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Sarah Biermann

Sarah Biermann > Cosmic Tides: Venus Retrograde

Venus is going retrograde on July 25th, after a long stay in the Leo energies of radical self-love, Venus took a step into Virgo (the priestess), right there with the star Regulus which is the king star.  That is a lot of “whoo hoo” right there. 

Sarah Varcas

Today Chiron stations direct in Pisces after five months retrograde. Chiron, which corresponds in part with the wounded healer archetype, reminds us that within the more painful aspects of our lives we can find the pearl of healing which can change our life forever; that it is not by avoiding the pain that we are healed, but by facing and knowing it in all its many guises.

Sarah Varcas

Today Chiron in Pisces, Mars in Gemini and the North Node in Scorpio join forces until 25th. Chiron leads the way in this one, which is particularly significant as it has only just turned retrograde (see yesterday’s post for info about that).

Sarah Varcas

Chiron is widely known to correspond with the notion of the Wounded Healer. In its archetypal energy we meet that part of us which seems forever in pain, and yet which simultaneously enables us to reach out to others in their suffering.