several really strong and powerful mena who are "Dolphin Men", in tune with the Oceans and the tides and the creatures of the Oceans, and also gentle, and clear about who they are.

linn So, as we celebrate this Full Moon, maybe we can think about our Dolphin Energy...playful, flowing and yet strong. Dolphins lived in communities called Pods, and they are very protective of Pod members. They look after each other within their "pod families", and they love to play, sometimes even allowing humans to join them. They are highly intelligent, and they have a sophisticated communciation system based on sonar and telepathy...the heart energies as they express them.....

On this day of Full Moon and Ocean energy, I was privileged to spend some time with a beautiful song written by a Lightworker in Norway called Linn Stokke. I think this song is just perfect for today. This is an image of Linn, and here are some of the words of her beautiful song called "Breathing Love". As we enter fully into the Fifth Dimension, we learn to sense how everything is Love and that everything "breathes love"....just like Heaven Above.


Can you hear the Ocean
Dancing with the Tide
Can you feel the Earth
So vibrantly alive
Can you sense the seed
Growing deep inside....

Just like a river
knows where to flow
Just like a seed
know how to grow

Like the Golden Fields
move with the wind
Like Heaven Above
Breathing Love

Click here to listen to "Breathing Love" by Linn Stokke



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