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Openings and opportunities abound, as we have reached a new land and new territory. If you are one who is fairly tuned in at a soul level, you may have felt that something had been completed….that one huge project was finished and we could now move forward.

One huge project has been completed indeed, as a massive number of the population has been embraced and we are now all aboard, on the same page and in the same space, as never before.

This was a significant undertaking, and its success brings a new unity to anything and everything. It is a glorious sight to behold as it involves unity and reunions, when the ascension process is usually comprised of so much loss and separation. In some cases, instead of feeling as though we had to look down a long, dark tunnel to see individuals in our lives, we now may feel as though they are right next to us. And even so, others may seem even farther away than ever before. This is because some have chosen to move forward and others are not yet ready.

Energetically, one big chunk of density has been integrated and sifted through, and this then, is creating a union with opportunities and some very new beginnings. In addition, we were “waiting” during the months of October, November, and really integrating and sifting through much during the entire month of December.

We have finally broken through and now we can expect the road to be clear for us. The connections we had begun to establish in the past few months are beginning to solidify, and new doors are opening as well. We have left the energy of “those behind us,” behind, as we now know they will be fine on their own, as so many of them have arrived in the new space as well. It is as if we had to go far ahead on a trip abroad to a new land, needed to leave our children behind, have now established enough of the new territory to go back and get them, and now they are here with us. All safe and sound.

What we have been yearning for will now begin to manifest. But we must remember that manifesting is best done in steps. We cannot go from here to there in one, big, massive leap without incurring great stress, so it is always in our best interest to take one step and then another, while we remain in our comfort zone as much as possible. And we can certainly not do it all ourselves.

Yes, we are now overlooking a vast and empty horizon that is just waiting for us to occupy it with our dreams and passions. With all the shifting and massive amount of energy movement in the past weeks, exhaustion and a need for rest may be prevalent as well. But this is precisely when things will just seem to fall into our laps…like a magical gift that comes from seemingly nowhere and seems to exist outside of what we believed possible.

This magical energy is asking us to step back, to relax, and to receive. We have released so much in past weeks, that it may even feel as if we are floating around, as things are now so “light.”

Setting up and getting things in place is a part of this process as well, but if done step-by-step, it can feel as if magically, everything just ends up being accomplished. Putting things in place for the next phase ahead, marking our calendars for new and impending dates, and allowing all the new connections and new foundations to come to us is a certain part of this process.

Yes, we are indeed setting the stage for a new beginning, in a brand new territory. And on a clean and clear slate that allows us to create whatever we deem to exist there. It is up to us as we go forth in creating the new world of our choosing.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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The purpose, desire and passion behind What's Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing.

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