Human Power/Love Power

The human self, as the personality/ego, has used its perceived power to control and protect its outer creations. Through the belief in fear, doubt, lack and scarcity, the human ego experienced the ultimate separation from the universe. In response, it claimed power and attempted to wield this power over anyone and everything that would seek to interfere or take away the physical creation. This limited way of experiencing life on this planet has occurred for many millennia. This cycle of understanding is now finding the light of a new dawn, the dawn of unconditional love.

We are all connected to one another and our actions affect the entire planet. Every thought, feeling, and activity we engage in affects the world and beyond. Our planet connects with the rest of our galaxy, which connects to systems of galaxies and the universe itself. Never for one instance has it been otherwise, we just forgot the connection.

It does not matter what our physical appearance may be, our size, shape, sex, or color; each of us is a definite and important part of the universe. On an atomic level, each of us contains the identical building blocks. The atom is the same throughout our world and makes up our physical reality. It is only in the vibration or frequency of the spinning electrons that decides the outer appearance of the physical object or being. There is not one atom out of order anywhere in our universe. If this was not true, the entire system would collapse. So what is the binding ingredient that appears to keep us together? Could it be unconditional love?

When we use qualities of unconditional love, such as peace, kindness, joy, or trust, we expand our reality. These qualities, which are our thoughts and feelings, are limitless in their expression and naturally radiate out to the world. Unconditional love is an energy that vibrates without limitation and therefore is fastest of all known energy. All contacted by thoughts and deeds of love literally lift up to a higher vibration.

In comparison, when we allow limiting and negative qualities to work through our world, these qualities have the lowest frequencies and constrict and destroy what they contact. Such qualities like hate, anger, doubt, greed or shame all share this lower vibration of limitation. This slower frequency changes the orbit of the electrons and may cause the natural pattern to eventually disintegrate. In this way, our lower thoughts and deeds seek to bring us down and bind us in the human sense of limited experience.

We cease to control and manipulate one another when we realize we suffer personally. The energy of our misguided thoughts and feelings revolves in our world and eventually produces discord, dis-ease, and eventually death. We are the creators of our experiences and we receive back the energy we put out. If we seek to break free of any limiting cycle, we need only turn our attention to the power of unconditional love.

The difference between human power and love power is like night and day. If we seek to control or be controlled, we allow human power to rule the reality. When we go beyond our self-imposed boundaries, we experience the natural rhythm of life and flow like a river with grace and ease. When we seek the very best out of life, we experience all life can offer. By our choice, the human power of the personality/ego can transform into the higher expression of love power.

Consider in each moment what truly motivates you and why. Do you stop to become conscious of your deepest intent in each thought, feeling and action? Are you motivated from love or fear, limitation or limitless understanding? Realizing how much you may currently believe is actually a result of other people’s perspectives and limited beliefs, what is your personal truth and what do you believe to be true about life?

Each of us has our own unique life to evolve and experience. This is a sacred unfolding journey. The wisdom and power of love is within us and quietly encourages us to move on, expanding our realities. We are learning to radiate our personal power of love, becoming beacons of light so others may journey in safety and comfort.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker

Excerpted from Harold W. Becker's Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being



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