The Time of Transformation and Healing - Miracles of the New Consciousness

We are indeed living in strong and miraculous times. Everything is changing and nothing seems to work out the way that we expect it to. The old patterns are falling away and the new are emerging. This is most clear in the days that lead up to the American election and the question of whether the new energy and ideas will allow for the establishment of a new kind of governance in the USA. But, here in Europe, I have been through some startling and difficult experiences that have made it clear to me that the old is falling away and is being replaced by a new understanding of who and what we are as Human Angelic Beings on this Planet.

As we make new decisions as to how we will manifest the New Earth in our lives, we are also being asked to fully release the old patterns and old ways of interpreting ourselves based on duality and fear. We can no longer adopt the old "us" and "them" approach based on "good" and "evil" that has been the motivating force of our civilization for so long. Now, we are moving into Fifth Dimensional Consciousness where we acknowledge that we are "One" and that we are part of the evolution of the Planet and that we are all part of a greater "plan" that moves us towards our Divine Destiny. Many of us feel lost and "void" at this time, because we are still subconsciously working our way through old patterns of judgment and pain and low self esteem.

This was made abundantly clear to me in the work that I have been doing in Europe in the last weeks. After Berlin I moved to Barcelona and then on the Montserrat and Montsegur, and then to Madrid via Lourdes. In this time, I travelled the lands of the French Midi, where the battle between the Cathars and the Catholics was played out in the 13th century. Now, because the Cathar beliefs were generally open and tolerant and closer to what most of us who follow the new spirituality believe to be true, we have tended to "side" with the Cathars. Also, as I did the week retreat in Montsegur and as we worked with the energy of Mary Magdalene, I became aware of layers of history that were deeper than just this conflict. I saw the Magdalene bringing the Christ Consciousness to this land that was already a haven for the Feminine energy, and so her message was easily accepted. But I saw also that as time moved on and the "plan" for the evolution of the Planet unfolded, it was necessary that the Planetary Consciousness expand and that the Planet be populated sufficiently to create the "one" heart that we have just established in this recent time. To do this, it was necessary that the masculine energy of exploration and adventure be activated and that humans should explore and populate the Earth. It was unfortunate that in this explosion of energy, the imbalances that were present in the human psyche became more pronounced, and distortions entered into the way in which humans perceived their world, creating the duality that became the distinguishing feature of the third dimension. By the time that the Cathars and the Catholics faced each other across the battlefields of the Midi, they were both deeply entrenched in dualism and far from the Fifth Dimensional consciousness of the "One" that was the signature of Higher consciousness.

And so, while the movement of the human population across the planet was under way, it was also shadowed by the playing out of the dark shadows of duality and violence that produced the Inquisition and culminated in two world wars in Europe.

And so, at this time, as we connect with the Planetary Heart Grid, we are healing our "addiction" to duality and moving into Unity Consciousness and an appreciation of where we have come from and where we have been, and we are learning to suspend judgment and accept what has been and to exercise forgiveness and to embrace all in unconditional love.

This was demonstrated to me on two separate occasions in the last week, once at Carcassone and once at Lourdes. In Carcassone, Archangel Michael showed me quite clearly that his own energy and love had come to embrace the city and to clear and cleanse what had been so that only radiant love might shine through. In Lourdes, he showed me how the hearts of people could be activated by love and hope to create miracles. He showed me that beyond the old energy of "us" and "them" lies only unconditional love and a desire to serve Light and be Light.

Yet, as we evolve, we are often unsure of how that Light manifests, and in the past we have become very sure that we are right and "they" are wrong, to the point where we have killed and become violent to support and protect our beliefs. And now, as we unite as a Planetary society, we know that we can no longer afford aggression and war. We can no longer afford the pollute the Planetary grids with fear and anger and killing. And nowhere is this clearer right now than in Europe, where the old energies of conflict are giving way to other choices based on community and shared decisions. When we can look back without judgment and see only the love that moved us forward despite our mistakes as a Human Collective, we will be less likely to judge ourselves and our failings and mistakes in this lifetime. When we can see that we are all here as a choice to grow and to serve the unfolding of the Light on Planet Earth, then we can be kinder to ourselves and forgive ourselves for whatever roles we might have played in past lives that are still holding us back at this time.

Now is the time to move forward, to finally release any and all old patterns of duality and judgement and move into the pristine consciousness of Unity and "Oneness". We will not be saved from ourselves by the Beings of Light, for we are the Beings of Light in Human Form and we have chosen to serve the Light by evolving life on the Planet at this time. We have chosen to make that great leap of Evolution that we have called "Ascension", and it is only by moving above and beyond duality that we can transcend a path of suffering and lack and create a new path of Love, Peace and Abundance.

So, here in Europe, as I work with the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, it gives me great joy to anchor the energies of Mary Magdalene and the Temple of Sacred Union through the Sacred Heart as a path to Oneness. And it also gives me joy to welcome the healing of the distorted male energy, that manifest as the violence of the Crusades and the Inquisition and the violence of Colonial Conquest. It gives me Joy to embrace the New Masculine energy of gentleness and sharing and intelligent choices that embrace all. It gives me Joy to know that we are all "one", and that the distortions of duality that manifested through religious suffering are passing away and that we are learning to accept that they were distortions and that we can embrace that truth and move forward into a clearer and cleaner image of ourselves.

What does that mean for us right now? It means that we can let go of low self worth and guilt and the need to suffer. It means that we, individually and as a Collective, can ascend and lift our consciousness into an understanding of how we are indeed "One". That we are manifestations of the One Divine Consciousness and that we all play our part in the unfolding of the consciousness of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth.

And so, I think we will find that in the months that come, we will all be challenged to shift our thinking and to make new choices based on the Highest Good for all of us. We will be challenged to see in very real ways that we are all "One" and that the conflicts of duality are illusions. I think that is why it is said that after we die, we see the great Cosmic "joke", that indeed we are all simply manifestations of the Divine Consciousnes and that there are no divisions between us, as we all serve a common purpose. At this point, I remember Barbara Marciniak's beautiful channeled work on the "Family of Light", and how the Pleaidians who were her sources informed her that all on the Earth were indeed Family of Light, and that when we ascended we would understand that truth.

And so, here in Europe, that truth moves closer into focus for me, showing me that as we clear the trauma and the fear and dissolve the old patterns, the shining love emerges, until we can see only the Christ Consciousness and the Love in the Heart of each Being that walks the Earth as Family of Light. When we can see this, we remove the need for anyone to have to play out the role of the "dark" to justify the needs of duality. And so, the "dark" energy will pass away and be embraced in Love and we will ascend into the Pure Light of Higher consciousness. And yes, in this last month I have come to believe that this will occur very soon. The accelerated energy and work of the Lightworkers who have incarnated to carry out this transformation is pushing the Collective Consciousness to this point of absolute transformation very quickly.

And the key is clearing out our own energies of fear and suffering, so that we do not resonate with these energies when those who seek to manipulate us through media reports seek to create anxiety and fear. For, when we have no fear, then we are free and we are able to create without limitations. So, at this key time of Choice for our Human Collective, it is so important to release the past and its patterns and choose for a new way of living and being that embraces Love and Forgiveness and Tolerance.

So, I guess this has been a long Earth Log, but this is such an important moment in our Earth's evolution and transformation.We are all holding our collective breath to see what will manifest in the next two months and whether this will indeed be the moment when we will clearly see that we have lifted our consciousness above the old patterns of duality and embraced a new truth about ourselves and who we are.

And from that point, we can truly manifest the New Earth.

So, here are some images from this week. First, the medieval "cite" of Carcasonne, the site of one of the conflicts in the Albigensian Crusade, a place where old patterns are now being healed and released as the energy of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine returns to the land and rebalances the energies:









And now, some images of Lourdes, and the daily procession to the place of the healing waters and the manifestation of the Divine Feminine energy as the "Virgin" Mary. I will be writing more about this later:




wbur 27th October 2008 10:31 am

Have you considered a column in the NY Times? I think
the entire world should be given the opportunity to read
these profound and inspiring words. Your shared understandings
are fuel for the soul and still seeking, now. Thank you.

Loralee 27th October 2008 11:39 am

Dear Celia,
While reading this, I kept thinking I wish I had been there with you as you experienced all of this! Thank you for all that you are doing, I am very grateful. I also checked out your web site, to see the last image in a larger format, and it is filled with amazing energy!
Many abundant blessings to us all!

Tim Langdale 27th October 2008 4:46 pm

Hi Celia,Blessings to you and strength for the light works you have yet to do.It sounds like you have done so much already.I was in the south of France in May with a friend.We did our work (calling in and activating new rays)when we visited Albi,Carcassonne,Renee le Chateau,Ussat le Bains,Montsegur and a few smaller sites that we were led to.In Montsegur as I crossed the road one evening, with the Cathare monument behind me,and looked over to the field dipping away on the other sie of the crash barrier,the words came pouring out from nowhere "This is where they burned my brothers".Tears pricked my eyes and I immediately knelt down against the barrier and prayed to them,apologising for escaping just before they were all burnt,even though I had to. Montsegur, for me,was a truly moving experience, and I'm so glad to hear about your beautiful work out there. Long may you continue to inspire other lightworkers with your devotion to the light, and your love of this planet and all that is connected to both. Once again, blessings to you, child of the universe. Love and Light, Tim

Shaun 27th October 2008 11:21 pm

the great immersion in awareness , tingles of sparkle



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