Beings of Love

We arrive in this world as precious beings with an inherent capacity and extraordinary potential to love unconditionally. Our intrinsic ability to think, reason, and imagine, provides the platform for our many journeys through life as we seek to discover and experience our creative possibilities firsthand. More than just primal efforts of survival as an individual or species, we embody the gift of being aware of our presence along with an intuitive understanding that we are a part of it all. We innately know we are more than this corporeal expression. At our core, we are beings of love - a universal and unconditional love that unites us with the very essence of life itself.

Our self-conscious awareness, along with our capacity to contemplate, envision and manifest from our imagination, makes us unique among the vast spectrum of life forms upon this planet. We are neither better, nor more advanced than our fellow living entities and organisms; rather as an interconnected facet, we have the added component of a conscious awareness of this connection and the love that permeates our collective existence. This distinctive ability allows us to interact and participate with one another and the earth herself in a multitude of ways. When we keep love at the forefront of our consciousness, we imbue each choice, relationship and encounter with this extraordinary quality.

Alas, born into bodies that are our vehicles to experience life, we are also instantly vulnerable to the physical nature of these same forms. Even though each miraculous breath and heartbeat becomes a part of a sustaining rhythm that animates us while we grow and mature, we simultaneously bear witness to the natural cycles of life and death that surround us. This becomes a constant reminder of the fundamentally magical and fragile nature of our human existence. At times, we may even forget or question our relationship to the world around us. Yet, as beings of love, we ultimately know that we are part of something greater and grander that is both our heritage and the legacy we leave as we immerse ourselves in life.

Being consciously aware of love allows us to maintain a broader perspective that encourages us to focus our reality in the present moment. Living in this way, we easily release any entanglement to the past, embrace the adventure that is right here and now, and allow our future to unfold in its own special way. This inspires balance and harmony in our thoughts and feelings and a freedom from limitation, worry and concern. We are free to be ourselves and share our love without constraint, condition or expectation.

Kindness, compassion and gentleness are the effortless attributes of one who is fully aligned and aware that they are expressions of love. With a full heart, we exemplify forgiveness and gratitude, joy and benevolence. Let us always remember who we really are and make a profound difference simply by being the love we came here to be.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker




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The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. 


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