Morning Conversations - The Second Most Powerful Word

Use this word to bring ease and flexibility into your life. It will help you navigate social and personal relationships with ease.



Thedivineplanis... 15th April 2020 1:34 pm

You are Love ( not caucasian )
You, don't deceive me
You are Love. I don't deceive myself.

" ...And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free" ~ Jesus

Suffering Free.

"All attack outside it is an attack within."~ Unity Consciousnes

Shockingly surprised is to see you reacting like a Jerry Springer Show Bad Actor

You happened to be born caucasian, it is because you are at very different point in your Spiritual Evolution, not to make your mind feel "special" through your loyalty and devotion to the Cabal Brainwashing System that separated your Personality from the rest of your fellow Human Beings.

No wonder why I never got any teachings from you, you look knowledgable but it is only Theory.

Spiri ( pseudo) "Teacher" that pretends to be happy. WOW

Realize who you truly are, and then

Let go all that causes suffering in your Emotional State
Beware of the Ego-Jim, because the Ego dresses up in many outfits.
Either we assume a profound responsability, or we fall into an atrocious victimism.

The blessings already are