June 2022 Ascension Report

Hallo Friends,

Both Mercury and Saturn go direct in the first week of June so there is a feeling that things can move forward again. And then in the UK there is the Queen’s Jubilee with celebrations everywhere. I know that not everyone approves of monarchy but Queen Elizabeth has been an amazing queen and has held steady through turbulent years in her personal life and for the world. My guide Kumeka told me that it was only her second incarnation on Earth, so what she has achieved is unbelievable. To be allowed to undertake that role, she must have been highly evolved in another planetary system. Her pre-life consultation must have been very interesting. Do you ever wonder what happened during your pre-life consultation? What mission did you agree to undertake? What support did you expect to receive? Do you need to ask for more guidance and support now, and if so, have you asked for it? Because these are such extraordinary times there is an unprecedented amount of help available to us if we ask.

2022 is the mid-point between 2012 and 2032. The old building has not been demolished yet, however, and there will be many secrets revealed and financial challenges as well as massive unrest worldwide before we can start building the new. Prepare for shocks this month and for the rest of this year. After that we will need to study the blueprint for the new paradigm and really picture the new golden age in order to manifest it.

What can you do?

1.First and foremost attend to your own spiritual growth. Every time you raise your frequency you help the world.

2.Co-operate with others. Try to do things communally. Talk to your neighbours. The golden future is about working together.

3.Give no energy to doubt. Rather focus on a positive vision for yourself and the world.

And whatever is going on around you decide to enjoy yourself this summer.

With love and blessings



smiles 5th June 2022 1:58 am

Thank you for your reports Diana.
I am most interested in your Guides information regarding Queen Elizabeth and this being only her 2nd Earth incarnation.
Are you able to say any more about this as I had assumed she was an experienced Earth soul.


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