Afraid of the Dark

The Beacons of Light for November 2008 is: "Afraid of the Dark"

From Steve: This message is about fear and darkness. The group says it is common to be afraid of the dark but what is it really? Here the group puts several things into proper perspective so that we can see life on Earth they way they see it. Fear is an absence of knowledge and Darkness is an absence of Light. They also reminded us how the artist sees darkness and shadows as their friend. Darkness is actually an opportunity for light and, the group says, for Lightworkers. In the times ahead we will see a lot of changes and as a result, a lot of fears. If we look at these times of change as opportunities for us rather than bracing ourselves for a rocky ride, we can take charge of our own reality and live in empowerment.

They also reminded us that they see us from a different perspective. They are not here to help us ascend into spirit. They are here to help us spirits have a human experience.

Have a wonderful month and enjoy the ride.



Iesha 29th October 2008 7:24 pm

"They are not here to help us ascend into spirit. They are here to help us spirits have a human experience."
That is wonderful, truly uplifting, to hear that it is a human experience we are having. I just needed to hear that again!

Paul Lukowiak 30th October 2008 8:56 am

When the group mentioned smiles I thought of the poem that I was inspired to write just yesterday:
People can look so out of place.
Noses get congested.
Eyes can get watery and bloodshot.
Hair gets tossed every which way by the wind.
Clothes don't always fit right.
Waists bulge, knees wobble ungracefully.
Shoulders slouch and backs slump.
But then...when all seems hopelessly strange,
Suddenly...they smile...
And everything fits beautifully.

I wrote this poem while eating lunch by myself in a college cafeteria. I was looking out at all the other students, all of them strangers to me, and I felt alone. But then far across the room one girl smiled a wonderful heartfelt smile and the whole room changed instantly...and so did I.

No one else can smile just the way that you do. Share your smile with the world...and change the darkness into light!

k 30th October 2008 8:15 pm

As we become concerned about the darkness of the human plight, please do not forget the wonderful animals who share this planet with us. They are so much the innocent victims of energy created by the human ego. Please think of them when you send out your love and light. Please work on creating the day in physical reality when the lion will lay down with the lamb and all creatures will live in peace and joy. Thank you.

Luiz 31st October 2008 6:40 pm

As usual, we always receive the words of love and encouragement that we need to keep us moving forward. When I envision the New Earth, with the lion laying down with lamb, I also envision human nourishment based on natural foods and no longer on the flesh of slaughtered animals. Thus, is it not wise to start preparing now by first gradually reducing meat in our diets and then eliminating it altogether? Food for thought!

biff 13th November 2008 11:27 am

This drivel is the darkness


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