Experience the Lion's Gate Portal

This channel took place on the eve of the Lion's Gate which is a strong portal that creates a great influx of energy. Each month there is a different one that is associated with the astrological sign of the month.

During this channel we could actually see the portal and the movement of energy as it flowed from the universe into the Earth. We even had an opportunity to stand in the flow as it all moved around us and we moved through the portal. When we arrived in the Earth plane, everything looked significantly different. The energy was more transparent. The air was lighter. there was less of an overly, so the clarity of the land and even cities was much greater. This is what we seek and what is here right now, as we are in the higher frequency.

I could also see financial abundance all around. There was a massive amount of money in the form of gold and other metals that was shared with all.

Lastly, the central sun sent a pulsation of light through the portal. This is what the solar flares are like. This came through strongly so as to create changes for all.