November 18, 2005: Embracing The Higher Ways


The light is most assuredly shining upon us now, and much is being revealed and brought to the surface. With the opening of the 11:11 stargate, anything not “real” (i.e. connected to Source or embodying a higher vibration) is becoming increasingly evident. Misperceptions, the way we thought things were or “should” and had to be, and basically anything that was being kept alive and held up by lower and denser energy is being revealed and left behind.

As we continue to drop situations that no longer serve us as we transition forward, we are also being asked to return to the “old” to wrap things up, and going “back there” can almost feel smothering, tortuous and gut wrenching……but when we are done….oh the freedom!

Like a sailboat on the sea, we continue our progression of tacking and see-sawing forward, one rung at a time, back and forth, as we make continual steady progress. And as we “go back” to wrap up, we are creating a closure that means finished . This experience never to be needed again. Onward and upward into the higher realms! Yipeeeeee!

With each consecutive energy alert, I feel as if I am saying the same things over and over, year after year, as we continue to go through the same patterns over and over, year after year. In actuality, we are, but as we progress and our vibrational status on the planet continues to rise, each shift magnifies things to a greater level than the previous shift. The more light, the greater the magnification and the increases are growing steadier by the moment. We are now able to accommodate so much more light, bringing us so much more closer to being Source. The frequency we now inhabit would have surely done us in only months before. We are making great and rapid progress.

Transitioning, transitioning, transitioning is where we currently are………and it seems that every being on this planet is in some kind of transitioning space. And this is all due to the enormous progress we have made. We are being catapulted forward seemingly whether we like it or not.

This forward movement into even more higher realms is also causing releasing in many ways. Our bodies are feeling and adjusting and aligning…….this can cause muscle twitching, jumping, and I have had the experience of jerking out of or into my body several times while trying to go to sleep at night. Our muscles and joints may ache more than ever before and we may feel we need lots of deep sleep as well.

And the “spinning” can continue. Remember, we are using our Merkabah or light bodies to bring us to the higher realms, and this creates the spinning. Recently I had to go to the Phoenix airport to pick up my daughter. It was nighttime, and I found myself driving in circles around and around the airport, seemingly unable to find the appropriate turn off for the parking! I drove around four times! Then, the elevator went up and down several times and was not set up to stop at the floor I needed. After that, I ended up walking around and around looking for her gate. Circles and circles and circles…..around and around and around.

This is not usually my pattern, and I began to get very dizzy! The next day, we became separated at the store and I ended up walking around and around the store, unable to find her! And today, I am just plain spinning within myself. I can literally feel crown chakra energy pouring into my head, causing sinus pressure, and creating a dizzy reality. But knowing that this is simply support to a higher way of being and vibrating, seems to make things so much more pleasant and fun.

This intense transitioning energy can also cause feelings of not knowing what is real. It may feel as though nothing is real, that there is nothing to hold onto, and we are floating in a seeming no-man's-land of limbo like in-between reality and awareness. More and more it is becoming evident that the 3D reality was simply an illusion. And what is more real than ever before is the New reality……..the higher vibrating reality of the higher realms and higher ways. These seem to feel oh so much more comfortable as they match so much more closely who we have now become. We can connect with them very easily now….it is a lateral connection……no up or down.

This transitioning time is setting us up for the January energy that I have been speaking of for awhile now. We are moving into position. Come January, we will be anchoring in much more securely to an entirely new situation for many of us in many arenas of our lives. I am pleased to report that my web site is in the process of getting a “new face”. It will now be focused on “Life In The Higher Realms”, as that is where many more of us are. Yes, energy alerts will still be posted free of charge on a regular basis, but there will also be new books and mini books revolving around living in the higher realms. For me, I will be spending the majority of my time in a quiet and secluded mountain area in Arizona working in partnership with star beings to begin creating the New Communities and New ways of living in this exciting New reality. This is my New life…….what will yours be?

The group support energy is finding us as well. As this transitioning phase continues, we will need and want to support each other more than ever before, and do it lovingly and happily. In the higher realms we are all one and we can now feel that we are all here together again as so may have arrived through the critical mass shift in August and the portal of 11:11 (more excitement on 12:12!).

My daughter and grandchildren are staying with me temporarily as they are relocating to the west from the east. A new and big step for them and many others are relocating at this time as well. And just the other day I received a call from a dear soul friend who had just finished making calls to Flagstaff welders to find me a new angle iron for my wood stove at precisely the same time that I was searching for a new specialty attorney for him. No mistakes here…….we are moving into a beautiful energy of much group support as we move forward. We each have abilities and services to offer others who are needing these services now during these great times of change. And there is so much love here.

First wavers are now moving into New territory, and so are second wavers. The first wave of lightworkers (generally speaking these are the baby boomers), came to begin the changes and shake things up. They started the ripples. With the advent of critical mass being reached (mission accomplished!), they were then free to pull out their energies and leave. With the removal of this “space holding” and disaster averting higher energy, the chips were then free to fall where they may. This is when many of the natural disasters began in earnest and now we can see many upheavals within government structures and so forth.

But here is the latest news. With the arrival of the 11:11 portal (more details are in the November 8 energy alert in the archives), an incredible abundance of souls chose to accept the light and now even more will change. But because of this wonderful predominance of light, there will of course be many “adjustments” planetarily, but not at any catastrophic and horrific levels. Things will begin to even out and balance much more in January as we become secure and grounded in our “new grooves”.

So for first wavers, they are free to create the life of their dreams. They can now reside on this planet originally designed for play, for creation and for experiencing and do just that. For second wavers, they are more programmed for the “stepping stone world” where they will continue to assist others in bringing up their vibrations and awareness for their arrival into the higher realms reality. And there will be yet another wave of ascenders and so on.

First wavers are really ready to be done. They can “go home” or stay and play. Whichever they choose, it is time for the gold watch and the crown of jewels! Second and third wavers may be just coming alive and be filled with a new excitement of new opportunities!

This recent shift has brought in tremendous change in our energy, purpose and reality. You may feel inspired now to “go out” and have a real life. No more healing, holding energy, “New Age” focus or activities. When we begin to embody more and more Source energy, we realize that we only need “be” spiritual and “be” who we really are. We need not do what I refer to as “intentional spirituality”. Who are you? What is your passion and joy? Fulfilling it and being it most certainly is being spiritual.

The way to create has always been to “be” and vibrate what you wish to surround yourself with, and in these higher magnified energies, we need only “be” and embody what we desire and it will become our world as never before.

Making an effort and “doing” something in order to receive it only serves to exhaust us as these are not the ways of the higher realms. We would be going against the tide of the energies we are now residing in. Bask and be, bask and be, bask and be. Put out your intent and then bask and be.

What is your creative outlet? What lights you up? Bring this to a higher realms way of reality and living and you will be in perfect alignment with Source.

I was recently in bed to tell a story with my five year old granddaughter Amayah and she began telling me that she was afraid she could no longer see the “yellow” light at the stop light. She felt that it now went from green to red, with now yellow. Yes, we need the yellow light. We cannot make drastic and leaping changes in our evolutionary progress.

For example, here in the US we have had George Bush as our president for two terms. His role (and those that surround him) at a soul level was to bring to attention ways of being that could not be overlooked. He needed to be in a position to do just that, and also until enough individuals noticed and were ready for change. In this way, a summoning was created for new ways, and a summoning then culminated and met in the middle with the new energies arriving on the planet. Then poof! Creation occurs.

Suppose we had a president that was very spiritual and highly evolved running for office. There would have been no chance of him/her winning, as the planet was not yet ready and vibrating and summoning for this kind of individual. All is always in divine and perfect order. What some may call “dark forces” are actually divine beings as well, as they are creating the contrast and desire needed to create something different. All is always going in the same direction at the higher levels and supporting the change and expansion that we planned from the beginning. No polarity in the higher realms. And now the creation plate of the Earth is ready for some fun creating! We needed to wait for enough to be ready and enough to be summoning through the contrast of what we did not want.

What will we create? What will we imagine and envision for ourselves? Watch as the tables begin to turn and the light very evidently predominates as the denser vibrations begin to unravel.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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