June 2023 Astrology Forecast - Your Destiny Is Calling

PHEW! You made it through some tumultuous terrain. You’re in the aftermath of a cosmic storm. You may be reeling from the intensity, yet this is an opportunity to rebuild your life to feel more fulfilled.

Before you begin the reconstruction process, you must clear the path for new growth. It’s time to weed your spiritual garden and let go of the people and circumstances weighing you down.

Your Destiny is Calling!

You’re off to a great start on June 1st with a blessed meet-up between beneficent Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node in Taurus. Jupiter brings optimism and expansion. The North Node points you toward your destiny.

Throughout the month, you’ll expand your comfort zone – like a plant that has outgrown its container.

In this month’s forecast, you’ll learn how to tap into the energetic momentum for a bigger, brighter future.

Onward and upward for you!