November 2021 Ascension Report

Dear Friends,

I always find November a strange month, partly because both of my dogs are terrified of fireworks which seem to go off for weeks and because it always seems like an in between time, in between autumn and winter, not quite Christmas.  This year much is being revealed.  I guess lots of ponds have been stirred and secrets are continuing to emerge from the mud.  This is all part of the purification of the planet.  Before too long the mud will settle again and when it does so, it will not be hiding the ugliness of the third dimension.

So I thought I’d run through the time frame of what is happening as we emerge from chaos into wonder.

Time frame

2012 End of 260,000-year cosmic era that is known as the outbreath of God

2012 – 2023 Eleven-year inbreath. The world is preparing to move so everything has to be sorted out.  We clear out the cupboards as well as the attic and cellar and decide what to keep and what to throw away.  We stir the ponds with a stick and truly see what has been going on.

2017 – 2022 Main cleansing of the planet. This is the period we are going through now and we have seen the elements – fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, purifying all areas where lower energies still lurk.

2023 – 2032 Nine-year pause to prepare for 2032.  The cleansing slows down and things become easier.

2032 – Anew fifth-dimensional blueprint is put into place for our planet and ourentire universe. Everything — trees, flowers, animals, fish, humans — willspeed up in frequency.

The heart centre of Earth will connect with the heart centres of all the planets, sending a wave of love and higher communication round the universe. 

This will considerably affect us on Earth.  The higher frequency will open an incredibly high frequency portal in China that will radiate out pure white love.  This too will touch and affect everyone on Earth.  It will lead to world peace and international co-operation.

This will attract great bounty from the universe.

The new Golden Cities will start to be built.

2032 -2040 During this period, those souls who cannot maintain at least a fourth dimensional energy, with their heart open and some spiritual understanding, will choose to leave. If they originate in this universe, they will return to the inner planes for further education. If they come from another universe, they will return to their home planet there.

In addition, many fourth- and fifth-dimensional souls will decide to ‘go home’, if they can be of more assistance from there. There will be a considerable exodus as souls have learnt all they need to from Earth.  Earth will have a sustainable population once more.

2050 Fifth dimensional consciousness, perfect health, self-responsibility, oneness and advanced spiritual technology will mean that our world will be a happy beautiful place where everyone experiences soul satisfaction and fulfilment.

Let’s focus on the incredible time that awaits us.

With love and beautiful blessings





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Diana Cooper

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