The Twin Flame Energy and the New Earth Geometries of Light 2

Report on the Group Retreat at Montsegur, and a Visit to Lourdes, South of France, October 2008 - Part 2 

After I had written the first part of this Report, I was going through some of the images from the Montsegur retreat, and I came across this image. It was taken the day after the Montesegur Ceremony, in the medieval "cite" or citadel of Carcasonne. The "cite" is a strange place, being there is like being in a time warp and being transported back to the 13th century, but with restaurants and souvenir shops, that actually just add to the medieval marketplace atmosphere. The first time I saw the cite, in 2007, was at 1 am in the morning, as we approached Carcasonne by night. The cite is floodlit at night, and it floats above the night landscape like an eerie ghost of a time past. The Church or Basilica of Sainte Nazaire is an even stranger place, and every time I go there bizarre things happen to me. It is like being caught up in an eddy of time warps and vortexes. Like this picture!


It is a picture of a "tombstone" on the floor of the basilica, to the left of the Nave. What is it? Well, to me it looks like a spaceship anchored above the mountains, with some nice, neat knots that look like infinity symbols. Warp Drive, maybe? Now, you must understand that I majored in History of Art with a speciality in medieval art, and reading medieval iconography is usually easy for me. But this...well....what else could it be! And the skull and crossbones that look remarkable contemporary? It is common to find skulls and bones in medieval art, but not quite like this. Was the person under the tombstone a pirate? And if so....what was he (I presume it is a "he") doing in the mountains of France? But then again, the pirates were later in history. Maybe, the image is a medieval danger warning, maybe the person in the tomb was a spaceman, and his bones were radioactive. Hmmmmm... I think I have been seeing too much Indiana Jones.....but I still don't know what else this image could be. In truth, I don't doubt the presence of "extra-terrestrial" influences in our past evolution. This was first shown to me this year at San Ignacio in Missiones in Argentina, where I was shown how Light Beings from Sirius had guided the construction by the Jesuits of the Mission at San Ignacio in the first experiment at creating a "Paradise" community in the "New World". This explains why the energy at San Ignacio is still so powerful, even today. So, perhaps it is also true that there were extra-terrestrial influences in the Languedoc evolution as well.

Well, after looking at it for about 15 minutes, members of our Group gathered around and we all tried to see if we could come up with an explanation. In the end we all agreed that it just looked like a Spaceship!



This is an image of the medieval "cite" of Carcassone, as the group approaches the gate. It was after Carcasonne fell to the Albigensian crusaders that the last of the Cathars fled to Montsegur in the mountains of the South. And so, our story continues....


The Presence of Mary Magdalene and the Story of "Sacred Union"
As I mentioned in the first part of this report, it was Mary Magdalene who carried the energy and the teachings of the Christ Consciousness into western Europe through France. She was believed to have landed at the place that is now the village of Stes Maries de la Mer in the French Camargue. One of my best memories of this trip was sleeping on the beach at Stes Maries with some friends, and watching the sun coming up over the peaceful Mediterranean sea at the place where Mary Magdalene first set foot on the soil of France. Here are two pictures of the area. The first is the village itself with its monument to the Camargue horses, and the second is one of a Camargue horse, taken in the Camargue Reserve. I always feel that these lovely little white horses must be the descendents of the Unicorns that that roamed the forests of Europe in the time when the forests were still places of Magic and Miracles and Elemental Power. It is also interesting that the "Lady", or Mary Magdalene is often depicted with a Unicorn in medieval art.




When Mary Magdalene settled in France, she began the work of holding the Christ Light through her presence as part of the Christed “Twin Flame” energy, as well as sharing the energy of the message of the teachings of the Christ Consciousness. This basic message was Peace, Abundance and Unconditional Love, and the knowledge that a time would come when the Earth would be filled with a species of Humans who would carry the Christ Consciousness and who would manifest the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony. In order to share the energy and the teachings, Mary Magdalene traveled extensively and worked as a Teacher and a Leader. The heritage of Feminine Spiritual Leadership and Divine Beauty that was her energy still lingers in the tradition of “Amour courtoisie” and the heritage of the Troubadours, musicians and poets who celebrated the joys of courtly love and the radiant beauty of the Lady. Of courser, after the Catholic crusades and the inquisition, very little remained of this heritage, and the energies of “courtly love” and the stories of the “Holy Grail” are poorly received and understood by scholars today.

In its most simple form, this is the essence of what Mary Magdalene brought to France. She taught her understanding of the Sacred or Twin Flame Union as a model for Sacred Union. She knew that this form of "Spiritual Marriage", based on the Service of the Light, would become a pattern or Template for relationship and union in the coming Golden Age, or as we would term it, the "New Earth".

She also taught that the human body itself was the “Holy Grail”, the vessel or container of the Soul and Spirit and the Divine Essence of God. When the Consciousness within the Sacred Vessel of Matter was of a sufficiently high vibration, then that Matter would be transmuted into Angelic Light and the Human Being would become a Human Angel. The Human Angel would have an aura or energetic body of Golden Light, they would indeed become the Golden Chalice or "Holy Grail".

In her teachings, every human was capable of raising consciousness to the level where this Angelic transmutation would be possible. But, she knew that it would take time for this vibrational frequency to enter into the Collective Consciousness, and for Humans to evolve sufficiently to be able to hold this Golden Light of Divine Consciousness within the Human Chalice. In fact, it would take two thousand years before there would be enough humans to populate the Planet, and that these humans would have developed sufficiently to be able to create a way of becoming a single Planetary Heart and Mind, so that the entire Planet could be lifted into the Golden Light and that the Planet herself could become a Grail of Golden Light.

Mary Magdalene knew, that there would be energies and forces that would work against the new evolution of Consciousness, but she knew too that her teachings and her energy would survive in this place, and that they would be carried out into the New World when the time came for humans to migrate across the Oceans from Western Europe and to discover the “family” of Humanity in the Indigenous Peoples of the Planet who still held the Sacred Earth teachings. She knew that when the time was right, these Sacred Earth teachings would be shared with the peoples of the West, and that this would help them to raise their consciousness and to learn how to become caretakers for the Planet in this new Golden Age.

And so, as her legacy for this process of transformation, she left the teachings of the Twin Flame and Sacred Union. She knew that this would be needed at this time of Consciousness shift, for the Masculine energy that was needed to populate the Planet would have come to dominate to such an extent that it would be necessary to bring back the Feminine energy and to create the balance needed to create true "Sacred Union", and to implement the Golden Grid of Twin Flame Union that would hold the Geometrical Pattern or Template for the Golden Energy of Twin Flame Love.

But, as a Wise Woman, Mary Magdalene also knew the importance of working with the Elemental energies and respecting the energies of Nature. In the Languedoc and parts of Southern Europe where her teachings were strongest, there is still a powerful Elemental energy that manifests from time to time as “apparitions” of the "Divine Feminine" that are associated with powerful healings and miracles. These energies are related to the still vibrant natural “magic” of the Elementals in these areas, and the power of the Divine Feminine that can still break through the repressions of the Conscious Mind, even in the dark energies of the past times.

And so it was, that in our Group work, we focused on connecting with the powerful energy of the Divine Feminine that lives within the Heart energy of the Languedoc, and with awakening that energy within our own Sacred Hearts. We used the Sacred Heart Meditation to create inner balance between Spirit and Matter and between Heaven and Earth, with the Heart as the point of Focus and Balance. And then, we created a “grid” of Heart energy that would link the Group and we created an intention to link that energy into the Heart Grid of the Planet. For the “Christ Consciousness” as taught by Mary Magdalene is seated in the Heart. It is the Heart that carries the Higher Frequencies of Love and Joy and Peace, and it is only by opening the Heart that we can achieve the Consciousness of the Grail within ourselves and then be ready to share that with others.


The Twin Flame Grid and the New Earth
The New Earth is a Multi-dimensional experience of energies, which is grounded into the Fifth Dimension. Each Dimension of Consciousness is a series or sequence of Energy Templates or Grids that are "constructed" of Light and Sound. These serve as the basis of template for Manifestation into Material Form. We use the basic Sacred Geometry or Geometries of Light in order to fashion our conscious desires into form. We draw from what is there on the energy matrixes in order to create and experience in the Earth reality. In our role as Co-Creators with Spirit, we are also now privileged to be able to Co-create new grids and templates for the New Earth. This we did in 2005 when we created the Paradise Grids for the New Earth, and in 2007 when we activated the Planetary Heart Grid. Now in 2008, we have activated the Golden Twin Flame Grid that will serve as a Template for the experience of Twin Flame Union in the New Earth.

This Grid is based on the “Golden Star” that manifested at the birth of Christ. It is not known when the Magdalene was born, but she may have been older than Yeshua. In any event, the Golden Star that drew the "wise men" from the East was probably the etheric manifestation of the First Golden Twin Flame Star that was created by the Union of Mariam and Yeshua on the Soul level. Their Union was already encoded on the soul level when they were born. Their lives were about bringing that Soul Union into manifestation and living the experience of a partnership within this Higher Consciousness as a pattern for Sacred Union and Sacred Life in the New Earth.

When I work with the "Sacred Heart" meditation, I use what I call the "Cross of the Magdalene". It is similar to the Cathar cross, and I believe it to be a much older form of the Cathar cross, maybe the basis for the later Cathar Cross.

Here are images of two crosses that I bought in Rennes-le-Chateau from a small shop that specializes in esoteric jewellery. The first is the standard Cathar Cross, which is different from the Latin Cross of eastern christianity. It has four equidistant arms, and is similar to the Crusader cross that was adopted by the Knights Templar:



This is the "Magdalene Cross":

magdalene cross

It is basically two figure of eight symbols, one vertical and one horizontal. These form a cross of four loops. This represents the perfect balance of Sacred Union within the individual. However, if you take two of these crosses and join them together, you get an eight pointed or looped cross. These are the symbols for Sacred Union and the Geometry of the Twin Flame grid. This "Cross" was given to me in channeled form long before I found this piece of jewellery in a small shop in the French Languedoc, in a village associated with the tradition of "La Sainte Madeleine".

The eight loop “flower” is the Sacred Rose. We need to remember that the rose that we know today is a modern hybrid. If you look at medieval roses, you will see that they were the “dog rose” type, a flat flower of about eight petals, with a deep and beautiful fragrance.

The eight pointed star is also associated with the Divine Feminine, but it is a symbol for Sacred Union as it combines the two individual balanced stars into one Golden Star. Here are some Golden eight pointed stars that I found in Burgos in northern Spain. These Stars were encoded into a Chapel that also contained an image of Mary Magdalene and an image of Mother Mary dressed in Red, potent clues to the “secret” of Sacred Union right there within a Catholic Church for those “with eyes to see”. These “clues’ are often to be found within Churches and Cathedrals, left by those craftsmen and builders who knew the "sacred secrets" and added them into their work.




But, for me, even more interesting was these images that I took in Toledo, of a traditional art form made with gold and silver leaf on steel plates. The designs were influenced by the Moors, or the Muslim peoples from North Africa and the Middle East who conquered Spain in the middle ages. The Muslims are prohibited from making images of humans in their art, so they create patterns and designs in their sacred art. Now, I have a friend who works with Sacred Geometry, and she spent some time in Morocco, studying Islamic art and the way in which these designs create energy or dimensional grids. She showed me pictures she had taken of whole rooms decorated in this way, and, when viewed holographically, they "dissolve" into dimensional gateways and grids that lead the consciousness into perceptions of Infinity. I felt the same energy when I looked at these Toledo plates, so I snapped some images of them so that I could look at them later.

Well, when looking at them later, I saw that many of them were indeed based on the eight pointed star, and that they did indeed create a dimensional grid that must be very much like the Twin Flame grid that is coming into being right now. Perhaps, a looking forward to the Golden Age when this energy would be the determinant of Sacred Relationship and Sacred Love!






The Twin Flame Relationship in the New Earth
So, what does a Twin Flame relationship mean how is it experienced. This is something that we explored at the Group Retreat, and also something that people often write and ask me. What I am going to share here is only my own perspective, and what has been shared with me in my work with Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael.

A Twin Flame relationship is a Spiritual or Sacred Union in which two Souls of a similar or compatible frequency or vibration come together to serve the Light. The relationship is not primarily Romantic, although it will include that level of expression, but it will be Soul Romance. It will include sexuality, but it is not primarily sexual in nature. It will be an expression of the Passion and Vitality of the Soul through Material Form, and its purpose will be to serve the energy of Unconditional Love in some way or Form.

Now, people often ask if their partner is “predestined” before birth. This is hard to answer. In many cases this is true, two souls may agree before incarnation to enter into this kind of relationship for their growth and service. But, it is not essential. The pattern that I have seen most often is that people who are ready to enter into this frequency of Love are often sent more than one potential partner in order for them to choose the one that “fits” best with where they are at the time that they make their choice.

This is not a choice to be made lightly at this time. Those who undertake to "be" the "Golden Star" will be encoding their energy into the Grid and manifesting from that Grid. You have to be entirely happy with the person you connect with, for you become “one” with them and you take on all that they are in your being. You become a single “Grail” for the Light of Unconditional Love, two expressions of the Golden Frequency of Unconditional Love in Perfect Balance.

But, it is also true that the “selection” of a potential Twin Flame partner is made by the Higher Self and by Spirit. You don’t have to go looking, it will find you when you are ready. In my own case, I did a fair amount of “interviewing” of potential candidates, but had almost given up and decided that I was destined to sit this one out, when Spirit came up with the “right” one. It happened at a time that I was least expecting it and he wasn’t quite what I had expected. In fact it took me a few days to really notice him because I was so busy and focused on other things, but when I did notice, then I noticed. In fact, after that, nothing was going to keep us apart. I met him when I was traveling, and we said Good-bye about three times, each time thinking that was it, and then the next day something would happen and we would be back together again. It was only when I finally got on a plane and went home that the attractive forces between us were unable to get us together, so we settled for the telephone in the meantime!

What I am trying to say, is that if you are looking for a Twin Flame partner, don’t go looking. Work on yourself. It is only when you are the “Grail” within yourself, that perfect balance of energies that expresses Unconditional Love, that you will be able to attract a partner who will express similar energies. And this attractive force will be so powerful that you will know when the connection is made. Even then, you do not have to accept this union. Your work is to find the Joy and the Love within the Union, for Sacred Union is pure Love and Joy. Your acceptance of each other has to be Unconditional and Total. The moment you start with the “he or she is not ready” then you are not in Unconditional Love and you are not accepting that person as they are, which is step one. In my case, when I met my Twin Flame I was not behaving at my best as stress was making me crazy, and he told me some things about him that made me wonder what I was doing here, but we were both just ready to move into Acceptance and Love, and it worked for us. It still does, because we are both in the same Golden energy, and I think we are both so grateful to have found the reflection of that energy in each other and to be able to create the Golden Star of One through our Love.

Of course, as the Golden Twin Flame Grid is established and more and more Unions add their Golden Stars and draw their Union into manifestation, it will become ever easier to create such unions. Also, as more and more people awaken and express the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness, it will become easier to attract a partner on the Grail Frequency of the Twin Flame Grid.

It is all a wonderful adventure of ongoing evolution. What will Human Angels or Divine Human Beings be like and how will they express their love for each other. I am sure there will still be many kinds of wonderful and loving relationships among people, but Sacred Union based on the Golden Star of Yeshua and Mariam will be a Blessing and an Adventure for Souls that seek to express the Power and the Creative energy of the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine in their own Lives and Relationships.

And so, in our work at Montsegur, we did indeed focus on reawakening the Divine Feminine Love in our Hearts through the energy of Mary Magdalene, on Creating Balance within ourselves, and for those who so desired, to use that balance as a beginning point for the manifestation of a Sacred Union or Twin Flame relationship on the New Grid of the Eight Pointed Twin Flame Star!

Coming Soon : Part Three...Elemental Magic and Miracles of Healing...a Visit to Lourdes.


Stephanie Siegel 23rd December 2008 8:53 pm

Re: pirates. I think the skull and crossbones was a symbol used by the Knights Templar before it was used by pirates.


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