Oct 2021 ~ Venus Circle Story: Scheherazade

This is our guiding Story for the month and I wanted to extend the invitation to others. If you have Sag/Gemini/Virgo/Pisces activated, then this month is very special for you personally. All are Welcome!

This month is going to activate the Sag part of you that expands your conscious awareness so that we can begin to incorporate more diversity, into your New Truth & Story. It’s time to think bigger in some way, expand the vision to incorporate all that you’ve learned in the last year or so. When you know better, you do better & when you actually apply what you know, it becomes Embodied Wisdom.

StoryTeller asks you to get creative and expand the possibilities for your life. Your creations are an extension of you, they reflect whatever is going on in your own consciousness. It is time to improve any ideas you’ve been cultivating over the last cycle and gather any wisdom garnered along the way and let’s expand the Truth & Story you are living into at this time. You are so supported for a NEW Story!

Shadow StoryTeller is a gossip, liar or someone who manipulates the truth for selfish gain.

Scheherazade asks you to get super-creative! She reminds you that the imagination is infinite and if you can dream it, you can achieve it on some level. She teaches the value of an interesting story that excites & illuminates even as it teaches & guides. You want to inspire rather than convince. Even more important are the characters you infuse with your Heart, Soul & Imagination so they come to life and become your companions on the journey through life.

Scheherazade helps you reclaim an altogether New Vision & breathe New Life into your own Story.