The "Golden Star" and the Recalibration of the Human Angelic Chakra System

Well here we are, in the quiet days after Christmas, and there I was lying on the bed listening to the roaring sounds in my head and wondering what was going on this time! When I asked, I was shown a crystalline shape that was spinning very fast, and when I asked for more information, the following channel came through from Archangel Michael, so I am sharing it here with you in case you are also wondering what is happening.

"Beloved Ones, at this time when the Light is surging through your planet's crystalline grids and you make a quantum shift as a Collective, your own Chakra system is being recalibrated for Higher Consciousness and to carry more Light. Those of you who are ready are experiencing this process of "Light Body Upgrade" right now in its most intense phase.

The process of upgrading the Light Body involves several steps. Firstly, the Heart Chakra must gradually increase its spin ratio. The Heart Chakra is the "seat" of the soul/body interface in the Human Angelic Being, and so any increase in the Lightbody velocity must begin there so that the entire system is not thrown out of harmony. You must remember, Beloved Ones, that the Chakra system is a system of Spinning Crystalline Geometric Vortices. The level of a person's consciousness is determined by the ratio of spin and the intensity of the Light that can be conducted through the Lightbody and the Chakra system. You must remember too, Beloveds, that in the Human Angelic Being, the Physical Body is an extension of the Light Body and is the physical expression of Light, but it is still Light. So, the acceleration of the velocity of spin and the increasing intensity of the Light can be felt within the physical/light expression of the Human Angelic form as well.

Now, when we begin a major shift in the system, we begin with the Heart Chakra to raise the velocity slowly at the "soul/body" interface so that the entire system does not go into shock. This process was begun between August and October of this year, and many of you may have experienced heart palpitations and anxiety as your heart chakra's expanded in Unconditional Love and the velocity of the chakra increased to enable the expansion and acceleration of the Lightbody/body complex of the Human Angel.

Then, in early December, the Throat Chakra velocity was raised gradually to enable clearer expression of the newly expanded energy of Unconditional Love. Now, in this period after the Solstice, the Pineal and Pituitary glands are being increased in their spin ratios to allow for more light to be brought into the Chakra system through the Lightbody and its geometric vortices.

First, the Crystal of the Pineal gland is rotating at a much higher velocity. This may cause electrical symptoms in the body as more light floods into the body and is conducted through the nervous system. This may also cause insomnia and heightened anxiety in some people. It can also have the effect of creating tiredness and exhaustion as the body gets used to the increase, or it may cause drowsiness and the desire to sleep as the body experiences more Peace through higher consciousness. For, as more Light is held in the Pineal Gland, the entire Chakra system is accelerated and flooded with this Light.

But, it is the Pituitary gland acceleration that will bring major changes of Perception for you as you make this quantum leap. The Pituitary gland is the conduit for the Brow Chakra, and your higher and lower faculties of Sight and Hearing and Perception. As the spin increases, as the light intensifies, you will begin to see and hear and perceive things beyond the "normal" human range of frequencies and perception. You will begin to see, with your eyes of truth and hear with your ears of truth and perceive what is Light and Truth. You will begin to perceive us in the Spirit realms as never before. You will begin to see that we are a part of you, and that you walk with us all the time, we are never apart. You will begin to laugh with joy when you perceive the "oneness" of the continuum of light that is a part of you. Now you are accelerating fully into that place that we call "angelic", where you can perceive the angelic light but still walk in "human" form on the Earth.

So, beloved Ones, as you move through these changes, be at Peace. You are becoming "more" of what you can be. You are Becoming a Radiant Golden Star, for your Pineal Gland and your Crown Chakra are spinning like a Golden Star in the Heavens, a Golden Vortex of Light, accelerating your consciousness into the Harmonic Field of One. It is a Blessed Time for you!"


patriciapearl 28th December 2008 7:25 am

Dear Celia:

I AM feeling it . . . as in sensing it . . . Totally!
Blessings to you!

Today . . . I AM actually energetically experiencing the NEW . . . as in the NEW MOON . . . The NEW WAY.
The NEW EARTH IS . . . my now reality!

I have anchored the NEW CRYSTAL LIGHT frequency . . . here . . . in Ontario, Canada!


Terry 28th December 2008 8:29 am

Thank you.

Heather DeRigo 28th December 2008 8:44 am

That sure did describe what I have been experiencing recently.
Thank You for that knowledge and understanding Celia and Archangel Michael!
Infinite Blessings to You! :smitten:

Lady MoonDance 28th December 2008 9:05 am

Yes.....for the past week I've been awakening at 3 and 4 in the morning and I knew something was happening. Thanks for providing this insight!

Christia 29th December 2008 1:52 pm

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have been feeling this for some time and it explains exactly what I have been going through! thank you! Bright Blessings, Christia

Dorothy L. Abrams 29th December 2008 3:19 pm

Well, that explains why I am so sleepy, for no reason at all. Turns out it's a very good reason. Thank you for the insight. Dorothy

alise from finland 29th December 2008 6:01 pm

alise from finland

Thanks A Lot Dear Celia!!! ;D These were The Words I was missing for... Now it´s not so confusing and scaring to be with all "these strange symptoms"...they look even nice and necessary... Peace and Love!!!

Eric 29th December 2008 10:24 pm


You explained really well on what was going on. My pineal gland and head area is vibrating at a high frequency. It is doing strange and interesting things. This energy is actually creating some tension. Once the tension is relieve, I would get surges of ecstatic energy. Then the tension would come back and more surges of beautiful energy would flow through me. Peace and Love.


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