Radical Honesty

For me, Consciousness perhaps could be best described as radical honesty, meaning saying things as they are in that moment, without the interference of the social mind, or the mind that it connected to the ego. The social mind likes to plan, project, or create ideas about what is going on and then transmit that through language, or pictures in the mind, that then get translated into words or sentences.

I find that such honesty is very difficult in our western culture simply because we don’t know how to live in the moment. We are always chasing the idea that we’re living in the moment and we’re looking at how is that possible but we don’t know how to actually put it into practice.

Unless we are like children and we are spontaneous and just living the joy of the moment, most people are caught up in the past or the worry of the future and forget to be here at this present moment. Consciousness is a wonderful thing, because it’s a natural state of being, and it’s very unnatural to be struggling in the way that many human beings struggle now; everything takes more effort, and it takes more out of us.

I think what is happening today when people say they’re being more conscious in their actions, is that they are realizing that the old ways of doing things or seeing the world are best let go of. And that is a movement in consciousness when you are able to let go of old habits and the struggle, and the way you see yourself, or other people, and just honestly say things as they are, rather than your translation of them. I find that in itself is so liberating.

We can see this honesty in the great people that we admire, such as Gandhi and various other figures that have influenced history – that they were just honest, that they were real - and that is consciousness - it’s not something that we have to chase, or try to act in a certain way, so that we are more conscious - it is a natural state that I feel is more spontaneous than requiring any effort.


Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of Endless Possibilities 3rd August 2013 6:16 am

"Heart-speak in an open air forum composed of pure love...freedom & liberation, indeed Tony!"


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