The 8:8 Energies, the Glastonbury Tor Ceremony and Adventures with Crop Circles

Well today I arrived in Paradise again! I am at the Chateau Lake Louise preparing for the Congress on Illumination. The natural beauty here is just breathtaking....but first...time to share with you the adventures of the 8:8 on the 8th of August and the developments in the UK.

Time has moved incredibly fast for me in the last week! I was in the the United Kingdom, experiencing the most marvelous adventures of energy and light and sharing them with Beloved Family of Light in the UK.

So much has happened with the new energies arriving on the Planet. Time seems to have accelerated even more, and yet is seems to me like I am being empowered to somehow fit more and more into the time that I have. So, there is so much to share with you, that I have had to be very selective and focus just on that incoming wave of Pure Golden Love that was transmitted through to the Earth on the 8th of August. It was a wave of pure Golden Light and those of us who felt called to do so shared in many Global ceremonies to hold that light and to anchor it on the Earth, so helping to bring the energy of Heaven to Earth at this time.

So….share with me in my personal adventure of Light and Joy on the 8:8. Archangel Michael had asked me to do a midday ceremony on Glastonbury Tor to help to anchor this new energy on the Planet. This was a special privilege for me, because not only is Glastonbury Tor one of those places on the Planet where the presence of Archangel Michael is very strong, it is also a significant site in the transmission of the Grail Codes and the holding of the Christ Light for the evolution of the new species of Human Angels. It is also a plcae where the land is very ancient and the veils between the dimensions are very thin. In short, it is a magical place to be.

So, I left London early on the morning of the 8th with my two lovely English friends, Lindsley and Susan. First stop….Stonehenge. stonehenge

Wow…what a way to start the 8:8 day! The energy of Stonehenge is strange and otherworldly, and it was very different to what I had expected from photographs that I had seen. I was more impressed at the way in which the ancient stone circle seemed integrated into the beautiful landscape. Of course, there were whispers of space ships and druids and otherworldy energies and it was such a treat to begin the day with a close encounter with one of the most ancient sites in Europe.

Then it was on to Wiltshire and Glastonbury. We arrived and immediately I took the path that led to the Tor and the summit, where St Michael’s Tower awaited me. It is quite a climb, but one that rewards you with the most stunning views of the countryside below, and you can just imagine when this was the “Glass Island” of Avalon standing in the midst of a vast Lake of water, populated by fairies and the knights of the Round Table and Arthur and Guinevere.

Then, the people who had accepted the invitation to join us at the Ceremony began to arrive. It was such a joy to connect with Family of Light at the summit of Glastonbury Tor to create this simple ceremony to anchor the Light. Here is an image that was taken of the group in the process of the Ceremony.


And here is a “group photo” with me in the center of the Lightworkers who participated in the ceremony at the Tor, with St Michael’s Tower in the background. Thank you to all the beautiful people who created this beautiful ceremony to assist in anchoring the incoming Golden Flame energies on the Tor.


I was joined in the Ceremony by me English friends Bea and David, who have worked with me before in Cape Town, and we then spent the rest of the day together with Steve, our new friend. Here are Bea and Steve at the entrance to the magical fairy gardens at Chalice Well: 


Here I am spending some quiet time at the Sacred Well itself...Chalice Well...meditating on the blending of the Masculine and Feminine energies at Glastonbury. The Tor Tower is the Sacred space of Archangel Michael, and the Chalice Well is the Sacred Space of the Mary energy, and the Michael and Mary ley lines converge at the Tor! What a perfect plcae to celebrate the union of Sacred Energies within the Sacred Heart of the World, and to welcome the Golden Flame of Peace, Harmony and Abundance to the Planet.

chalic ewell

Then it was on to another adventure....Crop Circles! I visted three different Circles in the vicinity of Alton Barnes, and the energy of each was very different. What an experience! Especially because we were able to visit the 8:8 Circle which had only appeared that morning. I love this photo, taken from Crop Circle Connector. While we were there, a plane flew over, and...yes...there I am in the picture! If you look at one of the circles with people in near the bottom of the picture, you will see a pink blob...that is me...and the white and blue blob is my friend Bea! 


So, here is Bea standing in the can see how enormous it is! 


And, of course, the only thing to do in a new Crop Circle is to spend some time connecting with the energies. So, we sat in one of the circles and allowed the energies to flow over us. Here David lies on the Earth, and Steve meditates while Bea and I just sat very quietly and enjoyed the incredible experience that was offered to us by the "circlemakers" on this 8:8 day. 


Then, it was on to Avebury for a special 8pm ceremony amongst the Avebury Stones with a group of wonderful English people. It was primarily a Sound meditation, and we enjoyed watching the sun set behind the trees.

The next day was the "Heaven on Earth" workshop which I shared with Light Family Sarupa Shah and Edwin Courtenay and a group of Lightworkers. We shared the Sacred Heart Meditation and began the work of creating a new Grid of Light Geometry for the City of London to carry the energy of Peace, Harmony and Abundance in a balanced way. The purpose, as Archangel Michael shared with me, was to break the old energy pattern of war and violence and to replace it with a new pattern of Peace and Abundance so that new choices would be offered to the people of London.

I had thought that this work was completed at the workshop, but apparently it was ongoing during the week. On the 13th Sarupa and I went into central London, and when we emerged from Picadilly tube station in the heart of London, we immediately walked straight into the incoming energy vortices as the new grids were forming. I was told that it was a process similar to creating a crop circle, where powerful vortices of energy "landed" in the area and repatterned the grids. It was a wild ride, we were almost flattened by the energy. Of course, everyone else was doing life as normal, and Michael shared with me that those who are unawakened are largely unable to feel the energies from the other dimensions. But those who are conscious can certainly experience the flows. We were told that there was a power failure in that area of London just after we left, and we were not at all surprised!

So, a big thank you to all the wonderful Lightworkers in England who shared their energy and helped to create this latest shift at this special time.

I saw, when checking out the 8:8 Crop Circel on Crop Circle Connector, that it is being interpreted as a Lunar Chart leading up to the Full Moon on the 16th of August. And, so here I am at beautiful Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies, awaiting the next adventure of Light with another group of dedicated Lightworkers as the Congress on Illumination gets under way on the 16th of August. So, please stay with us and we will bring you more news of this great and wonderful shift on our Planet as we welcome the Golden Flame of Abundance and Love, and we ground and activate the Paradise Codes on the Planet.



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