The Energies For August 2009

Beloved Lightworkers, in this month of August 2009, you continue to live with the powerful energies of change and transformation on both the personal and global levels. These changes are a result of the effects of the activations of the new Light Codes within the Grids at each of the three eclipses that you experience in July and August. The Seeds of Diamond Light are being activated within the hearts of the Human Collective, allowing each person who is open and ready to receive the Grace and Blessings of the Cosmic Christ energy into their being.

The Diamond Light flows from the Cosmic Heart to the Earth through the newly activated Ascension portals, activates the Crystal Grids and the Seeds of Consciousness that carry the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This is the energy of Harmony, Unity and Oneness, the energy of Unconditional Love and Joy and Peace. It is the energy that supports the manifestation of the New Earth and the creation of the Cosmic Bridge or connection to the Star Fields of Light that is in the process of being formed for you and by you. Your passage beyond the veils of forgetfulness to your Home in the Stars is once again opening to your perceptions and you are preparing to become conscious Star Travellers and Cosmic Voyagers.

Beloved Ones, to facilitate this process, there are many changes that are now taking place within your Light Body energy fields and within your physical bodies. Firstly, the Diamond Light is being received in increasing intensity into your Light Bodies, allowing you to transmit and radiate Spiritual Light like a brilliant cut Diamond, as the Sacred Geometries pulsate with Light and Sound. But, as the Light intensity increases within your Light Body, the Pineal Gland within your Physical Body is increasingly activated and stimulated. This has led to changes in the biochemical structure of the Pineal Gland and an expansion of the functionality of the gland. This, in turn, leads to increased stimulation of the Pituitary gland, often producing a temporary imbalance in the production and transmission of hormones in the body, as well as an increase in the intensity of Light energy that is being transmitted along the nervous system through the body.

The most intense effect of these changes has been felt in the new “rewiring” between the second and the fourth chakras, the Sacral Chakra and the Heart. Any “stuck” or repressed energy that is being held in the emotional field has been blasted out with the surge of Diamond Light through the energetic system. This has meant that many of you have had to deal with emotional issues that have been repressed or only partially processed. Please do not feel discouraged in you feel sad, depressed or angry. This is a process of deep clearing or purging that is aligning the sexual or creative energies with the Heart.

Other feelings in the body might be intense dreams, intense surges of energy, insomnia and exhaustion and hyperactivity. As the energy balances and is integrated, this will make way for clearer feelings of intense Joy and Peace on a deep level, as well as an increased sense of “aliveness” and well being as you enter the space of the New Earth. Many of you are already experiencing these intense feelings of Bliss and Joy as the lower chakras are cleared, and align with the Heart and the higher chakras that are the pathways of the Soul. In this way, Body and Soul are integrated at the Heart Chakra, Heaven and Earth unite, and the Cosmic Christ consciousness finds expression on the Earth through those of you who have opened yourself to this process.

Elemental Reconnection and the work of the Dragon Consciousness

Beloved Ones, as you proceed with the work of Reconnecting with the Elemental energies of the Planet, you are once again connecting with the Dragon energy with Love and Honor. The Dragons carry the energies of the Elemental fires of creation on the Planetary and Cosmic levels. In the past, in order to facilitate the evolution of the Mental body within the Human species, it was agreed that the intense energy of the creative fires would be allowed to receed and the cooler mental powers would become more prominent for a while. And so it was that the Dragon energy was allowed to withdraw from your consciousness and this led to feelings of abandonment and fear and anger that were represented in your mythologies as stories of dragons being evil and needing to be killed and repressed.

Know that now is the time for the Dragon energy to be released and to return to its renewed mission on the Earth. The Dragons of Earth, Air, Fire and Water carry the creative fire and are ready to serve the unfolding of the Divine Plan on the New Earth. The intense energy of Excitement and Joy that many of you are feeling is the Joy of the Dragons as they once more move among you and take up their work as Keepers of the Creative Fires under the direction of the Angelic Elohim in the creation of Form on the New Earth.

The first major task that has been undertaken by the Dragons of Earth has been the clearing of toxic emotional residues both within the human energy field and within the Earth herself.

As a result of the Program of Nuclear weapons and bombs, there has been an accunulation of toxic energy in the Earth's emotional field. This has been collected by the Earth Dragons in co-operation with other Inner Earth beings and taken to various power points on the Planet. On the 6th of August, the anniversary of the first atomic mass destruction at Hiroshima in Japan, this energy was released by the Dragons and removed from the Earth. This was done with the assistance of a group of incarnated Lightworker souls whose specific mission was to activate their own Dragon energy and to work with the Dragons in this process of clearing and cleansing in order to faciltate renewal and recreation or rebirthing.

Beloved Lightworkers, for you, as individuals, the return of the Dragon energies has required that you integrate fully with your kundalini fire, for this is the Dragon energy within the Human Form. The "inner fire" of your Earth Dragon lies coiled in the base chakra until activated, and it is then released into the spine and rises upwards. In this process, the fire "ignites" the lower chakras so that there is an "explosion" of energies, and then intense feelings related to sexual energy may arise as these energies are integrated. At this time, the energies need to be raised into the Heart where they may unite with the energies of the Cosmic Fire Dragons or Stardragons that descend into the Heart and merge with the energy of the Earth Dragons, creating a new energy called the "Heart Dragon" which carries the creative energies of Compassion and Wisdom and Love.

In this process, the Sacral Chakra will be powerfully activated and will be connected to the Heart. The Pineal gland will also be activated to receive the Stardragon energy, and a new connection to the Heart will be forged. This will allow the Cosmic and Earth creative fires to flow through the Body and the Lightbody, allowing for a quantum upgrade of the power to create and manifest. We are sure that you will be thrilled to welcome back the energy of the Dragons and to honor their work with you in manifesting the New Earth.

The Birth of the New Archetype for the New Earth : The Star Child

Beloved Ones, at this time of New Beginnings you are receiving new Light Codes that transmit the information and energy that you will use to manifest the New Earth. The first of these Codes is the one that will provide the template for your Being on the Planet as you commence building the Golden Age of Light on Earth. This is the Archetypal energy of the Star Child, the Magical Being who comes from the Stars to the Earth to carry the Cosmic Light and create a bridge of Light between Heaven and Earth!

You are all prepared and ready to integrate and activate the Codes of the Child! The Sacred Heart has been activated and the Twin Flame Codes have created Balance and Harmony. The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine have entered into Sacred Union and have merged within the Golden Flame of Divine Love and ascended into the Diamond Light to become the Cosmic Dancers of Light. The Archetypal Avatar energy of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene is completing its work of evolution on the Planet, and the new archetpe of the Child is ready to begin its unfolding on the Planet.

The Star Child is aware of his or her Cosmic and Galactic heritage and inheritance. The Star Child is enchanted and delighted to be on the Earth and lives a life of joyful adventure and discovery of the material world, while at the same time being totally conscious of his or her infinite existence as a Being of Light who lives in many dimensions simaltaneously.

The energy of the Star Child is Light and filled with Joy and Bliss. It is playful and flowing, constantly weaving Light in order to manifest and create on the Earth. As an Archetype, it contains all within itself, it is balanced and self-sufficient and yet loving and generous. It is innocent and passionate and lives in the magical space of miracles and wonder. And yet, it is a loving part of a loving community, and is drawn by the bonds of love and commitment to those who are dear to his or her heart and honors responsibility and service to the light through the joyful activities of ceremony and ritual, and with dance and song and play!

Beloved Ones, Heaven is merged with Earth in your Consciousness and it is time to surrender to Love and allow the Star Child to emerge and be birthed within you! Remember your home in the Stars and remember that you are home on the Earth, and that they are One in you. Remember to Love and be gentle and generous, but also to play with passion and imagination and to create dreams that will manifest as new and wonderful realities in your material realms.

And so, Beloved Ones, in this powerful month of August 2009, we wish you Joy and Laughter and Love in your Journey of Light on the Earth.


Dragon Soup 9th August 2009 6:02 am

Draaagons!~ : D <3

Bright Sorcerer 9th August 2009 1:44 pm

Yes, the dragons entered my life some months ago in a very strange series of synchronicities and I know that I am well protected at all times. I have often journeyed to a realm that contains only dragons... and no two look alike. What I've seen on some occasions are a line of them entering a portal, one at a time, and my understanding is that each one had been assigned to a very specific individual, mainly kids. Very pleased that you mentioned them because dragons are very real and are very aware of the fierce battle going on here, on 3D earth. Thanks for this post! Blessings, Nick

philip 9th August 2009 6:03 pm

Hi Celia

Thanks for your amazing info on the Dragons i have been working with them for a long time now .
It just happens i was doing some powerfull energy work on the 6 of august but did not know about the Dragon connection.
Thank you again.

love and light


E 10th August 2009 2:21 pm

I have had a few of my friends asking me if I believed or had any info on dragons. If I believe in them doesnt matter does it? The question would be do they? I believe EVERYTHING is possible or NOTHING would be.....
Just a thought I share with anyone feeling like this sorta stuff hits a wall in there mind.
Love E

majicamelman 12th August 2009 11:47 pm

yes they have good words with us now , and a good sense of humour , reaquainted with the jade emperor , learning a more complimentary "style" that I would liken to an upgrade of the old "martial " arts that free and liberate the spirit , more an assistance to integrate in awareness the aspects of the spirit with the physical being in the process of clearing our attatchments to outcome , processing cellular memory allowing a greater conectedness in awareness while still in the body , more here than we have been able to be before more easily , clearing the pipes and "unwinding " a little . the dragons dance I liken it to tai chi to an up beat the tiger no longer crouching the dragon no longer hidden , monkeys have magic pretty trippy tarka? hey?



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