April 2022 Ascension Report

Hallo Lightworker Friends,

Welcome to Amazing April. I love it when the clocks leap forward and suddenly the evenings seem rapidly to get lighter and the days sunnier. It is the same in the world. We cannot see the light in the same way but, despite pockets of stuck energy that get media attention, the frequency is rapidly rising.  Our planet is noticeably getting lighter energetically and people can feel it.  

I call it amazing April and it is. This can be a month of spiritual upgrade for all lightworkers. Jupiter is expanding everything including your feelings.  That is why I say it is an upgrade for lightworkers. If you stay centred, balanced, positive and focussed on the Golden Future, magic and miracles can occur as your thoughts and feelings are magnified. The reverse is also true for those who are focussed on lower emotions, so this is one of those periods that is of particular significance for you and all of Earth. 

It is also another month of revelations and possible conflicts. Even more reason to focus on calm, harmony and peace. It is a time to remember we all create our own reality.

As lightworkers we are called on to be the sunshine and spread it. One way of doing this is to radiate warm, welcoming, orange light from your navel chakra.

In the Golden Era of Atlantis the fifth dimensional navel chakras of all the citizens were fully operational. Their navel chakras were directly connected to the Sun and through the Sun to Helios, the Great Central Sun. Here Archangel Metatron oversaw the distribution of the Codes of Power and Oneness. The solar dragons downloaded these Codes directly into the people and this enabled them to embrace Oneness.  Everyone was warm, welcoming and inclusive, so they all felt belonging and equal.

As more people become fifth dimensional, the navel is once more starting to radiate its special qualities. When enough people have brought in their fifth dimensional chakra column, the divide between rich and poor will disappear. Businesses based on a pyramid structure will not survive but caring, sharing ones will. Supportive communities will emerge. People will feel belonging and welcoming and equality will reign.

The navel chakra is also immensely powerful and was used in Atlantis for manifestation. This power is incredibly useful when used only for the highest good of all but its misuse caused the downfall of that civilization. In the intervening 10,000 years the lessons have been learnt and this will not be allowed to happen again as we move into the next Golden era after 2032.

This Spring really is a time to spring forward.

I am doing an on-line workshop about the Navel chakra on Monday 25 April and I’d love it if you can join me.

With love and beautiful blessings





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Diana Cooper

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