May 2003


There is wonderful news to share. We are just completing a powerful healing and releasing of what I would call "heavy hearts" or "feeling wounded" from the past. How fabulous, because we are now clear to move forward in many ways. Many have reported feeling anger, sadness, resentment or other emotions relating to "who done us wrong" or just what is wrong with the planet in general. With Mercury retrograde assisting, we dug deep into old feelings and upsets, with relationships as the theme.

We are feeling the planetary movements very strongly now, as we are in a much higher vibration. We are beginning to remember how to use this energy of the planets to our commune with it, to join our energies, to master these energies and create with them. I don’t know much about astrology, but reading and feeling the energy indicates a purging or cleansing of our relationship to darker, denser energies. Personally, many reported some unpleasant feelings regarding hurts from the past in relationships. Planetarily, old wounds from the planet needed to be released. What a beautiful sight when viewing this situation energetically! This is a completion with the past……. An acknowledgment of darkness before it is released. As mentioned in past newsletters, there was but a small residue of the darker, denser energies left, and we are just finishing releasing these. Because they are up and at the top, so to speak, it almost felt as though that was all there was!

These darker, denser energies that existed in the "old world" are no longer needed. In the "old world" they served a wonderful purpose by helping us to define ourselves through the contrast of what we didn’t want, or who we did not want to be. These energies were appropriate for that world but not for this world. Again, planetarily speaking, George W. Bush and the similar energies surrounding him, greatly assisted us in creating the new world. That energy helped immensely in defining what we wanted and got us moving. All is in divine right order. All is well. It is a perfect plan.

The cleansing of these energies through this process we have just felt was a grand farewell. We will not have a world where that energy is present. Those who continue to choose to hold this darker, denser vibration will be existing in another dimension. It is their choice. But there is an incredibly beautiful result. We need no longer have anger and resentment toward those in leadership positions or in other relationships. As we have released and completed this aspect of relationships, we are beautifully ready and free to create and begin the new world and newly defined relationships. The connection is gone. We have disengaged. As we will see, we need no longer give any attention to these darker and denser vibrations (i.e. those who have chosen to retain them), as we have released them with joy and gratitude, giving us a free road to freedom and unlimited creation. We have let go of our connection and what was holding us back. It is not needed anymore! With this disengagement, we can really move forward. We will no longer choose or tolerate these vibrations….. they will not exist for us….they are no longer needed. We were keeping these energies alive by giving them attention through our heavy hearts. They cannot exist now. This is an incredible evolutionary step! There is no longer a match for this vibration. Let the rebuilding begin!

My visions show that everything is now in place. The new world is up to us. We are the creators. What will we choose to create? Do we realize and know that we are free and clear and have incredible power? Will we choose to see beyond our perceived limitations? As mentioned in previous newsletters, my visions indicated that all would be in place by June (the mid point of this 2003 year of change). The setting of the new vibration and the majority of the clearing is in place. Now is the time for building UP. The darker, denser energies of the war will have no fuel and cannot survive if we are focused on what we WANT and we begin to create it, there-by ignoring these other energies. They simply cannot exist in this new world of great light. We will no longer see them. Our connection has been broken! What a glorious sight!

With this phase complete, many are feeling the urge to move on. The common theme in the last few readings I have given was a completion……..a letting go of the old, and a time to move forward into the higher vibrations. Much had been shed. I have felt this myself. There has been a theme with these readings, of our programming being activated to start the new higher vibrational communities (if this is our passion and joy). With this completion behind us, many will feel drawn to areas and individuals of matching vibration. Lower vibrations than our own will not be seen by us or really open for connection (so to speak). This is part of the "building up". We can let go of the old, knowing that new and better things are coming for us with complete certainty. The light will be free to reign uninhibited with no resistance (any resistance being only our own). How divine! We just need to know it is there, as it always has been…….it is our choice to allow it and be it. Many will feel they want to gravitate toward their "places"…….their own space of being the absolute most comfortable in their own skin. Our passions and joy will indicate the road and the place. It is as if we agreed to do our part from a higher contract in supporting the shift, and "becoming" the shift, and now it is done. We have shifted as a planet and within ourselves (and know that everyone experiences things in their own time and way).

There is much yet to come. We will begin to access the power within our bodies, our connection to source and to creativity and the unlimited. Ancient methods will be revealed of ways to unlock these channels (more on this to come). These ancient secrets will be revealed because the planet’s vibration is high enough…….it is now safe enough. There is enough light here. We have summoned the higher ways. The light has reached critical mass. We will remember and frequently utilize our alignment with the stars, the planets and the unlimited universe. We will remember how to become one with this energy and use it to soar. This will also open doorways for the re-uniting of our relationships with other beings from different stars. This is part of the opening that is happening now (as mentioned in the April Special Edition issue). We are opening at great speed. What if we did not perceive or believe in limitations? What if our past conditioning and old perceptions were what was holding us back? Will we claim our birthright, our divine power, our connection to source? Which world will you choose? Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this newsletter. Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,



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