Leadership Light in the New Earth Energy

I am still getting mails from people in the USA who are euphoric about the election of Barack Obama as the next USA president. And why not, it was a good choice and I think we can allow the Americans to feel self-congratulatory about the good choice that they have made this time round. But, Obama's success has also led me to contemplate the qualities of a good leader in the New Earth energy.

There is no doubt that Obama stands for the greatest good of the whole. As I was reading his biography "Dreams from my Father", I was struck by his single-mindedness and focus from a very early age. He began working with poor people in Chicago when he was still in his twenties, with the aim of organizing for a better life. He was indeed a "born leader", and he developed his skills as a Leader and Organizer.

So, it seems like a leader needs to be "in touch" with the needs of people at grass roots, and to be willing to address the issues that affect them. He has to be aware of the principle of "Oneness" and connection as a Spiritual principle, as Obama already is.

Then there is the ability to communicate ideas and to inspire hope and enthusiasm. There is no doubt that Obama is a skilled orator, and that he can move people through the vibration of his words. I still remember the young white Jewish man that I met in Tucson in 2007, who was organizing for Obama, and the enthusiasm that he felt for what Obama represented. Obama as a leader can touch people at all levels through his focus on hope and a better way for all.

So, a Leader in the New Energy must be able to hold the Light of Hope and Joy and Oneness, and be able to communicate this Joy to others through his or her presence and work. And he or she should be able to inspire others to demonstrate the same qualities of Leadership.

For, we may not all be Obama's, but each of us has the potential for leadership is some form, especially those of us who are spiritually awakened and may be asked to take the role of leadership in our communities. We need to ask ourselves whether the way that we hold our Light is done in such a way that others are inspired to follow our example and are motivated to be part of the changes that must come as we manifest the New Earth?

I think what occurs to me as most needed at this time is Respect. I don't doubt that we all have immense respect for Obama and what he has achieved in his life and his career. It is the cornerstone of his success. But, it will be interesting to see if he can maintain that respect as he moves forward. American politics is not great on respect, and the modus operandi in the Old Earth was to try to undermine the person in power in every possible way and to seek to discredit them in every possible way if you did not like their approach. So, it will be interesting to see whether the American electorate will unite behind Obama with respect as he seeks to lead them forward into a new economic dispensation.

I think respect is something that we all need to work on when it comes to Leadership. We need to learn to acknowledge that those in positions of Leadership are there to serve us and that they work very hard in this service. In the past years, images of greed and corruption have tended to dominate politics, so that we have forgotten that the original function of the Leader in any community is not "power" but "service". Those who are put in Leadership positions are there to serve the highest good and to serve their community, whether they be Presidents of a country or presidents of the local book club. And, if we are part of a community that works under a leader, then it is our function to respect that leadership and work with that leadership. Of course, we can hold the leader accountable for their choices and actions, but we also need to be supportive and constructive.

As I write this I think of those "spiritual forums" where people like to attack each other and accuse each other of being "dark" and "misleading" people. I am sure many of you have experienced this. I gave them up a while ago as I found the energy counter-productive and not what I wanted to engage with. I believe that the people who take the time to write about spiritual topics do so because the leadership energy in them guides them in this way. It is the way that they express their Light and their leadership. If we do not like what they have to say and it does not resonate with us, then by all means move on and find something that does. To expend energy attacking and criticising that person is not in anyone's interest, and if we feel that we have been misled, then perhaps we need to develop more discernment in what we read and accept.

For in this New Energy is that coming in now, there will be strong leaders, like Obama, who will rise up in order to lead people into the New Light. That is their purpose and their destiny for which they were born. We owe such people respect, and the honor of recognizing the Truth for which they stand. In this New Light we will have to clearly choose where we stand and what we support. We will have to look at our own Light and our own Leadership, and see what it is that we are putting out and what kind of energy we are showing to people. For, anything that is not Light will fall away.

So, what I am trying to say is that we are entering into a "new day" in terms of the way in which we work and manifest together, and we are learning how to make this a joyful and positive experience. It is possible to feel the joy and the hope in America, despite the rocky economic situation, and the optimism that it will be changed and that good will prevail for all people. That is the energy that is the New Earth energy, and that is the energy of Leadership in the New Earth. May we have deep respect for this energy wherever we find it in our lives!



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