Weaving a Tapestry of Radiant Light

Humanity accepts a New Consciousness and a New Path forward as the 11:11 Gateway approaches.

Today I spent the day in the old Spanish city of Toledo. It was a wonderful experience. Even though there was a cold wind blowing off the early snows on the mountains, there is a kind of gentleness and humanity about Toledo these days. The old city with its brown and sand colored buildings sat below a dramatic sky that reminded me of the famous El Greco painting "The Burial of Count Orgaz", that I saw in the city. Here is an image of the that I took looking down on the city from a nearby hill.


Toledo is unique because it was here in Spain, in the past, that there was, for a time, a unique blending and fusion of three distinct cultures, the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslim. This heritage is clearly seen in the architecture which carries traces of all three cultures. I was most interested by a visit I paid to the Church of Santa Maria Blanca, which was a synagogue until the 12th century and was then converted into a Christian Church. Today it is the home of the Catholic Order of Santa Maria Blanca founded in 1999, with the mission of creating a closer bond between Israel and the Church. Today, there were two young monastics, a man and a woman in light brown robes preparing an exhibition of the work of their founder. The pictures were bascially of Sacred Union, fine drawings depicting a man and a woman in Israel. When I asked the young nun if the "Maria" of her order was Maria the mother, or Mary Magdalene, she assured me that it was Mary the mother, and that the images were Mary and Joseph in Israel. I was intrigued by this blending of energies in a former synogogue, decorated in the Moorish style, and now the home of a "rapprochement" between the Church and the Jewish land of Israel. Yes indeed, we are moving into a New Consciousness, where those who were formerly enemies and were prepared to kill each other for their different versions of faith and belief, are now learning to reach out and display tolerance and forgiveness and they learn to walk the path of Tolerance, Acceptance and Unconditional Love.

We are indeed moving forward into Fifth Dimensional and Higher Consciousness where we are learning to think with our Hearts and to know that we are all One here on the Earth. And that we have always been One, One Great Collective Consciousness expressing itself through individual points of Light and Love that are Beings in Incarnation. We have always come here to serve the Light and to be part of the Glorious Tapestry of Light and Sacred Geometry that is the path of Evolution for the Planet we call Earth. Each one of us is a part of the Collective and we Co-Create accordingly. In the past we have judged those with different ideas and we have projected our shadows of hate and violence and judgment on these ones. Now, as we move towards this New Consciousness of the One, we are learning to see that as a Unity we do indeed express different possibilities and potentials of the One energy. But they are evidence of the richness and diversity of who we are, and not reasons to judge each other, or hate each other or even kill each other. And, as we look back at our history and the manipulations and distortions that led us to acts of violence and horror against each other, we will begin to accept that these actions were out of place and motivated by the illusion of separation. And, we will move forward by accepting where we have been, and that we can no longer afford to express our diversity through violence and agression. Our way forward is through Love and Acceptance.

This was made clear to me here in Spain. The atrocities committed by the Church against those who chose a different path was called the "Spanish Inquisition", although the Inquisition was a part of the history of many European countries. Yet, in Spain it was particularly violent and severe. I felt this when I was in Burgos cathedral. This huge and imposing Cathedral was founded in 1260, just after the end of the Albigensian Crusade. While I was in the cloisters of the Cathedral I felt the pain and anguish of those who had suffered in the Inquisition, as though the energy was imprinted on the walls even though it is now a tourist route. I had to leave. And yet.....here is one of the images that I took inside the Cathedral. A perfect Geometric shape that floats above a Chapel as an indication of the Spiritual aspirations of those who created this building that was intended to be a manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth.


As we move towards the 11:11 Gateway of 2008, we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to integrate our past and to forgive ourselves for the way in which we expressed our energy in the Third Dimensional realm of Duality, and then to move forward into the New Consciousness of Oneness and mutual evolution and soul expression. But, we will not move forward if we continue to hold onto old paradigms that reflect separation and judgment, and yes, ignorance of who we are and what we are.

At this Powerful moment of Human Choice, we can use these rising energy flows to align fully with the New Consciousness and allow ourselves to begin to radiate the Light and Consiousness of the "One" and the Acceptance that we are Powerful Creators and we are the Ones who are here to Weave the Tapestry of Light as we create the foward path of evolution for the New Earth in the Fifth Dimension.

And, as we do so we will learn more about the Sacred Geometries and the Patterns of Light that create the dance of Love and Light that is the path of Creation and Manifestation on our Earth. We will move forward as empowered Masters of Light, as Archangel Michael calls us, rather than "victims" of the creations of others. It is time...we are Ready....for the New Consciousness to become the pathway forward for All of Us.


Fabriana Cafalli 3rd November 2008 11:28 pm

Hi Celia,

I am trying to contact you but your inbox is full. Where can I send you an email?

Thank you, My Best,
Fabriana Cafalli


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