Trust Unconditional Love

We are at a wonderful crossroads of potential right now on our precious planet.  For the first time in our collective history, we are capable and prepared to dream a different possibility for earth and all her many life forms.  We have within us the balance of love, wisdom and power to bring forth a new reality filled with peace, health, harmony, abundance and genuine joy.  Such is the influence we wield in our personal and shared lives. 

The challenge we face is the inertia to the path of least resistance, otherwise known as giving in to fear.  For millennia, we have chosen this easier route of succumbing to our fearful thoughts and feelings rather than embracing our ability to love unconditionally.  Fear, being the mask we wear to cover our self-doubt as creative beings, has led us through innumerable difficulties, traumas and dramas.  This seemingly simpler choice has also brought us to the apex of our adventure which is illustrated by our current outward global crisis and individual destructive chaos. 

The present circumstances may appear to be dire and at times, almost impossible to overcome.  That is what fear creates – the illusion that nothing is possible and that our ability to imagine a different outcome is of no consequence.  Each time we embrace our doubt and step into fear, we strengthen its hold upon us and allow it to become our perspective of reality. 

There is another choice that beckons to us in each moment too, and it is filled with infinite potential.  It is a quieter and more subtle opportunity that is most often ignored because it necessitates being present in the moment with an acceptance of our true nature as self responsible creative beings.  It requires courage, strength and determination to delve into our heart, know the divine bond that connects us to all sentient life, and allow our expression to be one of compassion and understanding. 

In the beginning, it takes more effort to choose love over fear since we must first overcome our initial reaction to whatever is before us and release the doubt and fear we previously engaged and encouraged.  With a deep breath and a sincere willingness, we then allow love to be our guiding intention through our thoughts and feelings.  As we learn to trust unconditional love, we experience how this tangible, immutable power steadily brings all things into balance and harmony.

Ultimately, unconditional love becomes the natural path.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

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MaryO 22nd July 2009 12:01 am

Thank you for this lovely message.


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