Gaia's Message April 2011

Dear Pepper and Gaia,  

I have heard you say that we cannot hurt the earth (Gaia). I like the sound of this, but what if, for example, there is a third world war and countries launch nuclear weapons -- this could destroy all life forms in many areas of the planet. Doesn't this hurt the earth? And since Gaia and we are one, we would also destroy ourselves, at least in the physical. Wouldn't that also hurt Gaia?  If we cannot hurt Gaia or ourselves, then why should we worry about drilling for oil in the arctic, using poison pesticides on our crops, or dumping waste into rivers and oceans? If I take your statement literally, it could become a justification for mankind not to change its behavior or care about other human beings and the planet. Am I hearing you correctly? ~ Trevor K.  

 "Humanity cannot (consciously or unconsciously) inflict lasting or permanent damage upon the earth. The earth is a self-learning, self-healing "system" and so is humanity. My sentience knows what humanity is capable of, from the best to the worst. You are not the first race to have thought of nuclear weapons or to have experimented with them. Longer ago than you can remember and several ages before this one the earth knew another nuclear age in which the surface exploded from nuclear blasts that had been launched from space. It should not be difficult to imagine that many of those who protect the earth today were perpetrators then, for life sees to such details. Of that time it was said that it would not, could not happen again, yet humanity once again holds its breath and contemplates its own destruction.  

Humanity is capable of disabling life to the degree that life has evolved; yet to do so would set it back by a measure and a half. Humanity is capable of disfiguring the surface of the earth and the diversity of life. Even so, the earth would soon reveal a different face and "skin" to match. Gaia is no stranger to the dangers whose play humanity enacts daily and not oblivious to the shadow thoughts that now and ever tempt humankind. It is the way of the corridors of the third dimension, particularly at the cusp of the dawn of a next/new age. Know that there is an intelligence that surrounds and protects thoughts and things with both matter and might. This divine intelligence situated far and beyond the earth has outlived and outlasted all moments, precious and predatory alike. Shadow is its companion, light its reflection, and truth its messenger.  

Whether or not humankind harms another being or itself it will come to know the outcome of its expression. My words are not justifications for mankind to adjust its behavior. In fact, they are an invitation to do so swiftly, without guilt or prejudice. It is best for humanity to look at the future with hope and creativity, and to move quickly to repair and reinvent those things that do not support health and wellbeing. The longer that guilt and other densities are carried, the longer it will take to move into the places and spaces that have the knowledge to evolve and heal gracefully."

~ Gaia


Thoms1 25th April 2011 9:58 pm

Gaia is our mother and has no intent of harming her children, despite our flirtation with fracking, dumping, depleting her oceans, pollution of her atmosphere, nuclear testing and overpopulation. We seem to forget her cycles of millions of years of climate change, tectonic movement, and extreme atmospheric activitiy. The crust of this globe upon which our civilizations rests is composed of only 5-7% of the earth's land surface. The processes of our Mother are not going to move to stasis just because we need stability to maintain our Civilizations and its resources. This is arrogance in the extreme.
GAIA SHRUGS in many ways. Examine the 11.2.11 Chilean Earthquake, to the 11.3.11 Japan triple-disaster, back to the 12.1.10 Haiti Megaquake, to the 22.2.11 ChristChurch Tremblor. We have been given our warnings, in the mathematical and the anecdotal. "I AM SHIVA: THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS"


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