June 2003


I have been especially excited to release the June issue, as so much energy and information have poured in since June 1st! Because of this very pivotal shift in energy for June, this will be a long issue, and predominantly informational in content, but a timely one. Future issues will follow the usual format with stories and examples for living in the new higher vibration along with a higher perspective of the current state of our human and planetary evolution.

Not since June of last year have I felt an energy shift as strong as the one that arrived around the first part of June. We are being FLOODED with light. As the vibration of the earth increases, each shift intensifies exponentially. Last June we began the first of the recent major shifts. This began a major purifying of ourselves and the earth. Although the earth's vibration is increasing in frequency on an on-going basis, there are also substantial shifting points. January 2003 was the most recent, and now June. This process is in perfect order as it has, and is, preparing us to accept more light. Much was purified this past year, and we are currently embodying light (or source energy) as never before.

Every piece of the puzzle is perfectly intact:

We are receiving more light because we have summoned it. The contrast of darker/denser energies have supported and created our summoning of a different way of being. Yes, even our government has assisted. A perfect plan.

We are receiving more light because it has always been the divine plan. Just as the seasons come and go, and the sun rises and sets, it was the intended process of nature. With the matching law of attraction (intended process connected to summoning), everything accelerated. The perfect match. It is always both. I liken it to a knot at both ends holding the space. This openness and allowing creates an incredible channel for source to pour through, with no resistance.

The planets are in on the action too! Their movements are supporting this change by creating this opening, allowing and cleansing process. They are doing this by simply BEING their particular vibration and combining their movement with other planets. As the overall vibration within us and without has rapidly accelerated, we are feeling these planetary movements as never before (in our current civilization). The planets are just BEING what they are. We have created the planetary movements and the planetary movements have created us. They are greatly assisting and supporting us. Each has a gift, and if we use their vibration and their energy in an appropriate way to benefit us, we can remain in this incredible energy flow. (Mercury retrograde always comes at a perfect time in the overall process and assists us by supporting and moving out past energies, among other things. Mercury is not here to hinder our progress!) All is in order. We are all in this together, vibrating energy interacting in a perfect fit.

So what, then, has June brought for us, and what have we summoned? Again, a FLOODING of source energy. It has manifested in a variety of ways for all of us. Generally speaking, its earmark is PUSHING. I liken this energy to the process of labor and birth. The pushing and labor pains get stronger and more intense near the actual birth, as they increase exponentially. They also come closer and closer together. And at the end, is the incredible birth of a new life force.

Some have reported that this recent energy feels like intense pressure, stress and rapid movement. But at the same time, this rapid movement is creating wonderful things. Our dreams are being fulfilled and miracles are abounding. This higher vibrational energy magnifies whatever is within us. Our gifts are expanded. Old lower and denser vibrational patterns are magnified as well. But because we created a plan so perfect, during this past year we cleared out many of these patterns (through the purification process that began with the first substantial shift last June), before this higher and faster vibration of instant creating became prevalent. So then, whatever is inside of us is magnified, and it is much more of the "higher vibrational" stuff! In addition, as we are moving toward and becoming JOY, we are realizing that JOY is our birthright and our natural state of being. We are remembering JOY. We are becoming JOY. We don't need to create our worst fears.

Some are reporting intense sexual desires. This again, is just the feeling of this powerful source energy pouring through us. We tend to look for an outlet relating to our past, before we knew what to do with this energy. We are opening at great speed.

As everything is manifesting at great speed, it again feels as if everything is happening at once. Again, we will acclimate to this higher frequency. Many are beginning to awaken. Since this June surge of energy, I have come into contact with many people who are just beginning to open and awaken, and are thrilled about it. Because they are allowing and summoning, they are attracting just the right people to assist them.

What is the general pulse of the planet? It is truly incredible! This is the best and most exciting part! This massive flooding of light has greatly accentuated the contrast. The separation is very noticeable and in divine order. The darker/denser energies DO NOT FEEL GOOD. This is as it should be. We may wonder how we can possibly be a spiritual being when we don't want to be around these old energies. As our vibration increases, we simply cannot tolerate these old energies. What is occurring is the separation of the worlds. Again, this is as it should be. This is a perfect process that encourages us to reach for a higher place, to create and experience a higher way of being within and without us. Lower vibrational patterns stand out in glaring contrast because we have been in the higher vibrations and have begun to get used to them. We HAVE TO be around what feels good. This is our natural state of being. We are SUPPOSED to feel good. It is the plan to go toward what FEELS GOOD. We no longer need to analyze the what and why of things and apply a meaning to them. We only need to go toward what FEELS GOOD. It is all about FEELING. Things either feel good or feel bad. This is the process of increased vibration. This is as it should be.

Experiencing the higher dimensions has shown me that we need not attempt to raise the vibration of others and the planet. Our beautiful Earth knows how to take care of herself. She is a divine and highly evolved being who knows what she is doing. As each individual is ready and opens to a higher way, they will desire and summon this vibration in their own way and time. We don't need to save anyone. The critical mass of light we are now in will accomplish this naturally. We need only follow our passion and joy, and do and be what FEELS GOOD. This enjoyable process assists in increasing the vibration of the planet and will uplift and heal others naturally. Which dimension will you choose to be in? Which will you create?

At the same time, we are now being asked to make a choice. A sorting and sifting process is occurring. Viewing the current energy at a higher level, it appears that our higher selves, our souls, or our inner beings are choosing where we want to be. For their own personal reasons unique to them, some will choose to leave. They may not feel that experiencing the process and this new world is in the best interest and support for the current position of their soul. Some individuals simply cannot let go of the old ways of being, and will choose to grow and expand in another form of existence better suited to them. But MANY are awakening now, and thrilled with the new way of being that is being revealed to them.

Here is the most exciting part: We are absolutely in critical mass of light. There is so much light and source energy present on this planet, that any darker/denser energies simply cannot exist here. Any plans by these energies involving the governing of our planet will not be able to thrive. As mentioned in many past issues, these energies and patterns are at the very surface being released, and therefore it may feel as though that is all there is. There is VERY LITTLE of this energy left. All the light is in place. There are many beings of light in human form ready to step into position (my personal favorite is presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich).

As light workers, our time is here. We now match the vibration around us. We can only thrive (if this our choice and our belief). The planet and her people are finally ready and summoning our higher way of being. We are surrounded by our natural and familiar way of light. Our vibration now predominates. And how about changing our name to "light beings"? We are truly beings of light. Our "work" is done. The light is here. It is time for joy.....

This food of light is also activating our "remembering". As mentioned in the May issue, everything is being opened. Everything is being revealed. We are joining with our multidimensional selves. We are becoming aware of the higher order of things, of why we are here, of the many other dimensional realities. The hidden secrets and process of activating the authentic power within ourselves has been uncovered in the Middle East (the real reason that has been kept from us for all the turmoil). Our connection to source energy and to the stars is now available and open. We will begin to remember it. Our ancestry is being revealed. The true story of our evolution will be common knowledge and is now no longer hidden. This is the way it should be. We have access to it now (a book in itself!). Our connection to the aspects of our soul families who have existed in higher dimensions will become a reality for us as we unite again. It is beginning now. We will, and are, remembering who we REALLY ARE. We will remember that we chose to enter in human form to transmute the lower/denser vibrational patterns through ourselves. We will remember that we chose the vibrational patterns best suited to guide us into what we came to accomplish. We will remember that we are so evolved, we didn't have any issues or "lessons" to learn. We volunteered in service to assist in raising the planetary vibration by taking these on for the whole of the planet. We believed we could accomplish this. It was part of the plan. Do you remember?

We are beginning to filter down into one being. All our multidimensional selves and aspects will be united into one, for each of us. Many of us will be taking on a new direction. June marks the midway of 2003, the year of change. We have completed a process. For the next six months, the energy will be about building up. Much of the cleansing and purifying is complete. We are building upon the already laid foundation of the light. As this process continues, there will still appear to be turmoil as the shifting and sorting continues. And ever present, as always, is the beautiful unfolding revealed one day at a time, as we are the ultimate creators. As June draws to a close, the planetary aspects will assist and support us in revealing our new direction.....our new path. We are divine beings of light. We are the creators. We are source.

Which world will you choose? Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this newsletter. Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,



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