The Fifth-dimensional “Wobbly” - Find balance in the New Multi-Dimensional Energies

In the last week or so, I have had many letters asking about the seemingly intensified energies and the difficulties that people are encountering dealing with the physical and emotional "symptoms". So, in this Earth Log, I though I would share with you some ideas from the Archangel Michael work about how you can cope with these symptoms and how you can find and keep your balance. This will be one of the biggest challenges facing us this year.

As we enter Fifth-dimensional awareness, and become effectively, Conscious Multi-dimensional beings, we go through certain Spiritual and Physical processes. These include the activation of the Solar Lightbody, and the integration of this Lightbody with the Physical Body.

This process produces Heightened Awareness and Increased Sensitivity. The person who goes through this process suddenly becomes aware of that which was always there, but was hidden from his or her perception by "veils" or repressions, which are lifted away as the person "awakens" and becomes completely conscious or aware of their own life and what they are creating in their life. Sometimes, this can be a fairly difficult experience, if you realize that much in your life is illusion and very little is "real", or based on Unconditional Love. And so, as you awaken, your I AM presence, or your Higher Self, will guide you towards an expression of the "real" you, the Light of Divine Essence that lies at your core.

This can be a slow process, for the changes are often huge and your Higher Self will only take you as fast as you can tolerate. So, in this process, be kind to yourself and understand that you are going through immense changes, and let the process take as long as it takes. It will become easier and easier, as your body begins to find and hold the balance.

So, here are some of the things that you may have to deal with:

* CHAOS and things that no longer seem to work. Now, as Archangel Michael has said, the apparent chaos that we now perceive is really a field of rich potential, and the way to navigate it is through Choice. But while you are still in this transitional phase, the chaos might seem overwhelming. This creates anger, frustration and irritation. You may find yourself blowing up at people or bursting into tears without apparent reason.

Be confident that you can cope with your life, no matter how chaotic it appears. Your Higher Self is in charge, and since it is that part of you that is Spirit and Angelic, it really does know what it is doing. It will show you, over time, how to create order through your intentions and desires, and how to perceive the order even in the midst of chaos. For chaos is only a feminine energy that requires the masculine energy of creative will in order to direct the flow of creative energy and select the potentials that best apply to you and your life.

* DEPRESSION. These feelings of being unable to cope and finding that old Third-dimensional patterns and skills no longer work, sometimes produces deep depression. The mind can no longer control your life, and it feels deeply threatened and unhappy. This can produce a loss of motivation and desire to do anything at all.

Again, the answer to this is to just know that you can trust your I AM to be in charge of your life. Your work is to learn to simplify your life so that you can manage the flow of experience, and that you feel better able to cope. Don't add more, try to simplify and eliminate.

And, as Archangel Michael keeps telling us, learn to Dream and to dream "big". Your dreams and desires are the way that you tell your I AM what you would like to create in your life. Your I AM responds to your desires and the images that you create. Images are a powerful way of communicating to your I AM what it is that you want. So, give up trying to force creation with your ego and will. Surrender to the process...dream and desire...and ensure that your life has a clear basis for the manifestation to become "real", as a material creation of Unconditional Love in your life.

* WAKING UP AT 3 AM. Well, in your sleep state you are almost fully multi-dimensional, and your soul enjoys traveling the dimensions. But, now your body is also aware of these "trips". Before, your soul would leave your body in the "off" mode, and go on its trips. Now, the body and soul are integrating, and the body gets to go along too. And the body sometimes gets spooked and wants out....

So, around 3am is peak time for "soul surfing", it is that quiet time when all the bodies are in quiet mode and sleeping. So, you may be awakened by the intensity of your soul's multi-dimensional journeys. That is why some people awaken in a panic, or have anxiety attacks when they wake up.

Your body will soon get used to this new way of being, and will get used to its journeys into the multi-dimensional multiverse. One day, you will even begin to have conscious memory of where you have been, when your body is able to cope with the intensity of the feelings and awareness.

So, when you wake up, try to relax and breathe. I found that Rescue Remedy was helpful, and I also used Homeopathic remedies for anxiety that were prescribed by my doctor/homeopath.

* THE FAMOUS 180 DEGREE TURN..... I love this one.....this is when the wheels come off in your life. Your I AM decides on a "course correction", a rather radical one. Suddenly, you find that everything in your life collapses, and you are left in a state of bewilderment and confusion. You seem to be facing almost in the opposite direction to where you thought you were going!

Well, if you look back, you will find that your I AM was trying to get your attention with gentle whispers and nudges, which you probably ignored. So, at a certain time, your I AM decides that you have gone too far off course and that you are in danger of getting lost. So, it inserts this radical course correction that feels like your life is collapsing.

The way to deal with this is through Trust and Acceptance. Know that whatever is happening is for the Highest Good, and that the outcome will bring you great blessings.

This may be part of the "big stretch" that Archangel Michael has suggested as part of this year. It will happen to countries as well as individuals. Here in South Africa, we are dealing with almost daily power cuts as our power system is here I am typing away on the Laptop until the battery runs out. A Country wide course correction is here required. This kind of situation will become more frequent as individuals and countries learn to operate in flexible and fluid 5D energy, rather than the secure but inflexible energy of the Third Dimension.

Uncertainty is the name of the game, until we learn to see it as just a way of setting us on a new path. Then we will learn to look and see where we went off course and what we need to do to get back on course. It is that simple, and as we realize that, we will move past the "disaster" scenarios and into the Joy of Rapid Change and New Creations.

* PHYSICAL PAIN AND DISCOMFORT : These include Joint Pains, Headaches, Nausea and Diarrhea. Most of these symptoms are diet related and can be balanced by making the appropriate changes.

Your body is in transition. It is integrating the Solar Light Body, and it can no longer cope with too much heavy and "dead" food. If you continue to consume this kind of food, you will find yourself dealing with the symptoms of acidic detox, every time the energies are intense. All the intense energy does is to activate the bodies detox mechanisms, and the body does a quick purge together with headaches and diarrhea and all the other things that happen in a detox. There is also often sleeplessness, as the body is in a state of stress and distress, and it feels uncomfortable and unable to relax.

If you want to avoid this see-saw, then the best thing is to ensure that your body is clear and that there is nothing to detox at high energy periods. It will also help with the feelings of exhaustion, for your body is dealing with many new energies, and having to deal with heavy and toxic food will not help the situation.

So, make practical changes in your diet and drink more water. Don't just accept and suffer, it is not necessary. You can find Physical balance and radiance if you work with your body and find out what works best for you.

* CHANGES IN BODY TEMPERATURE. This one happens as your physical body tries to "Re-set the thermostat". Your Light Body brings in much more radiant light, and basic physics will tell you that Radiance is Heat. So your body is trying to work out how to distribute this heat in the best way.

I used to find that I would get very cold, and that the only thing that would warm me up was to lie in a hot bath. This is also good for cleansing and balancing the body.

Don't panic with these symptoms, just do your best to either cool or heat your body until you feel comfortable again. It will pass.

* EXHAUSTION.....yes we all know this one. In 2006 when I was still dealing with intense symptoms, I used to go to bed for three days and just sleep! Fortunately, I have passed beyond that.

The reason for this, is the intense stress on the body as your physical being tries to realign everything, deal with new experiences, cope with unhealthy diet patterns and addictions, and find a way through the chaos and intensity.

So, be kind to yourself and rest when you need to. As you find new ways to live, the exhaustion will pass and you will rediscover your Joy and the fun of Life!

* ANXIETY AND ANXIETY ATTACKS...for no seeming reason. As your Solar Light body integrates, you take in more Radiance and Light as electricity. This can produce feelings of electrical waves in the body, or even convulsions and seizures. But, it will also be felt primarily in the Nervous System, which is a transmitter of electrical impulses. So, those with sensitive nervous systems...hands up and that includes me.....will find that for a while they may live with intense anxiety and anxiety attacks as the nervous system tries to deal with the overload. It interprets the overload as an anxiety attack.

This one is quite hard to deal with. I worked with my doctor/homeopath to try to bring my nervous system into balance again. Drugs are not a good idea, unless you really need them, for they just block the energy and create resistance that your body will have to deal with at some point in the future. It is better to deal with this naturally and homeopathically if you can. Again, ask your I AM for help in being guided to the right people to help you.

* RELATIONSHIP CRASH LANDINGS......This is also a hard one. You may have to deal with the sudden ending and termination of relationships and friendships that you thought were solid.

Again, this is part of the "course correction" scenario. Your I AM sees that this relationship is not in your best interests, probably because it contains elements of old energy dependencies, or other elements that are holding you back in the full expression of who you are.

These are particularly difficult, because there is often real love involved, and the ending of the relationship can be really traumatic and cause deep hurt.

Again, you can only trust that this "course correction" was necessary and that you will be led into something far better. This may take time, as you will need to establish new and more healthy relationship patterns before you can enter into the kinds of relationships that you desire.

This holds true for romantic and friendship relationships.

So, surrender to the process, accept what is happening, and try not to enter into anger or blame. Try to move do not know yet what blessings lie ahead......don't get stuck in the pain and suffering and self-pity.....


# LIVE POSITIVELY......try to find something of Joy to celebrate in each and every day. No matter how difficult life may is still a manifestation of the Love of Source. Look to see where you have created old patterns that no longer serve you and your growth, and see how you might create new ones that will bring you Joy.

# LIVE WITH GRACE AND GRATITUDE : Make a point of being grateful for the blessings that you receive every day. Even the great changes are an indication of blessings to come. Your I AM will respond positively if you express gratitude for the blessings of life itself, as well as for the things that sustain your life. Don't take these for granted, they are great blessings from Source. When you move beyond dissatisfaction for what you don't have and into gratitude for what you do have, then you are expressing your true inner Divine Light.

# SEE THE LOVE IN EVERYTHING......Begin to understand that everything is an expression of Love in some way, because everything is created through and from the Unconditional Love of Source. This may initially be difficult, until you understand that the ultimate gift of Love that we have.....Free Choice. We do indeed choose what we will experience, and we can keep make new choices all the time that can change the path of our experience.

# GIVE LOVE.....make an effort to move beyond self-absorption with your own problems as you see them, and be willing to give love to those who need your strength and light. Being willing to Flow the Radiant energy of unconditional love to others will also help you to find the balance more easily, for love is meant to be shared with others. You can be sure that as much as you give it will return to you!

# SEEK BALANCE IN ALL THINGS....yes the mantra for this period must surely be ...balance...balance....balance.....The more balanced your life and body, the more you will be able to experience the Fifth-dimensional integration of Spirit and Body with Joy. You are indeed aligning Heaven and Earth within your own body. celebrate the Joy and Power of Unconditional Love, here is a song from Armand and Angelina. This time it is Armand singing "Love is a Boomerang", give it away and it comes right back again.........".


xena 23rd January 2008 3:41 pm

thank you so much for explaining to my mind what my body and emotions are experiencing!i love archangel michael very much, and am unspeakably grateful for the helpful feedback from the angelic realm. i can't do this without them! it has been wobbly to the max...

many blessings,


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