Relationships in the New Energy

Everything in creation holds an energy frequency. It seems so obvious to many of us. Yet, so many have not embraced that philosophy. There are those that still choose to live unconsciously and make choices that are not in direct alignment and in harmony with their lives. Living, as well as non-living objects, hold resonancy, the frequency to which they vibrate.

All of our relationships are undergoing a massive shift. As we are clearing out the old within, we can expect how we relate to others would need to change as well. In order for us to transition to the next level of conscious awareness our relationships need to be in harmonious balance.

The first relationship we must work on is the one we have with ourselves. Making sure we are honoring our body and taking good care of ourselves. I’m finding I need much more rest, exercise, good nutrition, fun, fresh air, pure water and supplements than ever before. Clearing out clutter from my environment has been extremely important as well. I have taken the time to give to myself what I need. Our energetic body easily becomes depleted in this intense energy, especially for the highly sensitive ones. I can feel the sticky, slick energy of the oil spill in my energy field at times. Clearing out what we each hold within, assists in the purging of negativity from our planet. Individually we are doing the work that benefits the collective.

In our intimate relationships with our long term partner or in beginning a new one, we are yearning for a partnership that is in balance with what we want and need. In the past we searched for someone specifically to raise a family with, financial security, companionship, and sexual fulfillment. While of course all of those reasons are still pertinent in what we need in a relationship in the new energy, the most important thing is resonancy, which is feeling a deep, fulfilling connection in a relationship. I call it a familiar, someone who feels familiar to me. I can be myself around them, not having to make idle chatter and connect with or without words. Oftentimes we connect with a soulmate, which is not always the easiest relationship. Some soulmate relationships come to teach us things about ourselves. A familiar is someone whom we can breathe easy around and feels like home.

We have a yearning to be seen and accepted for who we truly are. We cannot fix or rescue someone else that cannot or will not do it for themselves. Seeking a partnership based on a respect, trust, kindness, love, intimacy, passion, and joy brings true fulfillment. We are beyond settling in order to have the status quo. We instead seek relationships that are nurturing, giving, and make us feel good. If it causes us an uneasy feeling inside, than our intuition tells us to get out. New energy relationships bring out the best in us, not the worst.

Rather than be in an unfulfilling relationship its best to work on ourselves until we the right person comes along. When we are in alignment, and in balance the pathways to the next step of the journey become very obvious and illuminated.

Our relationship within our family is shifting as well. Whether it is with our children, parents, siblings or extended family. We can no longer tolerate any behavior that does not honor our divinity. It’s important to have healthy boundaries and honor how we deserve to be treated. We are setting the standard to demand respect and kindness from others. When we treat ourselves the way in which we wish to be treated it sets the tone of how things must be. No matter how the interactions in the past were with certain family members, it is no longer acceptable or tolerable in the new energy. It doesn’t take a lot of drama to change the dynamics, but it does take consistency, patience, and perseverance.

We must have self worth and self love in order to know what we want and deserve in our relationships. Being gentle and kind to ourselves is so necessary at this time. Do not overextend or overexert your time or energy. Realize your needs matter and in order to be present, open, and connected to others we must first be connected with ourselves. In order for us to have a true connection within, we need to be in alignment with Source and all that is.


Dear God,

I honor my divinity. I Iove, respect, and nurture myself in many ways. I choose relationships that make me feel good. I am in direct alignment with the highest and greatest potential for my life. Please help me heal any relationships in my life that are out of balance. I open my heart to letting love in. I choose the path of love. May I attract only loving, kind, and respectful relationships.

And so it is.



new_birth77 19th July 2010 8:54 am

This message was great and confirms things that have been coming up for me lately!

Be well and Thank you,

CoffeeGem 19th July 2010 10:20 am

That was very inspirational. Thank you for posting this. The timing of the article is impeccable.

Anne333 19th July 2010 12:40 pm

This is such a beautiful message and I resonate with the timing on it. Thank you for sharing it and for the prayer, which I embrace as an aspiration/intention!

Ron Laswell 19th July 2010 10:49 pm

Exactly! What you describe is what I'm going through right now. I have no anger about the situation, but I have been amazingly lucid in describing my needs to my current partner who - amazingly - has no desire to change. What I find astonishing is that she does not believe my attempts to discuss higher-vibrational frequencies, the realities of other dimensions, personal intuition, etc. When we are socially involved with others, I find it invigorating to discuss these issues, but she finds it embarassing. Instead, she wants tangible, scientific proof, and not just someone saying they are channeling so-and-so.

If you also are going through a similar situation, you have my sympathies - not just for you, but also for your parters ultimate well-being. Peace be with you all. Ron.

bettina 20th July 2010 4:40 am

It is difficult at times for me to put into words and explain to those who are not going through the changes what is happening within me. Yet Your words and many others here at the library are so appreciated, as you can see, they have touched upon many of us.

It is refreshing and validation for me there will be someone coming into my life that will meet my needs, accept me for who I am as I him and 'we' will finally be a match. And, that I do not need to 'seek' someone from a dating site, as many of my friends suggest. It's been difficult since I have been in long-term relationships to find myself, learn who I am and what I want/need and will have. Blessings to us all. As we seeks,so shall we find; and what treasure(s) await us.

lighthealer 26th July 2010 10:02 am

After getting engaged and moving out of my parents house. my relationships with people dramatically changed, as if I am seeing them for who they are. I ask that GOd and my higher self along with the ascended masters and arch angels heal all my relationships for the better. Thanx stephanie for making me feel comfortable about the changes in my life. The prayer was great.

° Violet flame and archangels blessings to u:))


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