The Quantum Shift and the New Reality...Now

We are once again in a cycle of intense inner shifts and changes. It feels to me like this is the "big one"...the moment when we make that Quantum Shift!

A few days ago I had a dream. It was fairly complex, but the essence of the dream was that I had made a huge shift and I had "arrived" in a new place, but that my physical being was yet to "catch up" with this shift in order to make full sense of it.

I have also been told by Archangel Michael that the 9:9, 10:10 and 11:11 portals this year will "lift" us into this new awareness, so that by the 12:12 we will have integrated what is necessary to make this shift a part of our inner and outer reality.

I have also noticed recently how many of us who teach and channel have been through experiences where we have been "down" or inactive for a while. In my own case, I needed to have very minor surgery a few months ago that necessitated a general anaesthetic. I was told by Michael that this "time out" allowed for a very quick but major "recalibration" of my entire system, like rebooting a computer after an upgrade. Which, of course, links up with the dream I mentioned earlier. Along with this shift has gone an increasing sense of dissatisfaction with what I call the "ascension comfort zone".

Yes...the "comfort zone"...I think it feels to me that we are becoming so accustomed to the idea of chaos and change as a way of life that we are not seeing what is really happening. Or maybe, we just haven't caught up yet. And yes, I am speaking for myself and my own experiences.

The channels I do with Archangel Michael speak about the New Earth as "Now". They speak about Unconditional Love, Oneness and Miracles and changed perceptions. Yet, as I speak with people and listen to the voices of Lightworkers, I have the feeling of "not there yet", or deeply wishing to be there.

But we are there. Now.

We have reactivated, realigned, recalibrated and brought online our Light Bodies. It is done. We have activated our crystalline Pineal glands. It is done. We are there. Now.

But we are still thinking and acting as though something were still to happen, or we are going over the same territory again and again. The Quantum Shift has happened. We are there. And yet is difficult to express quite what it is and means as we "feel" our way forward into the New.

This is how it "feels" to me. The Universe in Love. All is Love. Every experience is Love, Growth, Expansion. The Universe is designed to keep expanding the nature of Love. Love, and its expression, keeps getting bigger and more beautiful every day. Yet, we still seem to focus on the "evidence" that we live in a traumatic world of chaos and suffering that is in danger of being destroyed.

Perhaps, as a Collective, we are just afraid to open ourselves to the overwhelming experience of Love. Maybe it is too much for us to bear, that we are so loved and so honored, and so we create illusions and stories to validate our perceived unworthiness to receive the great abundance of Love that is offered to us.

I just finished watching a new movie called "Passengers". It is about the "survivors" of a Plane crash. The twist at the end of the movie is that no one survives, but those who think they have are being assisted and supported through a process of adjustment to their new reality by angelic beings, until they can move on in Peace. I was so touched by this perception of reality as deeply supportive and loving. The first time I watched the movie, I felt, in turn, uneasy, uncertain, bored, judgemental and, eventually, fascinated. I watched it a second time, and then, understanding the love that motivated everything, I was awed by the Love and Support for every being that was being suggested.

I feel that maybe we are in a similar process. To me it feels like we went through "the end" in that period between 1998 and 2005, and yes it did feel like a plane crash to many of us. Now, we are in the "New Earth". Those of us who have worked this out, have come to terms with the "death" of the old and are "moving on" into the New. The rest are being "assisted" to come to terms with the "death" of the old reality and are rebirthing into the new in their own way and at their own level of capability. For this is a new earth entirely, and we have all "died" and been reborn into this place, this new reality.

What is it? Well , I could explain it as a Human Angelic Reality, a place where Divine Humans express their essential nature. But what does that mean? For me, two things.....firstly, the Universe is Love and everything that happens is a gift of Love, even if we cannot fully comprehend all of what we can see initially. Until we can see with the eyes of Love, we will never "see" true reality. This is also so much more than "non-judgment". It is seeing everything in a "Unified Field" that is created, produced and manifested only from Love. It is understanding that everyone and everything in our (unified) field is a gift of love. It is understanding that the nature of Love is to expand and become more and more radiant. And that to be a part of the expansion of love, we are challenged to move beyond our "comfort zones" and embrace the ever increasing and expanding blessings of love.

Secondly, it means understanding that when we cease to limit our perceptions by the expectation of negative events, we allow for the creation of the "Dream of Love", as I will call it, where everything is Love, is created by Love and supports the expansion and expression of Love in our lives. This change in perception fires the neural system and the pineal gland, and brings "online" many of the higher gifts that are our birthright in the New Earth.

In this state of "Unified Field Essence", we will begin to "see" what was not "there" before, but of course was always there! The Love. And those who are the agents of that Love in both the physical and the non physical realms.

Ultimately, we will "see" beyond the veils of illusion, because the illusions are what kept us from the experience of the full power of Unified Love. Reconnecting with the Love reconnects us with our power to be expressions of that Love. We cannot express Unified Field energy by focussing on the negative, the darkness, the dualities, for this takes us into the illusions and the stories that we create to hide the Love. Only by seeing and expressing the Love can we access the Unified Field potentials within our own Being and within the Collective experience of Being on our Planet.

It is indeed time for our physical reality to begin to express our Divinity and our potential to be Angels of Love in every way.

The Quantum Shift, for me, is about this, allowing physical reality to shift into patterns, coherent patterns expressing Divine Love for all of us at all times. And to perceive and feel these patterns at work at all times.

It is also about seeing and perceiving the "unification" of Spirit and Matter, not only within ourselves, but also in the world that we project and create. To be able to see the "miraculous" is not just to be able to create events that ensure that we survive in comfort and wealth, but it is to experience the numinous and radiant aspects of daily life. To be able to see the angels that enter life every day and are part of everyday reality.

It really is time for our physical bodies, the physical vehicles of our Soul's Light, to begin to perceive and express the Divine Light that we all carry in our every day lives. The Divine Light that we all are.

The portals of 11:11 and 12:12 will help us to align with the Quantum shift and to find the courage and the strength to release our insecurities, and to finally embrace the Love that we Are in our Lives.



angelk 22nd October 2009 12:44 pm

Yes from 2005 on it definitely felt like a plane crash that just kept going and going and going. Worn out, wiped out, ready to feel held, uplifted, taken care of, loved and joyful again. NOW. thank you.


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