Gaia's Message for July 2011

2011, like other recent years, continues to accelerate all of the thoughts and things associated with life on earth. The year, as measured by your current calendar, has already moved past the halfway mark, speeding along at a good clip and inviting you to do the same. All things being equal, there should be six more months (of time) left in the year, but while all things are equal, they are not the same. Two lit candles will not burn at the same rate, nor will they burn equal parts of wick and wax. Clocks, while reliable, cannot be trusted 100% of the time. And human beings of equal age rarely look the same.

Time is a measure of comparison. It is a guide and a reference point for determining future events. Time can be adjusted, mostly by adjusting your ability to respond to time itself. It is easier to quicken time and more difficult to slow it down. Why? Because it is motivated by momentum. Simply put, most people are more interested in what tomorrow will bring than in what took place yesterday, so it is easier to (time) travel to the future than it is to visit the past.

2011 is a visionary year where we could say that time is on your side. In contrast, 2012 will be a prophetic year where time will not be on your side, because the years are paired so that one acts as a boomerang for the other. The good news is that this means that with a relative degree of accuracy you can envision the year ahead (mid-point to mid-point) and then live within the prophecy you have created. Do you not think this is possible? Please notice that you are currently living the prophecies that others created long ago. Would it not be better to live in one that you create for yourself? A vision/prophecy is more like a prescription and less like a wish list. It is good medicine, but may not taste like candy, see? It may invite you to challenge yourself a bit, but the result may be its own reward, which is to live as cause in your life rather than at the effect of thoughts and things that were woven into your history long ago. You see, the future is something that you can choose today, whereas revisiting the past or living in different versions of yesterday is what happens when you do not push the accelerator. Acceleration leads to change sooner rather than later. It is momentum to the nth degree. Are you ready? Here's How:

  1. Use your imagination to vision a new version of what is real. A reality is something that you would be able to live in given the laws you are subject to. In other words, remember that what seems real, necessary or important can change very quickly, especially as the laws of acceleration continue to gain momentum.
  2. Allow the forces of nature to work with you and for you. In other words, allow the winds of change to blow if they must. If you feel passionate about something, fan the flames of fire in the belly. Let the tides of the ocean or the pull of the moon wash over you. Breathe new life into your visions.
  3. Resist the need to compare your vision with that of others. To do so is to alter it, at least in part.
  4. It is likely that acceleration will affect your life in different ways and at different times.  Even when all things are equal, they are not the same.
  5. Be aware of the process at work and assist rather than resist it. Be a good travel companion. Be willing to course correct as necessary.
  6. Learn, study, experience, discover, teach. Repeat.

~ Gaia


COBALT 18th July 2011 6:25 pm



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