September 5, 2003


Wow! Wow again! What energy August brought in! Never before have I felt such pushing, movement, and magnitude of forceful energy. Thank goodness we have been preparing all these months (and years!) so that we could accommodate this incredible amount of source energy. As it increases exponentially and builds upon itself, each month will bring in much more excitement and forward movement than the month before. Because of this acceleration of energy we continue to experience, and the exciting manifestations it creates, What's Up will be accelerating as well to a bi-monthly, and at times, a weekly report.

Many reported feeling incredibly GOOD and at the same time incredibly BAD. When the vibration of the planet jumps up a notch, everything is magnified. Whatever and however we are vibrating shows up around us in form. Many who have weak areas regarding health experienced a magnification of this. This August thrust was like an incredible rolling ball of energy, affecting everything in its path. My answering machine, car radio, turn signals, car bell chimes, computer and many lightbulbs all went absolutely crazy as this energy recently poured through me. If we were blocked anywhere in our vibration or physicality, this energy hit the blockage with full force. Source energy WANTS to pour through be utilized by us for our benefit.

Those who were ready and wanting to receive, experienced great leaps in their evolution to the next level. Things they had always wanted to create finally arrived. If we are in alignment with who we are, we are much more in a higher state of being and source energy will create this on the outside as well. It is then that we are in our bliss.....just BEING. It only takes our intention and willingness to allow. This leap in vibration is creative energy. As we all know, this is what source energy is all about. From what I have experienced in the higher realms, I believe we are only here to experience and to create. Do you remember creating planets? Do you remember wanting to be here to experience this great leap in consciousness through our creating it? We are just having fun with source energy. This powerful energy WANTS to be directed. As mentioned in the August issue, babies were created, new businesses formed, new homes found, and many dreams were manifested!

At the same time, some things felt very UNCOMFORTABLE. Lower/denser vibrational patterns within and around us were very unpleasant. This is simply the contrast of lower and higher vibrations. The plan is perfect. The lower, old vibrations continue to show us what we DON'T want so that we will be inspired to create new, higher vibrational patterns that match the new earth. Again, I continue to see at a higher level, influential political figures serving the perfect purpose of showing us what no longer feels good. With these higher vibrations and the higher dimension we are now in, it is difficult to tolerate and to be surrounded by anything else. Everything and everyone is all on our side.....all going in the same we are all united in this and working together to create the new world. To create what feels GOOD. If we continued to feel GOOD in the old, lower vibrational patterns, we would never be guided to expand into the higher realms.....and source energy is all about continued and never-ending expansion. We are just here to have fun and to create! We knew this was the plan. Do you remember?

As the earth and her inhabitants continue to vibrate at a higher and faster rate, there is a sorting and sifting process going on. Like energy is attracting like energy as never before. I am in the process of moving. For specific and needed reasons, I have resided in the heart of Asheville, NC, for the past year. Being a country person and not a city person, my reasons for being in the city are over and I am gratefully ready to relocate to the country. As I am highly sensitive, the noise level here has become increasingly uncomfortable. The more I focus on this discomfort, the more noise surrounds me! If I go to a friend's quiet country house, the neighbor will immediately start using his chain saw. While dining at a quiet patio restaurant, a construction crew arrived and turned on their loud machinery. Every time I stop at an intersection, and I mean EVERY TIME, a car will pull up beside me with a loud bumping stereo blasting everywhere! What an incredible creator I am by attracting what is in my current thoughts .....what I currently have the most emotion around.....what vibration will absolutely match mine! What if we didn't focus on the current situation around us, but began living, creating and feeling our highest future instead?

Again, things that are vibrating at the same level and with the same theme will find each other. On a "higher" note, this will begin the creation of the new communities.....of the Cities of Gold. As this incredible new energy becomes the norm, and through discovering what DOESN'T feel good and deliberately creating what DOES feel good, a sorting and sifting process has begun. At the same time, each of us is becoming our highest self. As our lower vibrational patterns can no longer exist in this new energy, what is left will be our highest and best self.....our purest expression of how we are vibrating. It is then that we will attract similar people of similar energies. We will, and are, beginning to commune with our soul families that are in physical form. We each have a vibration or theme. We will unite and "re"unite with our counterparts. Our pods, or groups, will then form communities with a similar theme. Each theme is our vibration. It shows up now in our individual numerology charts, in our astrological charts, and so on. It is in our DNA at the time of our creation. It is all about energy, as everything is energy!

In the most recent individual readings I have given, it appears that many will be reuniting with old flames. Souls who matched our vibration, but who we may have collided with before for various reasons, will soon join us, as will new ones. Some of us have had a very special connection with another soul.....a connection beyond words, beyond space and time.....a feeling of deep connection that is easily evoked by each other. We will be with these beings again. Our old patterns will be gone. We will be our highest selves, ready and thrilled to be united again. In the past, this occurred at the time of death..... when crossing over. As we will be "crossing over" in a different way, the experience will be similar. Oh, there will be great joy for us! We will be so happy to see our families again!

Our similar soul energies will unite in geographical areas that match our vibration as well. There can be no mistake. We cannot be left out or forgotten. The blueprint of the new communities is emerging now in many ways. Here in Asheville, some of us are discussing forming a co-op store where we will showcase our creations. Here exists a central theme, with each contributor bringing to the center his or her own vibration represented in form. Each has a unique contribution, as well as sharing in the central theme. The responsibilities are disbursed throughout.

I have also been very blessed to recently become a part of Soul Empowerment Spiritual Community website. The blueprint is the same.....the uniting of souls in a central theme with each having their own unique contribution. Our theme here revolves around raising our vibrations, our consciousness, in many different ways through each individual's unique contribution, joy and passion. Please visit us at the forum at I can promise you, the energy here will lift you! With the co-creative blueprint beginning to form, the separation we have been in for so long seems a thing of the distant past. I wonder how we tolerated the discomfort of being separate from each other for so long! We do not need to do things on our own anymore. We do not need to carry all the responsibility ourselves.....

Some have accelerated to a new level and feel alone there. The lower vibrations and patterns of our current society do not fit us anymore. We know we cannot go back. For some time, I have found it difficult to watch television. What is that world? I often wonder. Have any of you had a similar experience? Again, it is just the process of readying to create the new. Some are feeling the readiness to create what they have always had passions forms of harnessing energy, incredible new architecture, new forms of government. Our coding and programming is beginning to kick in as it is time. All is in divine right order.

As this incredible new energy arrives to stay, and to continually accelerate, our old systems and structures that no longer match it will begin to deteriorate even more. This is happening now. But with our coding being activated through our joy and passions, we will have the new systems and communities in place and secure. The world we have longed for for so long is finally near! By following our joy, passion and what feels GOOD, the transition need not be a traumatic one. Again, the souls who have chosen not to be here at this time for reasons specific to them, will find a way to leave that will be a perfect vibrational match for each of them.

As electricity begins to become unstable, it will beautifully and perfectly push us into creating new forms of harnessing energy at a higher vibrational level. The recent blackouts and blackouts to come will greatly assist us in accelerating the process of creating the new world. It is divinely perfect. With all darkness now gone, the road will be clear.

With the planetary energy increasing at a rapid rate, the falling away and the manifesting of the new will occur with more and more rapidity. It will absolutely snowball. As uncomfortable as the August energy seemed at times, it has beautifully catapulted us to a much higher level. Personally, I literally gained a new life in almost every way in one month! The new has most certainly arrived.

Which world will you choose to be in? Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this newsletter. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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