The End


“I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me.” “What was all that New Age stuff about anyway? Why was I even into that?” “I don't give a ____ about anything anymore. What is the point of anything anyway?” “Wow. Am I ever lost!” “There is nothing to hold onto anymore! I feel like I am on a tightwire with no net!” “Where the hell am I? I feel like I am floating in space!” “Who am I and what am I doing here?” “Is it time to go home now?” “I just want a regular life. No more ‘spiritual' stuff.” “Nothing seems to have any meaning anymore.” “Where did everything and everybody go?” “ Is it over?

Have you been having any of these thoughts or feelings of late? Do you feel as though you are now on a very different planet with a very different purpose? That perhaps a large part of you has vanished to who knows where and you don't know what in the world you are supposed to be doing anymore?

May 2 marked the completion of a very important phase that began at the end of January. Even though we jumped over the threshold into the New World and the higher realms through reaching a critical mass in January, we still had to integrate and align. And because we are lightworkers, we did it for the whole planet. We are now done. We detoxed, purged, felt as though we did not want to be here anymore, as we had simply had quite enough, had wild dreams and nightmares, could not seem to manifest a thing, and now… we are done.

In December if 2004, the first wave of lightworkers had similar feelings to what many are feeling now. When we reach these milestones of completion, our purpose changes dramatically. We totally lose interest in making change or holding the light. But we had not yet reached critical mass, and so these brave and sturdy first wave soldiers had to hold on a bit longer.

So now, we have reached an important milestone again, but many more are having this experience. This is the big one. Holding the light and raising the vibration of the planet through ourselves is now no longer our purpose (well, it is, but it will be in a different way). Feeling like you have been fired and put out to pasture is certainly true, but we get to leave with a gold watch and a grand pension.

Although May 2 marked the big shift, it could be felt and experienced through a window of time before and after this date. Everyone is different with different timelines. Sudden losses and shocks to the system were part of this big turn around. Things and people were suddenly turning and going in a completely different direction. Many of our loved ones suddenly departed. Plans suddenly and very abruptly changed. This is because the energy suddenly changed. Those who were no longer required to be here, as the purpose of the planet was now different (more on that later), could now depart. Plans also changed because we now have a New and different purpose.

Trauma energy was also prevalent. This was due to the very sudden shift…but actually, it wasn't sudden. It had been building and was now just finally complete. This big change and shift could be felt by some “just because”, and by others through manifestations in the physical. Big changes that feel as though they were not planned by us can make us feel traumatized with a loss of control. We are only human and in human form. Although we may feel as though we did not plan some of these sudden changes, experiences, and losses, we are all in them at soul levels and truly do give our consent.

And the illusions are still being illuminated as well. All that was not real is being brought to the surface and will continue to be brought to the surface and revealed. Nothing can hide now. We are at a much higher vibration and things have to be very real. That straight shot of energy to get from here to there is the only way. The lower vibrations of rationalization, issues, manipulation, creating from a lower vibrational stance, and so forth, can absolutely no longer be. Creations, interactions, and experiences can only come from the highest purpose. No hidden agendas of self-serving needs and wants or certainly doing anything for the money, or to save and maintain oneself.

All that said, where in the world are we now? We are now is a very special space and pocket where we can just take a break and bask for a bit. As we are now done with a very challenging and intense phase, we get to breathe for awhile before the next phase. During this time, many of you may be in a space where your money supply is now coming to and end. Many have been taken care of through a money supply so that they could be free to embody and transmute the energies without having to go to jobs. But no worries, as all is in divine and perfect order, as always.

Even though you may be feeling as though you can't imagine how you will be supported now, you will see that you will. Even though you may feel as though you need to figure everything out in regard to your next step in financial support…you don't. If you can, take some time for yourself during this breather period and bask and relax. It will only last about a month, so enjoy it.

I just signed up for a stained glass class and a hand building pottery class. I am so excited, as I have always wanted to learn these things, and they will also have a dual purpose as well. As I will be going into building cob homes, this knowledge will be a great and fun part of the cob building process. Living in homes that are a part of the earth, that harmonize and totally integrate with the celestials, seasons and nature, and blend in totally with the environment, will be very much a part of the New World .

And a big part will also be building in alignment with the stargates so that we can be open to communing with our non-physical neighbors. I can hardly wait to begin and to show these ways to others! I have also been spending time on a near-by alpaca farm learning the ropes and communing with these beautiful creatures, as they will eventually be a part of my New family and community…and I am loving it! None of this is generating a dime, but I love what I am doing. And it will all serve a purpose, as I will explain later on. Remember, following your passion and joy, even if it does not make sense, always keeps you on the road you need to be on and opens up all the doors without any planning on your part. Your only job is to follow your heart.

So for the next month or so, if you possible can, do not worry about your money supply. Bask and enjoy yourself. Trust, trust, and trust some more. Know that basking and enjoying yourself will automatically place you in the higher vibrations and higher realms. If you can, try and do this because…

July is going to bring in a tidal wave of light that will knock our socks off and support us in every way. Our roles and purposes have indeed changed. Instead of “holding” the light, we will now be “showing” the light. This is why many of us are finally losing that extra weight because we are now no longer holding. Showing will involve sharing our creative passions. It will involve creating the higher ways is form. It will involve countless forms of expression. Remember, the original blueprint for the planet earth was that it be a playground for creation, expression, and experience.

The hard job is over. We now get to have fun. Follow your passion and that dream you have always had, and just watch as your supports begin to flow in around mid-summer. As the old world and old ways continue to deteriorate, our New ways for the New World will be bursting to come forth. Staying in the passion of your New creation and contribution will excuse you from the “how”. If you get stuck on the how, you will lower your vibration and possible deter any supports from coming your way. Remembering Your Soul Purpose explains a lot of this. Love what you are doing and stay there. It truly makes a difference!

I want to thank so many of you for your concerns, support, and inquiries about Aspen . You all make such a difference in my life. Your continued support of What's Up and your letters of gratitude make all the difference in creating the summoning that keeps me writing and absolutely completes and enhances my joy and purpose here. I feel so blessed to connect to you all, and expressing your gratitude always validates for me that I am on purpose. You make it all perfection. You are all truly amazing and I appreciate you so much.

Aspen came home on Tuesday! Last Friday, her non-physical star family came in and said that she had gotten over the hump and was now ready to embrace her New power. Truly a miracle as the neurologist had said there was very little hope. And then I began getting messages in all sorts of different forms that it would take time, but Aspy would eventually be fine. So, not surprisingly, when I spoke to Dr. Roe on Monday, she said that there had been improvement and that she was very encouraged.

Although she still has a very wiggy bladder and bowels, waking up to a furry cheek next to mine in the morning is sheer bliss! She has changed her energy (for the better), as that was her plan, but otherwise is a very happy, purring, vibrant and high vibrating four legged. What a joy to have her back. And checking in with her family, I was told not to meddle through any healing or energy work, as that would only serve to short circuit this very natural process. And this is the way with ascension. It does it all on its own in a very natural way. Healing and intervening only serves to disrupt an already beautiful process.

Are you ready to relax, let go, bask and enjoy your New freedom for awhile? Have you finally come to know that you no longer have any responsibilities? Are you ready for your gold watch?


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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