Integrating the feminine as we prepare for what is ahead

Integrating the feminine is strongly upon us now, as we prepare for what is ahead. More about this and how it is affecting us can be found further along in this posting, but first, how did we get to this space in the first place?

As of this writing, we are nearing the lunar eclipse of Tuesday, August 28th. We have been given approximately 3 months to let go, let go, and let go of any old ideas, dreams, ego stances and perceptions about things, and who we thought we were. March of 2007 brought in some incredible and fast moving energy, we were able to manifest quickly and easily, which led us up to the summer solstice. With the advent of the solstice, we then began a process of going deep, purging and releasing, and really getting clear about what was truly important to us.

These are common and on-going phases of ascension, or our spiritual evolutionary process. And they will continue on in a predominant way for four or five more years (or into 2012). But of course, there is always room for change and a different time-line! When new energies arrive, we feel their impact immediately and at times dramatically, but then we are given the opportunity to integrate. This can take awhile, as this spiritual process see-saws over time, until each integration is compete. This is why it can seem that things are getting worse, when actually, they are really getting better. The residue of any darker and denser energies gets moved out over and over, until eventually there is very little density. The book The Ascension Primer explains this process and how it affects us in much more detail.

The lunar eclipse will be more of the same, but it will arrive as a wonderful support that will finalize this process for us. It will support the energy of “into the shadows and staying still.”

This was a LONG process. And during it all, we were being held back from moving forward. We were being held back in order to be protected from the darker and denser energies that were running rampant “out there.” We were under no uncertain circumstances allowed to be a part of them….only to observe until it was time for us to provide our needed service to humanity.

So in what forms have all these energies manifested for us and what stage are we currently experiencing?

When we are being held back, we can feel like we do not want to go anywhere, talk on the phone, be a part of any activities we are usually a part of, and basically just want to stay home. Not even put a toe out. This is because of our deep connection to Source and to our mission as lightworkers. We are all part of the same programming and of the same energy Source, and it knows exactly what it is doing.

Our energy then is about “staying in.” It is pulled back, it is withheld. And the outer energies are about the same. They are not currently moving ahead then, either.

So, while you have been held back, have you identified what you really and truly desire? Do you want to retire? Do you want to assist? Do you want to smell the roses? Do you think you have to do things? Is this where your motivation comes from? Or does it come from inspiration and joy? What is the most important thing to you? What really and truly matters and brings you the most peace?

So now, in comes the feminine energy. This is where we are now. We are really in the thick of it. And it is divinely different than what we have known on this planet in our current lifetimes.

In what forms is it manifesting itself? You may not want to do anything. The feminine is not about doing. It is about being. If we try and make anything happen right now, it can feel like navigating through quicksand. But there is a dual reason for the energy of exhaustion we may feel right now when we try and make something happen.

When the energies are “out,” as they currently are, we are not nearly as connected to Source. The higher we vibrate and evolve, the more we exist in a reality that is very connected to Source. But during the ascension process, the energies have periods of moving in and out. They are out when they are building….much like a tidal wave. And while they are out, we are always re-aligning and re-defining.

In the higher realms, Source is the creator, so then, we create easily and effortlessly. Things just seem to fall into our laps, our every thought seems to manifest immediately, and all is effortless with no struggle. This comes from a strong connection to Source without many blockages of density. This is when the energies are “in,” and they are “in” now for the majority of the time, as we have made much progress.

Because the energies are waning now, or “out,” this is creating a more distant connection to Source. We would then have to create from our own ego minds, or from our own individual selves. This is not the way of the higher realms, and this is why we become exhausted from trying, or why we may even simply have no desire to do a thing. We cannot do it all ourselves. It is not possible. We need the energy of Source as our partner, as well as our physical soul partners and teams.

So there is a dual situation occurring here during this phase. We are being held back and we are also integrating the feminine. In this way, we are truly being supported at each and every level. We are being protected and we are being prepared.

Other manifestations of integrating the feminine? We may have had the flu recently. Our cells are transmuting at deep levels, and this can cause exhaustion, muscle pain and pressure, a lot of neck discomfort, dizziness and weakness, and nausea. But the main physical manifestation of a deep integration of the higher feminine energies is abdominal pain and distress. Cramping, unusual menses, and just plain pain! Our bodies can really hurt from the ascension process. We may try to get on board with a regular physical exercise regime, and find that at times when an integration process occurs, we have to then suspend our exercise program. We simply do not have the energy reserves to keep on track with it. Ahhhhhhh….this ascension process! Up and down, up and down.

The feminine is also about basking and allowing. During this time, it can greatly help to simply do nothing. Rest. Be. Give yourself permission to take a break. What if you have a regular 3D job? You can turn off your home answer machine, do not answer your phone, stay off the internet, do not watch TV, and simply remove yourself from the outside world once you get home, or once you end your 3D job for the day. This can work wonders and really get one connected to the current energies that are manifesting for us. Unplug from the other world as much as you can during this time of being held back.

You can then do something creative, or simply do nothing. For the past two weeks (my husband is away fighting a wildfire…his last season), I have found the greatest way to be in alignment with the current energies is simply by lying still. No reading, creating, or even moving. Just lying there in the quiet. It feels awesome.

These higher vibrating feminine energies are affecting much. The west will be affected the most, as it has possessed much of the old masculine energies of power and aggressiveness. These old masculine energies are being broken down now in a very severe way. Within and without. As always, we are evolving within and without. And this is what is creating the great fall for much of our planet.

The solar eclipse of September 11th brings in a different scenario. It marks the true end of this period of going deep and letting go, but not of the fall. Everything basically stops and resets itself, as the sun again reveals itself to move forward with our new and more highly vibrating selves. And add that to the equinox of the 23rd, which always brings in the new, and we have much in the way of energetic supports from the cosmos, as we are all one indeed, using all of our energies to support the ascension process.

As of September, our new plans will begin to manifest once again. After having thrown out much of the old, in regard to cleaning out closets (literally!), re-aligning our purposes and desires with the new higher vibrating reality, or even really and truly fine tuning our soul purpose at this particular point in time, and especially throwing out the parts of ourselves that no longer fit with what is to come, we will then be ready to move forward into the new.

We will then be more fully entrenched within the new reality that we have created for ourselves. Our own special sanctuaries that reside as a reality within a reality will be secure and safe, as will we. The outside or old world will continue to fall, as we will watch and assist at times, but our own special worlds will be dramatically different than what the news is revealing to us. We will not be a part of the fall. We will be in an entirely different world.

Those that are still evolving at different levels may choose to hold onto and try to save the old, but it cannot be so. In time, those that wish to let go will do so, and there will be those who will welcome them with open arms into the world of the new, as they are shown a new way of being and living.

A separation that is more severe than ever before will envelope us now, but it is only a separation that results from a willingness on the part of those who choose another way or reality. Surrender is truly the key. This sounds like religious dogma, doesn’t it? But basically, it is all about letting go of as much of our ego selves as possible, and allowing as much Source as possible to embody itself within us. I suppose, we are all always saying the same thing. Separation only comes from a difference in vibrational levels, and at times from a difference in soul purpose.

As more natural disasters occur, and more begins to fall, unity will be the result, and this will also create more of a willingness within the masses to embrace something new and different. These natural disasters will support the unity of each area, as each area will vibrate differently according to its own special purpose. “Local” will be the new phrase. I talk a lot about this in Staying In Alignment, as utilizing as much local as possible places us in alignment with our own areas of residency and higher vibrating purpose… although we will begin to greatly separate as a planet, we will also begin to fine tune our “local,” and then eventually combine all the special energies of each and every “local” purpose in regard to the whole. Much of anything and everything that is in between these higher and specific vibrations will cease to exist.

Integrating the feminine now, will enable us to embody more compassion in times to come regarding the fall. The way to survive in a falling world, during brief visits, is to be in a state of love, understanding, and compassion. I believe this to be a tall order on a continuous basis, as there are not many who could achieve this feat in a continuous way, but by staying in our sacred spaces of high reality, and going “back” only sporadically, we can then maintain these states much easier if for a limited time. It can be difficult to maintain states of continual love and compassion when one is residing in the energy of the fall, as it can feel as though we are being beat on, attacked, dumped on, or even in the energy fields of great distress. And in addition, these lower vibrating energies are no longer a match to what we are now vibrating, and can feel downright unbearable and old!

There will be more on this in future energy alerts, as assisting will require a need to stay in our center, without reaching out. It may sound strange, but staying in our center, or in alignment, allows those who are willing, to come to us, or at least be open to us. We need not deliberately go out and try to help, unless we are being called, and we will be. Deliberately trying is the old masculine energy, and this is what we are fine tuning now. Staying still, allowing, being present, and not “reaching” is vitally important. This creates the perfect alignment that will be needed in times to come.

We can now practice being “still.” We can be in our center and in alignment. And when the forward moving energies again resume, we will once again be in perfect position with our new creations of heaven on Earth.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

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