Use Your Intuition For Ideas Beyond The Box

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘think outside the box’. How annoying is that?!

Most of us have been in a situation (usually a stuffy brainstorming session with the boss, his flip chart and all his coloured pens) where this has been said. “Come on lets think Outside the Box here people!!!”... No pressure then!

It’s like being directed to do the impossible. So I want you to just forgive yourself for all of those moments when you’ve ached and strained for the ideas in the back of your brain, only to come up empty. You see, the act of thinking itself requires the box. Thinking has limits (sides), it draws upon your past experience for evidence (lid), and it deals with what it already knows to be true. You can do thousands of hours of analysis and still come up with no new ideas.

New ideas require a lack of thinking, they require intuitive knowing.