The Big Detox & Some Good News


February was a month of detoxing…no question about it. Detoxing, or aligning, or adjusting, or whichever term suits you best were all very prevalent. Reaching the higher realms en masse created a time for great adjustment to a New way and to very New frequencies. Anything not in alignment with our highest selves and our highest soul purpose had the opportunity to leave, if we only chose to go this route.

So then, our bodies needed to let go of older, denser energies as well. And as the pattern continues as it has for several years now, we release in order to allow “room” to receive more light. And in this process we become clearer, the illusions become evident, and we are able to connect to Source in a far better and easier way.

Exhaustion, night sweats, hot flashes, depression, lethargy, lifelessness, untimely menses, strange bowel habits, lots of aches and pains, rashes, bladder infections and so forth are the usual signs that one is “detoxing.” This time, much of the detoxing and aligning was evident in the physical body. As I mentioned in the last message, you may have been inspired to cleanse and begin eating a very healthy diet. Living in these higher realms does indeed require a physical vessel that is able to accommodate the higher frequencies.

I am not an expert on the physical body…..I have to say that is an area that I know very little about…….but I have been eating live foods and cleansing and feel that this will become a New way of living for me. I believe during this time that the weight many of us put on to stay grounded so that we wouldn't feel we were going to disappear will finally come off now that we have “arrived”! (And now drinking lots of pure water is more important then ever before…and of course exercise as well).

If our bodies are clogged up with toxins and dense energy from poor eating habits or even outside toxins, these higher energies are going to interact with our physical vessels in a much more unpleasant way. Several years ago I was told by non-physical beings that purification is a sure fire way to become a vessel for the higher dimensions and just recently my favorite New non-physical being said that if I wanted to see him in the physical, I must purify my body. Funny…all this time I had neglected my body and focused on purifying my mind and emotions!

So then, we have just experienced a time of adjusting and readying ourselves for much New to arrive on the horizon. The more we choose to let go of that is not serving our highest good…either with our relationships, careers, living situations, unhealthy foods, etc., the easier it will be to adjust and arrive in a very New and higher way of being. In these higher frequencies we can literally say, “I am not doing that anymore. No thank you.” We can let things go in one instant by simply just letting go .

“I've been operating from my inner child. Why was I doing that all my life? I don't need to be that way anymore! Good-bye! This is who I really am…..” All simply through intent alone as we begin to see the illusions and density that we were operating under.

“What was all that healing stuff? Why was I spending so much time trying to “fix” me and everyone else? Why did I think that I had to be intentionally spiritual all the time, only focusing on spiritual activities? Why did I read all those books? Why was I going to so many groups? I forgot that I am here simply to experience, enjoy, create and have fun on this playground called Earth!”

Are you here yet?

Beliefs about helping others, interfering, karma, lessons, the Earth as a school, coming from higher ways that we now know were not higher at all, and on and on. These beliefs and relationships with life and the ways we thought we had to do things are now being illuminated and it is much easier to see that we were so very confused and holding onto some strange belief and reality of what we thought was best and right. As I have said for many years now, life in the higher realms is not what you would think! We have been mis-informed and incorrect about so many things! It's OK to let them go!

Lots to let go of……time to enjoy and experience the beauty of this magnificent planet. Time to let go of the past as that was your last incarnation anyway. You're in a New one now in a New reality.

Which brings me to the latest very pleasant news. This last round of adjusting was a real doozy. We had gone through so much over the past few years. Most of us were really ready for some great and wonderful things to begin occurring and instead we went through a time of detoxing and adjusting and sleeping and exhaustion and confusion. And when we detox, we can feel depression as we are in and looking through the toxins that are up and leaving.

Soooooooooo…….at higher levels we said that this was quite enough, thank-you. At times, things can go too far. For instance, one can incarnate into a physical body and experience abuse with the intention that it serve as a catalyst to spur one on and also for the opportunity to transmute these energies. And sometimes things can go too far and the abuse can cause permanent and irreparable damage, there-by negating its original purpose. At these times, a soul can choose to exit, and rightly so.

All this recent adjusting and aligning was certainly necessary, but for many, it is simply wearing us down to a point where we are no longer benefiting from its purpose and intent. As I write this today, February 28, we are beginning to come out of this most recent phase. Basically, “back-up” is arriving. At soul levels we have summoned more supplies….we have summoned more support……..we have summoned help from a higher realm that is bringing in new reserves for us……and it is coming with great affection, assistance, support and with an energy that will most assuredly guarantee help with a New foundation that will enable us to do what we need and want to do.

What it looks like for me, is one big commander in charge who is arriving with more food, water, supplies and supports. As if in some kind of war zone of a newly liberated country that has experienced much demolition and destruction, we will be air dropped much to sustain us further… keep us going…… respect of the challenges we experience during this rare and unusual experience.

For some, things that needed a final wrapping up are finally doing so. Interacting in that old reality after one has come so far ahead felt downright ugly and unpleasant and extremely difficult to go back to. Much of it is finally over, and for those who are willing to let go and trust, you will be catapulted ahead now into some real fun and into an existence that is much more in alignment with who you really are.

Some will be guided to stay in their New and own personal sanctuaries for awhile as the deterioration and illumination continues in the stepping-stone world…….staying removed from what is leaving and from the chaos. These individuals will focus on their creativity, therefore bringing into form what they came to contribute…their highest gifts. Wow! It is beautiful to see! And many will be knocking at your doors, but you need not answer. A time to be very discerning regarding who you choose to let in.

OK. So we have Mercury retrograde for much of March. This is an optimal time for going within, staying close to your sanctuary, and connecting with your New and higher purpose and contribution. You can reach higher states of being and connecting during this time and it can be a very special time for extracting and excavating your true self while connecting with these New and higher frequencies as they relate to you on an individual level.

And then with back-up arriving for us in early March, we will be much more easily supported and placed into these positions geographically, relationship wise and purpose wise which we desire and which we have always known belong to us.

We are moving forward with tiny steps, but in a progression that is healthy and stable. Integrate, move forward. Integrate, move forward. And again, the more you are willing to take a chance and let go of anything that is not flowing, is not working, doors that are not opening and things that do not feel good and right, the easier and faster you will arrive in this space of the New that feels wonderful and oh so right.

Always do what feels good. Always go in the direction that lights you up .

March will also be a good time to connect and set your intention for what you desire. With two eclipses, again, this is an optimal time to connect with what you really desire, what is rightfully yours, who you really are, and the back-up and foundation you need to support you in making your own special contribution.

These are simply more phases and steps in the process. Unfolding in a perfect way. And again, the summer months will bring in some real big energies and much more movement. We are now beginning the steps needed to get us to where we will be in the summer………all in perfect and divine order.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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