Leadership, Service and Spirituality...does it matter?

So, here I am again with this topic that just doesn't seem to want to go away right now. It seems to be something that needs to be addressed, and strangely enough, it is Obama that is bringing this to the surface. I think we are experiencing a deep healing of the collective psyche around the issues of leadership and service, and yes, spirituality. Because they are interconnected in the continuum of our lives, and because what happens in the USA tends to have reverberations in the western world.

So lets start with the American psyche and the issues of leadership that Obama is bringing up in people. I find that Americans who are spiritually aware have two responses to Obama. The one is a kind of glamorized idealization, where he is seen as a kind of Messiah. The other is the opposite pole, where he is viewed with grave distrust and seen as no more than a continuation of the old dark ways. I believe that David icke has already "proved" that Obama is working for the "dark side".

I am going to suggest that what is at issue here is how we view leadership and power, and a healing of the deep wounds in the American psyche that go back to Watergate and Nixon. At this time, the Leader was found to be corrupt and dishonest and was successfully removed from power. This was unfortunately true of Nixon, but it created a pattern of political distrust and paranoia that has followed practically every President since. There seems to have arisen a culture of politics that is interested only in highly destructive power politics, in which aggression and oppositon to the person in power is in order if you don't like them, and idolization if you do. The whole thing is played out in the media, and people take positions according to what "appears" to align with their current point of political and spiritual view.

Now, I get mails from people who assume that because I write about Obama in positive terms, I must belong to the idolization camp. Sorry, but not true. As an outsider, I consider Obama to be a gifted and capable leader, and the best choice America could have made right now. Of course he represents a significant change of direction. When last did the American people choose a leader of color with a history in community service? That alone holds out great hope for significant change! But, I am of the opinion that you judge a leader by his or her performance, and Obama is still in the wings on that one. He hasn't even been there for a month yet, and it is still far too early to make judgements of any kind on his leadership ability as a President or what it may mean. Of course, there is his track record, very positive, and his community work, that suggests that he may indeed be a capable leader and a good one. One able to lead America to and through the gate of 2012.

Why is that important? Well, I was talking to my Spiritual partner on the phone last night, and he reminded me that 2012 will be the culmination of the significant shifts that we are moving through right now. We are recreating the Planet as a New Earth, and the changes that we make now will determine whether we, as a whole, will be of a high enough frequency to pass through this "gate" as a Planet. I believe, personally, that every person alive today has the opportunity to make that passage, and that the choices that we make now will be crucial to raising global frequency sufficiently to make this a New Earth for everyone.

But, in this phase of the "Now", we are still healing the Watergate scars, and the Vietnam scars...and the other "shocks" that entered the psyche of the "superpower" as we began the big shift back in the seventies. Now, just as we are rediscovering that we need to grow food like we did "back then", with respect for the soil and the water in order to keep our bodies healthy, we are discovering that we need to build community through respect for leadership in order to keep our social body healthy and viable. The tremendous technological and social changes we have passed through as a collective have left us in a state of collective "post traumatic stress", as we struggle to come up to speed with who and what we are now. And, learning to trust our collective leadership and to work with that leadership while still holding it accountable to the rule of law, is what will determine whether we can raise the frequency in our society and in our collective being. But we will need to release the paranoia and the distrust and be prepared to serve and to support those who serve.

When we can trust our leadership, we will trust the leadership in ourselves. When we can serve others, we will begin to trust those that serve us. Because it will no longer be a media and politics mental "game", it will be part of our lives and part of our spiritual service. And maybe when we can trust ourselves and our inner Light and Divinity enough, we will cease to look heavenward waiting for the redeemer who will save us, and start to trust our own innate Spiritual essence and truly believe that "we are the ones we have been waiting for". All of us, not just the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama....but each one of us on the Planet today.

It is not easy...and just to show you what I mean I would like to share something of my own experience with community leadership and power politics. When I first became involved with the community I support, I joined a group that seemed to be made of of people with high ideals, ecology, sustainability and community upliftment. I went to some of the meetings and I liked what I was hearing. But unfortunately, that was as far as it went. There was lots and lots of talk that went round and round, but very little to show for all the talk. There were issues of money misappropriation and who was responsible. The "usual" stuff. After a while, as I suggested new projects, I became the focus of a power struggle in the group. I was considered to be a newcomer, and it was perceived that I had an "agenda" that was obviously to enrich myself, since this particular group were there with that agenda. So they became obstructive and started to oppose everything I suggested. The climax came when we decided to work towards creating a garden for the soup kitchen that I was supporting at that time. I asked for a plan of the work to be undertaken and a schedule of working times so that we could co-ordinate our efforts. The response was that I was trying to control them, and they refused to co-operate. The garden never materialized, and after all the "talk" the community was left with nothing. At that point I moved on and began to work with my present Organizer in an independent project.

I was dismayed at the time that was wasted in power struggles and ego trips and talk, by people who considered themselves to be community leaders. The idea of "service" and "accountability" had given way to ego and power and money. And, it seems like that is where we are mostly in our political and community life. A very low vibration. And we have a few years to lift that to a new level of community support and oneness. And yes...enter Barack Obama.....world leader. I do not think Obama's work is to solve all the problems America has. If he can, however, instill a new ethic of community support and awareness into the American psyche, and heal the paranoia and mistrust so that people can work with him and trust him, then he will have made a huge change and created great healing that will benefit us all. This is what I expect from Obama, this is what his background is mostly about. And this will create a platform for a higher frequency of government and leadership.

And why it matters to us, is that we as Lightworkers are here to assist in raising the frequency of consciousness as we move towards 2012. We can do this by the leadership and service that we offer to our community and by the example that we set. Will we continue with the low frequency politics of duality and power, or will we begin to help to create a society where we can live and experience the true nature of the "one" within our collective. And that does not mean that we are all about to fall into a world dominated by America like a huge prison camp, as some surmise. The nature of "oneness" is always diversity and mutliplexity, for the Law of One is made up of the Laws of "the One and the Many" and "The Many and the One", complex expressions of soul family and diversity within the Divine Expression of the Totality of Life on Earth.

It matters because we are changing, from day to day, and we are learning to express who we are in new ways. Even our spiritual understandings and beliefs are changing as we embrace who we are as "Masters of Light" and the co-creators of our own destiny here on Earth. It is what we chose to come here to experience at this time.


ohmi 28th January 2009 9:19 am

What a beautiful message you have brought this day!
I believe there are many neatly folded blessings within the pages that are being written at this time and you shared some of those so wonderfully in this writing. Thank you for that!
In light and love

camelman555 28th January 2009 9:49 am

energetic responsibility

Lolo 28th January 2009 1:51 pm

We all have roles to play on this planet. I believe that Bush had his role to play as the "bad guy" to cause many Americans to wake up and seek new ways of doing things. Thus, someone like Obama was able to step in as the "good guy" and help to effect change. If you listen to what President Obama actually says, he is not our savior, he knows this is a huge job and he cannot do it alone. It is time for all of us to step up to the plate and start making changes within ourselves, because our outer world reflects our inner world. We can't just wait for someone else to make change, it has to come from our hearts and radiate out from there.
I am an American, and my friends and family didn't all agree on which president to elect. But those of us that did vote Obama into office, I feel, are hopeful now, that we can begin anew. Not so much with adoration for the new president, but with relief that we are now ABLE to begin anew. One step at a time.
peace to all.

Barry Ryder 28th January 2009 2:55 pm

Thanks for your leadership on this issue of Leadership and leading us back to what is important and that is our part in all of this. I hope that came across as sincere. Keep up the god work. It is up to us all yet we look to our spiritual leaders and channelers for guidance so we do not feel we are alone in this big complicated planet that seems full of conflict. One light seems so insignificant. Thanks for helping us believe we are not alone and we are moving right along in the right direction.

Darlene 28th January 2009 11:15 pm

You went right to the heart of the matter, GodsGladiatrix! Like the Advocate's apple-loving viper; so on target with the psyche of the wounds of our country and the bleeding of the peoples' souls. :smitten:

Thank-you for the post, Celia. As an American, my POV is that we are certain that we are in grave danger in every arena...as a leader, as a participant in the direction of our planet and as the stewards of this geographical zone. There is a serious middle-tone of responsibility and love of country and planet that re-ignighted on the eve into the 2012 Ascension of our 4-year political span of responsibility in the change of Commander-in-Chief. Our exhilariation is for all of the above and not black and white, not either/or, not adulation or hatred galzed-over fear. We are a country of individuals as different and varied as the "melting pot" of yore! There was a period of about ten minutes (the time it took me to cast my vote) that I had to pick one or the other. Immediately after, we became one as an American, vote cast and united in supporting the outcome.

camelman555 29th January 2009 6:45 am

be in no rush to hand over your power, no pedestals, no tall poppies to cut, one of "us" in place with a "ripen ear" but letting the collective voice unspoken, yet not unheard... Something like that


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