Building a Cocoon of Love: The Urgent Call to Real Co-Creation

Beloved ones, I Am here with you and I want you to feel My Love. Let Me fill your hearts and embrace your spirits. This Light that I Am is the Light that you see by. Let every breath affirm for you just how much I love you and how perfect you are to Me.

Yes, it is true. We are wholeness. There is a unity of God indivisible. It is also true that I Am here with you in the most intimate, tender and personal way. This is how I come to you today, for, beloved ones, this is a call to accepting My Love and to allowing Me to show you all that you are so intimately loved that you can feel the truth of this. As well as being that which is universal, I Am the divine parent. I Am the Source of your identity as an individuated expression of God, and you are magnificent.

You are pure, precious and glorious to Me, and every moment all My Love is given to you that you might feel it, and feel it deeply. Let it be the source of your joy and your energy. Let it be that which brings you forth into the world in every moment as the outreach of Love, as the perfect heart of God I Am.

Feeling My Love for you is now imperative. If you wonder why this is, let Me tell you. Every moment it is your precious heart through which the power of Creation flows and it is your consciousness, beloved ones, that directs it. As I have said before, you are the focal point of God and now you see a world before you that, when shown by the mind seems broken, overwhelming. When you are sourced in My Love, when you are feeling the truth of you, then you feel the world with your heart and have a very different experience of life.

Most importantly, you are here to be the source of the shift to Love. Therefore, every moment you must be this, that all that you touch with your energy, all that you see before you with your eyes, beloved ones, is met by the purest Love of God and acknowledged as the one truth of life – that the power of Creation that flows through you may make manifest the truth for everyone through the power of your open heart.

Be steadfast in the perception of your beauty and of your ability to hold the resonance of only Love. This is what I ask of you and what is required now as the Light and Love increase for the world. What is held in your heart, what you are feeling about life, what you see when you focus, beloved ones, is that which comes forth to bless and to extend and to create the Love I Am.

Beloved ones, let Me show you who you are, not the world, not the stories, not the mind…and most of all, allow Me to bring the feeling of all that you are as the heart of God I Am. The call to Love now becomes critical and the need for those who can “hold this space,” as you say, for the perfection of every life to see itself as it truly is and thus, to be acknowledged with the next pulse of Creation.

This is why you are here. This is what you do. The heart of God acknowledges and blesses and is the conduit for the power of all Creation in every moment in the eternal Now where you truly live.

Because this Light, this power, this Love is building, it must be your truth, dear ones, that you are feeling deeply in your hearts, in your emotions, with every breath, with every heart beat and with every thought. And so I ask you to create with Me a cocoon of Love, the place in which we meet and where you acknowledge that which you receive from Me as your identity and that which you feel, beloved ones, as the truth of your heart…that which sustains you in the abundance of the Real of God, so rich, so full, that there is only joy.

There is not only trust but absolute assurance, the deep conviction that All I Am is yours and with every heart beat it is given to the world that Love might be abundance for All, that the source of life is full to overflowing and every old identity is swept away in the truth of God.

You know, dear ones, that you are co-creative, and even this doesn’t say it as it truly is. In reality, it is not co-creative. It is simply creative. You are the center of the source through which all the life I Am flows and through which Love is ever becoming more of itself.

Dearest ones, how I want you to live in this overwhelming beauty, splendid joy, and as I said, the deep and unending knowledge that fills your heart, enlivens your every cell…that speaks to you in the community of your being as the star-fields of your electrons in which you dwell as the force of all Creation. In this assurance of the Love I Am in you, you live and breathe and have your being, beyond trust. Trust implies that something, indeed, is missing but you believe it is really yours anyway.

The faith in God I Am as your identity that I ask of you and pour into you now is so far beyond trust. It is indivisible. It is the source of everything you are. It is your truth. And so I ask you to be this meeting place of the All of Love and the gift of this precious eternal relationship. In this center of the circle of your holy life, acknowledge this with the power of feeling, letting the flow of divinity be your truth and allowing Me to show you every hour of every day just who you are and how I love you – and how endless is the abundance in which you life.

Love, being the substance of all Real things, is the source of every moment and every experience, and so, dear ones, when you acknowledge and feel it, what flows through your heart is pure and perfect. It not only sees the world as Love sees it, but allows the energy field of the resonance of God to touch the illusion of separation and, dear ones, to heal it as our cocoon of Love goes forth to bless.

But first you must be in the joy of this experience. You must allow Me to affirm for you your beauty, your immaculate conception in the fields of Light, your power as the pulsing heart of endless Love, and the beauty, beloved ones, of your expression as one who has come to serve the world’s awakening, to be the open heart of God. Allow Me to replace every false perception. Let Me become the true “parent” that in that moment when you are welcomed into the world, shows in My eyes your eternal beauty, your worthiness of everything that is endless good and your power to extend this Love and manifest the unity of God I Am as the Light in the overflowing abundance of Love.

Replace, dear ones, every misperception of the moment of birth into this world, when instead of perfect Love being shown to you as your identity and the cocoon in which you live, you saw the ego’s version of life. Now let it fall away and let us reclaim together your pristine beauty, your worthiness, your truth as God that into the field of your heart comes a true identity. Since, dear ones, time is an illusion, isn’t this moment perfect to be reborn and to accept My Love? Isn’t this moment perfect to accept that God sees you and supports you and is the source of your heart through which comes perfect power and perfect Love – yours to guide by the power of your focus and by the divine expression of your resonance—the feeling that you live in now.

I have said to you again and again that only Love is Real. Now, dear ones, it is imperative to feel this. The only way to feel it is to look to Me, to allow Me to give you the experience of who you are, to allow Me to wipe away the misperceptions and to place into your hands, through Love and power, that you might step forth whole and full and feeling joy, that what reflects before you in the world of symbol will be exactly the reflection of who you really are.

So let us build this cocoon of Love together and let us expand it every day. Look to Me, and realize, dear ones, it is important that you allow Me to replace the false identity of the human being with the truth of Love that you really are. When you feel this joy in our communion, when with every breath you take in My Love for you, when every moment all you feel is wonderful good when the Light I Am fully fills your consciousness…

And when this Love is so great that it overflows your heart, then we shall turn together and begin giving. For until you feel the truth of who you are, until you are the pure conduit of the Love of God, then to see the world is to invite the seeds of duality. But when you are centered in this feeling of the truth, this feeling, dearest ones, of all you can be as gloriously yours and overflowing with the Love of God and with your perfection, then you are ready to turn and to see the world with the single eye of the heart, the eye of Love.

When we are this meeting point of Heaven, when you are accepting the view of Love, then you are the power that will affect the world, rather than allowing the world to affect you through the ego mind. Thus, in every area, Love is truly born through the power of Creation once again. The cocoon of our communion is so strong and you are able to extend it at will, then this field of Love that is the cocoon of our joining – when it touches another life, it reveals the truth that only Love is Real and only perfection is your birthright and only rejoicing ecstasy and reverence for Me are the basis of your feelings.

Thus, will you be then as beloved Jeshua whose energy field, whose cocoon of Love was and is so powerful that in his presence duality falls away and Love is revealed, and the truth of Love is the source of all miracles. A miracle is merely the acceptance of what really is and so, beloved ones, shall you walk as he did, into the world to be a source of Real energy and a source, and a source, beloved ones, of Real change – of the possibility of the “en-conscious-ment” of the truth as the lives of humanity.

You are here; you are ready. It is only the last vestiges of the old identities of the ego world that are remaining, but these, beloved ones, must now be replaced, and I say this urgently because the Light increases. As it does, of course it reveals what has been held out of the Light. Therefore, your cocoon of Love must be so strong that nothing that you see in the world’s transition can move you to abandon this feeling of pure, indivisible eternal joy, endless Love and forever limitless abundance – that this may become the truth of each holy breath and the power of your outreach as the heart of God, seeing life as it truly is.

So does this mean that for right now you stop your service, you don’t respond to issues or emergencies? You don’t attend to those who come to you to be refilled. It does not, but beloved ones, please hear Me. Anything you give until your heart is clear…anything you feel that is other than Love…allows the ego’s world to remain in place for them, for those you serve, those you seek to heal.

So even as you reach out in your compassion, please be aware that what you are building with Me, the source of your heart, the source of your life, of your identity, the source of Real power to transform, is so important now that I call you every day to come into your heart with Me and to consciously build this, the experience of your Real identity as the perfect heart of the Love I Am making Love available when you are steady as the resonance of God. In the moments when you feel this, yes, beloved ones, let’s place your focus where Love calls it, but let your primary commitment right now be to Me and to expanding the experience of your Real identity, until nothing can shake it, no matter what your eyes see in the world that is built by the little mind.

As the times change and things shift and the Light brings to the surface those things that are seeking to be recognized and loved free, I need your hearts holding your true identity. I need your energy fields holding the resonance of this communion. I need you to recognize that it is your assuredness of the truth of Love as who you are and the substance of Love as all that is really present in the world bringing the feeling of the truth of endless abundance – this is what I ask you to build with Me, that you might truly be not only the intention, not only the desire to serve as the heart of Love, but rather you might be the unshakable truth of who you are as your moment-to-moment experience.

Beloved ones, let Me love you free. Let Me in, let this Love be personal. Let go of the mind and its need to name and evaluate, to figure out God, to figure out our relationship, to compare all the spiritual paths and try to choose one. The only path is your heart and it is within you. Dearest ones, you need nothing else.

Each and every one of you is truly mine with such a Love that nothing can impede it. In the presence of this Love as you accept it, every false identity has to fall away. I promise you that even a moment of experiencing the truth of who you are and just how much I love you – in that moment through your heart, the world is reborn. It is returned to the pristine Garden of Eden. Even if the next moment the consensual dream returns, Love has been anchored perfectly through your heart. Giving is, of course, the way of Love… Therefore, that which you feel goes out on wings of perfect Light, cherished by the Angels and escorted to where it is needed most instantly.

So, beloved ones, it is the feeling of your fullness in God. It is the feeling that you feel when you accept this Love. It is the power of the open and surrendered heart that the truth of Love might be revealed in this Now Moment and the Will of Love fully enacted as you. These are the things that make the world, the world of your heart. These shall manifest for all the world of plenty and of peace and of endless joy, where everyone assists each other and the coffers of the Heavens are open, that each and every life has more than enough, is oversupplied with all this Goodness.

This is what I Am asking you to create by accepting My Love for you, returning your heart and your consciousness to the truth of life and most of all, dearest ones, feelings that this feeling might replace those things you long for, those things the mind perceives as lacking, those things that the ego cannot love -- all of it is dissolved in our communion when you accept My Love for you.

When you accept My Love for you and you live in this cocoon of perfect joy, abundant Love and feelings divine, then the pulse of life that flows through you shall be reflected in the world before you as the most astounding beauty and a world of joy. But first, beloved ones, must come the feeling of fullness and of your perfection and most of you are carrying the ego’s view of not being good enough to receive My Love.

Come to Me, beloved ones. Let Me erase this, that together we plant a new seed of the heart of joy, that the resonance of God I Am as your truth can be at last extended and your creative focus held true to what is Real in God – rather than what plays upon the screen of the ego’s world, no matter how seemingly titillating or seemingly real.

To be the co-creative heart of God I Am requires establishing the truth as your feeling nature. Not the emotions of the ego’s world of duality, but the feelings of the open heart in endless ecstasy… This will be your natural state and you allow Me to fully love you and to show you just how I see you, how perfect you are, establish in truth and beauty a limitless being who is a ray of God extending through the universe in all Love’s glory, that every life is honored and Love is increased endlessly.

I Am with you. Will you come into your heart and let Me love you, and will you establish with Me the energy field of Christ, the perfect Love as your identity, your feeling and what lives in you beyond trust in true assuredness that All I Am is yours? I Am in you as you are in Me. We are one life and you are expressing it so very beautifully. Thank you.


Vickie 10th August 2011 11:25 am

This is exactly what I needed today. My heart leapt in resonance to your words.

jdchittick 11th August 2011 4:10 pm

Powerful and urgent and right on time - many thanks...

It's time.

Peter fox 6th January 2014 11:03 am

Yes,I will-of course! Thank you,God!


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