The Nature of Happiness

A very interesting subject is the nature of happiness. Yesterday we were doing spiritual work in a community setting. It’s so easy to sit on the mountain and be happy but we were there in the car discussing happiness. We were all trying to figure out how to put the lights on when a wise person in the car who was just sitting quietly on his chair said, “It’s very simple. If you’re happy, you’re doing the right thing, if you’re unhappy, you’re doing the wrong thing. Whatever you do make sure that you’re doing what makes you happy; if it makes you unhappy, you’re doing the wrong thing.” 

Someone in the vehicle throws in a very wise comment, not understanding anything but the only one with courage to say, “I don’t understand.” “What if your happiness cause misery for others?” he continues. This question leaves the wise person a little bit confused so he meditates all night to try to realise this problem and replies in this way. 

Creation is neither good or bad, of course it’s not dualistic, it is just what it is. What makes it dualistic? It’s the human mind, needing to see its own point of view. I love this woman because she’s pretty, because she’s fat, because she’s thin. What is the woman? She’s just a woman. For one person she’s a mother, for another person she’s a daughter and for another person she’s a sister. 

So we walk down the path of life but we only notice the pretty woman. Do we notice the stones we’re walking on? Do we notice the grass? What is in front of us, the tree of life? Do you know how it goes? Ain Sof Aun. Do you know what this means? Limitless light. So what is creating our misery, this limitless light or the nature of our mind? Do you understand? 

Well I didn’t understand. I continued meditating, then I saw a tree, a wonderful tree. Little birds were singing wonderfully on the tree and during the midday sun the little birds were hiding under the leaves so that they could rest in the shade. When the day continued the men were discussing philosophy under the tree trying to understand the true nature of happiness and then they disagreed so there was a big war to try to find the true nature of happiness and the man who understood happiness was hanged on the tree. 

What does the tree do? It is just the tree. Ain Sof Aun. Limitless light. The mind creates it’s own problems. The tree is completely unaware, completely unconcerned with this problem yet it creates the self, which creates the illusion, so our attachment is not to the mind, it is for real happiness. 

Do you know what happiness is? If you want to wait until all your desires disappear, how long will you wait? Till tomorrow? Till you see another beautiful woman? You will wait for a very long time…do you understand? True happiness is right here and you’re very lucky because you suffer and then you think the problem is in God and you think God doesn’t care, he has more important things to worry about! What does God do? He sends down spiritual masters so that they can do the work and answer questions about happiness and then the spiritual masters try to describe what happiness is, and they make no sense and they talk about birds and trees and limitless light and then they smile and they say, “What is happiness? If you’re happy, you’re happy, if you’re not happy, you’re not happy.” What should I do? Be happy. 

So what is happiness? 

- It’s not a state of mind rather it comes from the inside.

- Where is the inside?

- In the heart.

- Where is the heart?

- It’s our interior, how we feel things. 

Here we have the mind, playing another game as we try to find the heart and the interior, the desire is endless, it goes on forever. What’s the secret? To be happy. When you’re happy what are you doing? You are being the limitless light because limitless light is pure joy, endless happiness and then the pretty women and whatever else outside makes no difference, it’s all the same because you are happy.




Radiant Love Energy 12th July 2013 9:33 pm

My own answer to the question is that true happiness cannot be sustained if there is awareness that it is causing misery to others. Real happiness brings joy to others not misery.

LordJesusChrist 13th July 2013 7:14 am

The Good Force be with you!

Thanks, Tony, for a happy article! Keep it up!
Certainly, True Happiness is found in God!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:


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