Solar Eclipse we go!

With the energy of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse moving into alignment, there is certainly a very strong electro-magnetic energy surging around the Planet right now. I have included this image of the crop circle that appeared on the 17th of July in the United Kingdom. See This circle appeared on an 8 energy, and I feel that it holds the activation energy for the upcoming shifts in August.


The design caught my attention becasue it is quite different to many of the other circle designs, and it obviously suggests motion or movement. The comment on the glyph on the Crop Circle Connector was that it was similar to a ancient South American rock design of the planet Venus, and that it was therefore about the latest Venus transit. It may be, but I also feel that it has a relationship with the changes and shifts on the Earth that we are experieincing right now, that well might be closely connected to the energies of the Venus transit and shifting the Planet into the right dimenisonal place for her transition at 2012 just after the next Venus transit.

When I asked my Archangel Michael about the image, the words that came were "recalibration" and "Harmony, Peace and Balance". So it seems possible to say that the Planet is going through a major energy recalibration to align it with the higher frequencies of the New Earth and the Golden Age of Light. The design may even suggest that there will be a shift in the orbital path of the planet on the subtle levels as it re-aligns and re-connects it's chakras with the Galactic and Cosmic chakras. This was also suggested by a painting that was sent to me by Marguerite Muehlbauer of Germany. She calls it "Venus Energies 2004", but it seems to me like she is also channeling the change of dimensions (90 degree shift) in the Venus transit shifts, both in 2004 and now this present energetic shift on the Planet. Well....indeed, here we go again! 

Many people will probably feel an increase in "symptoms" at this time. I have noticed heart palpitations and anxiety, but I prefer not to focus on the "symptoms". They are indeed merely indications that your Light Body is functioning well and that you are sensitive to the shifts and changes in the Higher Realms of Light. Of course, the best way to deal with symptoms is to release dependence on the old energy way of life and allow yourself to be led and guided by the impulses that come from your Light Body and from the Great Central Sun and the Heart of God. I woke up this morning in intense anxiety, but I just lay in bed and relaxed and breathed, because I realized that there had been a build up of electrical energy in my system during the night. I did indeed find it hard to sleep, and when I did I woke up with the anxiety and the electrical impulses in my limbs. So, I have learnt to accept, don't resist, and just balance out the energy. After about 20 minutes I felt much better, and I could actually see the pink and white light pulsing around me in waves. Then I was able to get up and go on with the day. I am also planning to spend some time with the whales at the coast tomorrow, so the energetic connections are very intense for me right now.

Please understand that the "symptoms" are just electromagnetic imbalance as your Light Body gets used to the intense energies and changes, and know that all will be well. Trust and Surrender to the process will help you to move through the process. Trying to resist or control just makes it more difficult and more stressful on the physical body. Get plenty of rest and relaxation, eat well and get exercise out of doors in nature if you can. Connect with the Diamond Light in your Heart, and allow the Peace of Source and the Golden Christ Light to be with you. Here is Julie Umpleby's beautiful graphic, "Jewel in the Heart", which will help you to connect with the Diamond of Source Light in your Heart and to feel the Peace.


For all those who want to join us for the 8:8 meditation on Glastonbury Tor, I need to say that I have never been to Glastonbury before so I cannot really suggest a good place to meet. I am going to say at the bottom of the Tor at 10.00 am. I would like to be able to do the work at 12.00, which is midday when the Sun will be at the highest point in the sky above St Michael's Tower. If there are any further information alerts I will put them on the Earth Log, otherwise I look forward to working with you at Glastonbury...the place where Heaven touches Earth!


Norma 3rd August 2008 10:23 am

August word sum is 89, and 89 = Complete, Success.

8,9 does Complete our number system of 1 to 9

As such, there is a completion graphic of mine called "God's Diamond", where cumulative number pair sums in an upward triangle form peak of diamond shape with sum of 704...letters GOD.

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