Special Aquarius Full Moon Divinations: Part 1 of 3

Special Aquarius Full Moon Divinations, Part 1 of 3

General Guidance:

Total IChing by Stephen Karcher

#28 ~ Great Traverses

#16 ~ Providing For / Riding the Elephant

Ancestor Support:

HooDoo Tarot by Tayannah Lee McQuillar

X ~ Aunt Caroline

Plant Medicine: Hickory

XIII ~ Ancestors

Plant Medicine: Flower of Stone

XVI ~ The Big House

Plant Medicine: Oak

Mother of Knives

Plant Medicine: Rue

9 of Sticks

Plant Medicine: Pepper

Animal Medicine:

White Eagle Medicine Wheel by Eliana Harvey

SPIDER ~ Patience/Balance/A Weaving of Energy

BUFFALO ~ Protection/Stubbornness/Generosity

LYNX ~ Independence/Mystery/Adaptability

MOOSE ~ Authority/Maleness/Unpredictability

BEAR ~ Power/Wisdom/Dreams & Visions

Things to Do:

Shaman's Path Message Cards by Steven Farmer

Shamanic Drumming



Medicine Shield

Medicine Bundle