Solstice Morning - Children of the Sun

Solstice means "sun stands still" and appropriately describes how the winter (and summer) solstice sun appears to hang on the day's horizon, as if something has halted its progress across the heavens. For three days it remains virtually unchanged until finally its movement is visible. It is reborn and its journey begins anew.

The winter solstice is also a perfect time for us to "stand still" in our world and connect with the divine. It is a mystical and symbolic moment, full of personal and planetary promise. The rebirth of the physical sun at this time represents the birth of the spiritual sun within. It also commemorates the birth of the neutral, balanced force of the Sons, the "Children of the Sun" traveling the heavens in search of enlightenment.

This solar knowledge is written in the stars and carried to sentient planets by their suns. Celebrating the winter solstice honors the mysteries of the Universe, including how we came to be, why we are here, and what purpose we have come to fulfill. The sun symbolizes our hope for a new year or a new age. It speaks of the light that has come to saves us from our own darkness and fear of separation.

Please enjoy the words that Gaia and I have shared with you on this video entitled, Children of the Sun.

Share it with friends and family, those you care for, respect, honor and love.





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