"Normal" No Longer Exists

“Normal” No Longer Exists

What if we don't go back to Normal? What will New look like for you?

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IC2ITUC 1st July 2020 5:39 am

JIM, I Respect you and YOUR "OPINIONS" but your SUPPORT of the DEMOCRAT PARTY and ANTI TRUMP VIEWS are LOATHSOME ! I find it INTERESTING that KRYON'S VIEW of TRUMP'S ROLE in the "Shift" SEEMS to Be 180 degrees from YOURS. He stated that "IF THE OTHER PERSON HAD WON (Meaning CROOKED Hillary) that the Prior and Current Corruption in 3 D in the U.S would have CONTINUED". I would Surmise from HIS Statement that IF this would have happened, that the "Shift" would have been "PUT OFF" for a Longer Period of time. This is MY VIEW, AT THIS TIME OF DEMOCRAT SUPPRESSION Occurring in a NUMBER of STATES.! To BAD for You and OTHERS that TRUMP WILL WIN the ELECTION AGAIN even with DEMs corrupting the VOTE COUNT and HE WILL KEEP EXPOSING the 3 D Corruption that the DemocRATS WOULD NEVER DO, thus bringing MORE to CHOSE 5 D ! (Where we WON"T be WEARING MASKS and "SOCIAL DISTANCING" of Course !!) YES I see you shaking your Head and saying "He is just Another ONE that has not GOT IT YET" ! Wouldn't it be INTERESTING if it was the "OTHER WAY AROUND" in SOME of your Spiritual &Physical Thinking.